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How Do Rabbits die in the Zootopia movie?

Updated on March 23, 2017
Wild Rabbits Do Not Live Long
Wild Rabbits Do Not Live Long

What could kill the Rabbit from Zootopia

The bunnies in Zootopia might be dying because the bunny that they had their bunnies with died.

Bunnies die of stress.

The death of a other bunny would certainly be stressful.

What does this mean for the Rabbits?

Bunnies die because they are over stressed because their mate and their parents have died.

They just give up all willingness to live.

The bunnies in Zootopia all live together. IF one died, many would die.

Other causes of death:

Included are normal rabbits in the real world, too.

Normal stress cause death.

A loud noise could kill a bunny.

They are in the farm environment not a city environment. The very act of leaving home could cause a heart attack.

Body temperature change.

The rabbit has to be within 101 f to 103 f to be a healthy rabbit. If the rabbit can not stay at that temperature they could die.

Crop changes

A year of horrible or bad crops could kill a rabbit.

This could cause mass rabbit deaths.

I am sure that too much rain or not enough ran has caused the bunny population to fluctuate.

GI tract infections

Wild rabbits die from this all the time.

Fear of the unknown

The rabbit can have a heart attack by being placed in a new environment.

Anything new in the environment or a simple change could lead to the death of a rabbit.

The rabbit in Zootopia could have caused the death of other rabbits by leaving the environment. The other rabbits would be forced to live without the main character. Then, the rabbits will die.

Hygiene problems

They might suffer from death by not washing themselves. There might be enough water to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A rabbit with a disease might try to clean another rabbit. The rabbit now spreads the diseases.

Change of environment

They suddenly become an indoor animal. They can not adapt. They die.


The rabbit might have died during having bunnies.

No money for veterinarian check ups

There are so many rabbits being born that the price of check-ups for every rabbit would cost to much.

Even introducing a new animal to give a check-up might cause the death of the rabbit.


Fleas spread disease from rabbit to rabbit.


Anything new could kill the animal.

My guess is that all rabbits are home schooled.

The rabbit in the movie might be the only one to service the full schooling without dying from stress reasons in 130 years.


Some evil character could have killed the bunny. This might be happening the movie.

A reference for rabbit deaths:

Google has some answers to this one, too.

This answers are for wild rabbits. They live much longer in the an indoor environment with a person taking care of their every need.


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