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How Did Kim Kardashian Become Famous? Is It Really Because of the Sex Tape?

Updated on April 11, 2022 | Source

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the rising TV star who have succeeded doing what she loves to do " Clothes designing and modeling" she was born in Los Angeles, California in 1980.

Her father was a lawyer, he got first recognized by the public because of his defense for the football player O.S Simpson - as Wikipedia states. He got diagnosed with esophageal cancer and so he died ( May his soul rest in peace).

Kim Kardashian's move to get herself recognized was by using her own PC, she opened Ebay - the most famous site for selling and buying various kinds of products - and posted some of the clothes that she attended to sell.

As time went by, she found this pretty addictive as she started to gain success, many customers knocking on her profile and even some of the very famous TV stars recognized her designs and clothes and started to take her advice in fashion.

One of these top celebrities was Paris Hilton, the daughter of the owner of the Hilton Hotels distributed all over the world!

She became her fashion consultant and became her best friend and by time, Kim started to attend famous celebrity events with Paris Hilton walking and shining on the red carpet and started to get people's attention even more!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Reality Show

Kim Kardashian's mother came up with the idea of having their own Reality TV show, Kim wasn't sure about getting involved in this as she thought that it might not suit her personal and private life.

But she did eventually accept that because her mom insisted on it and so her mom arranged everything by meeting up with some of her friends who were involved in the media industry to work with her on the show and look at it now! It's the most successful and watched American reality TV show ever!

The kardashians won the grammys for having their show as one of the most wanted and successful reality TV shows in the US and in other countries.

Fashion | Source

She Has A Talent And She Got Famous For It!

Yes! Kim Kardashian has a talent and she got famous for it! Her passion for fashion made her rise and get recognized by everyone including the top popular and famous people.

Kim Kardashian didn't only stick to designing, but she also started to model and she was such an inspiration for short and not too skinny girls and women to get involved into the modeling industry too!

She was asked to be the face for many popular magazines including Vogue, Playboy and many other famous magazines.

She has this amazing curvy body that does not only make you wish you had the same but it also makes you understand that sexiness is not about being too much skinny like a stick with bones and no flesh.

If doing the sex tape is really what made her famous then why this doesn't happen with other women too? You know, a lot of other women also have many affairs with celebrities but they never become famous or perhaps they might become famous but not very recognized and successful!

If we look at Kim Kardashian's life before the leakage of her sex tape, we would find that she was working really hard on herself getting to the media by her own talents in modeling and in designing.

A lot of people comment on her photos saying " How come she became famous without having any talents? " but it's my turn to ask them now " How do you not consider a person who has many experiences and passion for fashion designing and modeling as a person without talent? "

And for those who claim she got famous from her sex tape: Have you seen other women taking videos of their affairs with celebrities getting famous because of that? I haven't personally seen one but if you did, bring that up!

Moreover, Kim now owns many lines and products including kids clothing, women clothing, perfumes, body tanning creams and products and many many others more including her newly launched game in the app stores. | Source


Nothing can actually work without nothing, Kim kardashian did what she could and tried her best to show her talents in fashion to the world and look at her now!

Do not judge a person like that and as the quote says " Don't judge a book by its cover"

If you want success then you've got to work for it and keep on working no matter what! And remember that what comes easy goes easy too and that's another reason for us to get inspired about how much time things can take until they actually work.

This is how success works, it's tiring but things can eventually work!

I'm personally not a Kardashian fan but I do love how persistent this woman was and how she got what she wanted because of her hard work and wisdom. I also love how her family teaches you to stick to your family too! They all just help each other and keep the love raining! What a lovely and an inspiring family!

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