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How Did the Power Metal Band Sinergy End Their Career?

Updated on July 29, 2020
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Kimberly Goss Vocalist for the Band Sinergy


What Is the Title of Sinergy's Last Album?

By the title of this article, you might be thinking that this is going to be a biography of a power metal band. It is actually about how Finnish power metal band ended their career. In 2002, the band released what would end up being their last studio album called Suicide by My Side. The band didn’t literally break up after this album but for whatever, reason, this musical work is what eventually led to the dissolution of the band.

Analysis of the First Song I Spit On Your Grave

This album starts out emphatically with the song I Spit on Your Grave and by the style of the song you can tell that this is in fact power metal. The song however starts out with the sound of someone spitting. The song is actually about a really toxic relationship that has pushed someone to the edge and they want to make the other person pay for their transgressions. The album’s title is really morbid and for some fans of the genre this will be a turn off. However, Sinergy was a better band than some others but they broke up for good in 2011. The vocals of Kimberly Goss are ever more powerful as the lead guitar work builds up to create quite a promising start to the album.

Songs The Sin Trade, Violated, & Me, Myself, My Enemy

“The Sin Trade” continues in the tradition of melodic Finnish power metal. “Violated” is yet another song that lyrically continues in the theme of broken and dysfunctional relationships as the other person feels like they have been wrong so much that they have been deprived of their youth. Sadly, especially in the United States, too many romances end in disaster with one side blaming the other for the ending of the romance. Me, Myself, My Enemy is a song about the fact that when someone looks in the mirror, all they see is the reflection of their greatest enemy. They are filled with a hatred so strong that they want their life to end.

Alexi Laiho the Man That Has Also Been the Guitarist for the Band Children of Bodom

Written in Stone May Be the Best Song in Sinergy's Last Album

But perhaps the strongest musical moment on the last album of Sinergy is the song called Written in Stone. The song starts with good guitar play and then Kimberly’s soothing voice kicks in and lyrically the song is about someone that thinks that they are just existing and not really living. They want their time to pass so that their name gets written in stone. She also feels that she has been let down and deceived by the one that she loves. The chorus is one of the most powerful musically because of the soaring vocals of Kimberly Goss. The song is so powerful that if you start having tears in your eyes, don’t be surprised.


Songs Nowhere for No One & Passage to the Fourth World

Nowhere for No One is a song about living a life in which chaos happens to be the person’s wake up call. This chaos in their life is driving them to the point that they become insane. “Passage to the Fourth World” is a song that lyrically about going back to the one place that the person is most familiar with. She looks at going back there as a sense of freedom. She is emphatically stating that she is on the way to getting to her home, the 4th world. There is an interlude that kind of sounds like something Swedish band In Flames would have used in their music followed by a very good heavy thrash style part before the song switches to a power metal style.

There May Be Only One Real Con for This Album

However, the album’s title leaves much to be desired and refers to a very sad end to a person’s life. What was this band thinking? They could have come up with a much better title than this. The album’s title may be one of the few cons for this band’s last musical effort.

"Written in Stone"

Final Thoughts About Sinergy's Last Official Studio Album

There were tentative plans to have a studio album called Sins of the Past but these plans never came to fruition. Sinergy was a pretty good Finnish power metal band that had impressive guitar leads and powerful vocals. Their last official album in 2002 brought an end to one of the promising power metal bands but the power and magic of the vocals of Kimberly Goss shall never be forgotten. “Remembrance” is the song that ends this good album and it is a beautiful way to end an album that has such a grim title. The song has classically influenced piano and if you are going to end an album like this, sometimes including a classically influenced instrumental song is the way to do it. Overall, this last studio album by Sinergy is pretty good but it may not be the best of their three studio albums. Even so, this one has several solid songs in it including I Spit on Your Grave, Written in Stone, Passage to the Fourth World, and Remembrance.

© 2020 Ara Vahanian


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