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Carman Liccardello-Christian Music

Updated on September 3, 2016
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The most important thing to me is my faith. When I read or hear something that interest me. I try to teach it which helps me remember it.

Carman - No Plan B Tour

Carman Liccardello
Carman Liccardello | Source

Bill Gaither and Carman

The first time I heard Carman Liccardello was at a Bill Gaither Concert in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He walked onto the darkened stage wearing a suit and cowboy boots. The cowboy boots really impressed me for the people around me all wore cowboy boots. It was announced that he was 18 or 19 years old. He began to sing, then he stopped and instructed us to raise our hands and praise the Lord. He even showed us how to make a wave offering to the Lord. I was in the nose bleed section to the left of the stage. I was able to look down on the floor and see all those people with their hands raised and waving to the Lord. It brought tears to my eyes. I don’t remember which song Carman sang.

A New Thing Begins

At most concerts the singers will let you know you are welcome to raise your hands, stand, sit whatever you want to do to praise the Lord. This was the first time where I was told and shown how I should praise the Lord. There was so much happening, with all the people at the concert and because of the lack of money, it was a couple of years before purchased my first cassette of his music. I became hooked on his music.

My Years of Confusion

For years I believed Carman was a married man, in one of his songs he sang about a mother in law, so I believed he had a mother in law. In 1989 I attended one of his concerts and the following day a co-worker said, “Did you go to Oklahoma’s most eligible bachelor’s concert?” I responded “No.” She said, “You didn’t go to the Carman Concert?” My response was “Yes, but I didn’t know he was Oklahoma’s most eligible bachelor.”

Short Term Missions

In the fall of 1989 I felt the call to extend the length of my missions trips. I had participated in YWAM (Youth with a Mission) street witnessing in Calif. My church and I had worked in Monterrey, Mexico over Christmas in 1984. I attended YWAM’s DTS (Discipleship Training Service) in 1985 and worked in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. I had taken a short term position 1988 in Carlinville, Illinois and worked on the streets of Chicago with Teen Challenge. This was all short term missionary work. I felt it was time to extend my trip to a three year short term missions trip to Guam. It was a big step for me. My family is very close and I’m the big sister. I felt that I would go away and because of finances not be able to get back. That I would be overseas when my brothers and sisters got married or my nieces and nephews would arrive. God was faithful and I was home for every wedding and home within couple of months after the births of my nieces and nephews.

Meet and Greet with Carman

Muskogee, Oklahoma No Plan B Tour
Muskogee, Oklahoma No Plan B Tour | Source

The Destination is There

While I was struggling with the decision to go overseas. A missionary from Brussels, Belgium spoke at our church. He told the story how he had always wanted to be a missionary. He was a church janitor and nothing seemed to open up for him to get into missions. Then one day God spoke to his heart and said, “I put that desire there and I will fulfill it.” The missionary gave testimony to how God had fulfilled his desire. He was now in full time missionary service. It was right after this testimony that I came across Carman’s song “The Destination is There.” This was the final confirmation I needed to know I was to go Guam for the three years. I took the two thoughts and put them together into one phrase, “The desire is the destination.” This phrase carried me through culture shock and accumulation into the Guamanian culture.

Fear Not My Child

I spent three years on Guam as a missionary teacher. I remember painting the inside of my classroom in preparation for my return to the US. I was listening to music as I worked. The song “Fear Not My Child’ came on the tape and it‘s words spoke to my heart. I was struggling with the fears of returning to the continental US without a job, no place to live and all the things that come with reverse culture shock. The phrase “fear not my child I’m with you always” carried me through my return to the US and re-accumulation into my home culture.

The Champion

The years passed and I continued to listen to Carman‘s music. I changed my cassettes to disc and my VHS’s to DVD’s. When “The Champion” came out in theaters I was there to see it.

Trinity Broadcasting Network

I took a short term missionary position in Bad Soden, Germany for one year. Then I returned to go to college to get my teaching degree. I listened to Carman’s music and would occasionally see him on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Living out of state, I did not hear much about him for years. Then upon returning to Oklahoma I heard he was going to be at a church a couple of hours away. That was my chance to see him in concert again.

My Lovely Sister

My Lovely Sister with Carman at the Muskogee Meet and Greet, No Plan B Tour.
My Lovely Sister with Carman at the Muskogee Meet and Greet, No Plan B Tour. | Source

God is Faithful

A little over a year ago the news was released that Carman had Cancer. Along with the millions of others, I prayed and God has faithfully healed him. I have had opportunity to attend a concert in the fall and another one this last weekend. I praise God for what He is doing through Carman.

Thank You

I want to thank Carman for his willingness to give of himself and his music. I pray God will continue to bless him. His music has carried me through some tough times of change. I know God is no respecter of persons and can do the same for you.


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