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How Do You Consider A Film To Be A Perfect/10.0 Film

Updated on June 9, 2014

With all the films being made nowadays and most films looking to be made to either turn heads get peoples attention to be known as the "Best film of the year" when it is released during the years summer movie time or that one movie that comes out during Christmas that everyone goes to see(Yes I am talking to you Star Wars Universe).But all in all I was thinking about the past Oscars and how it could be considered that film could be considered with the word "Perfect".

Now with the past Oscars Best Picture went to 12 Years A Slave and the great minds of Steve Mcqueen and company but in the end it was Gravity that ended up winning 7 out of the 9 awards it was nominated for with most being technical awards and also having director Alfonso Cuaron win Best Director.But with them not winning Best Actress and ultimately winning Best Picture which over halfway through the night went from being impossible to a almost a possibility because they were sweeping the competition that night.But with 12 Years A Slave not winning as much and only being recognized for the Acting nods and the BIG award of the night does that set back a peg on Gravity in any way? In my mind for last years films it was going to be a truly hard task to try and make something as good and different as Gravity and I had associates and friends who thought the premise was so easy and dull that it wasn't worth seeing but just the thought of losing yourself and getting lost in space is almost the worst thing that could ever happen to anybody.Also to mention for 12 Years A Slave being the big winner,I am not knocking it in any way because with Lupita Nyongo and Chiwetel Ejiofor basically showing everyone like "If you want to know how to be amazing at acting?? Heres the rules in this film".But those two could be considered perfect 10 films for last year and getting A grades when it came time to get to it.Because most of the films that were released as well last year were sort of dull and the great ones were nominated at the Oscars or Golden Globes so others like Lone Survivor,The Wolf Of Wall Street,Her and Captain Phillips were ones that people were giving big standing O's to when the credits rolled.

When you go to IMDB and open up their big Top 250 movies that they have in their database that are rated none whatsoever are a perfect 10 because I don't think any ever have been but the closest one that is on the top spot is The Godfather and Shawshank Redemption tied with 9.2 and Shawshank is ranked at 1 giving it a slight edge somehow.But some other films listed in the top 10 are The Godfather Part 2,The Dark Knight,Fight Club,The Return Of The King,Pulp Fiction,Schlinder's List,12 Angry Men and The Good,The Bad And The Ugly and that was in no order.With those being in the top 10 I honestly wouldn't fight any of those because with almost every film from the 80's being remade nowadays people are asking what other films will be remade and I think that tables would be flipped if their was talk of The Godfather trilogy being redone and recreated.But with others like Return Of The King which was most of Lord Of The Rings fan base favorite film out of the 3 and with The Dark Knight still being known as the staple for what to go off of for an "Awesome" comic book film even with the Avengers having more of an comedic feel and Knight being more dark.

But when you look at these films that are listed too its like these films are ones you could watch today and they would still hold out and not be old in any way whatsoever.Like I have even heard some people say that whenever some comic book fans have watched The Dark Knight after some viewings it has gotten better and the acting just started to get better and better with each viewing as well.Pulp Fiction is arguably Tarantino's best film even though he has the Kill Bill series going and has Django under his belt as well.Even with Fight Club being a GIGANTIC cult classic and that film never gets old to me personally but to fans of the film when the big twist of the film comes in then you know that since its already a great film it just starts to ramp up from there and the last 45 minutes is going to be amazing.

It almost makes you think about how the future of films will react to the whole score system as well too and most people have been looking at most films that have already been announced like the 2nd Avengers film,Batman Vs Superman or Star Wars Episode 7 most people have been asking which film will make more money by the end of the day and I know that is the studio's main goal but when it comes down to it if the film isn't good you know it can't get the multiple viewings needed to make the Billion dollar budgets that are going to be expected of them and those 3 films are the ones that are expected to be shooting for great reviews all around and be one of the best reviewed films of the year.Some other ones are the next couple Avatar films that are being made simaltaneously from James Cameron and will be released the same way so it will be a 3 year in a row release for the 3 films.With the first one still being the highest grossing film EVER that franchise has the hype and promise to be a make or break type thing and if it breaks then it could be something that people could want nothing to do with since its been so long since the first film but if it is a very good film like Cameron is hoping for then people could take it and embrace it like the first one and it could possibly become a religion again like it was way back when.

But back to the Star Wars Universe.With their next series of films coming making it all the way to Episode 9 and 3 possible solo films as well about the characters.So the given the Universe that has been around for the longest time could be the next set of films to be the next great classic trilogy where I guess you could say Lord Of The Rings and Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy left off.But I hope that I didn't stray too far off of the topic of what I was trying to get to with this I was just trying to get at when I watch a film like Saving Private Ryan or Inception I point out all the great things that make the film have legs and staying power where you can put it in your DVD or Blu Ray 6 more years down the road and it will still be like the first or second viewing that you have ever seen of the film because it is THAT great.But in closing the films listed on here don't have to be like Academy Award esque films but it can be something that catches your eye and really makes you enjoy it is one of the greatest things a film can do for the fan.

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