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How Do You Feel As A Moviegoer Watching Biopic's About Musician's

Updated on July 31, 2014

Lineup Of Biopic Films

The Doors Mini Poster

Hi everyone,

After doing some research it all took a start in 1953 with the Glenn Miller story and sort of took off from there and became something that has been done almost every other year for many different artists all the way up this year and beyond.Some other suggestions around the time of Glenn Miller was Amadeus which was the story about Mozart and became such a huge hit back in 1984 it ended up winning Best Picture at the Oscars that year.But I mean with certain areas and genres of music its like where could you even start to continue on the success of what the Biopic has done for musicians and telling the story of their lives.When Beatlemania rose onto the scene in a BIG BAD way The Beatles decided to come out with A Hard Day's Night and it was met with much appraise by the Beatles faithful and for it being a film made so many years ago it does still hold up today because honestly The Beatles music is basically timeless.

There was a more updated and centered story on the highly popular band in 2009 called Nowhere Boy with Aaron Taylor Johnson as John Lennon and it basically shows his life and tells the story of how he grew up and started one of the most iconic bands ever created.You also have 2007's Im Not There which is the life story of Bob Dylan and it is an interesting film because the director had the character who was playing Dylan be played by at least 5 different people so it was the only other instance beside The Dark Knight where you saw Heath Ledger and Christian Bale together out of the superhero theme and the person who stole the show in the movie though was Cate Blanchett playing Dylan so basically she had to be a man for a chunk of the film and ended up getting recognized by peers for it in a big way.Another big one with a classic band is 1991's The Doors starring Val Kilmer as the iconic and rock god Jim Morrison and although this film was very psychedelic in its ways much like the bands music can be it was a good ode to the fans and how the director decided to tell the story of the band.

In 1992 there was a special made about The Jackson 5 called "The Jacksons:An American Dream" which basically chronicled their entire life front to back as much as they could and it was even aired on television and was so long that it took around 5 days for it to air in its entirety.R&B superstar Beyonce double dipped in two music films with Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records and both did well but Dreamgirls is one that sticks out on her acting resume and having her share the screen with Jennifer Hudson was something else to watch because they can both truly belt it out.1997 brought in Jennifer Lopez before her superstardom and saw her playing the PERFECT role of Selena.She was basically MADE for this role and played it perfectly and every fan of Selena loved the way she acted like her and was true to the character in every way possible because Lopez was a fan herself.

There are some films that garner high praise for how good they are and what they bring to the stage.A good example is what Jamie Foxx brought as the iconic Ray Charles in Ray in 2004.The film was such an amazing film and garnered such buzz that it got Foxx a Best Actor Oscar that year at the Oscars.Also who could forget the Johnny Cash based film Walk The Line that ended up getting Resse Witherspoon a Best Actress Oscar for her role as June Carter and Jaoquin Phoenix was almost perfect as playing the role of the man in black.Another example wasn't quite for the film but what it did breaking/setting a record wise in 2002's 8 Mile starring Eminem and was loosely based on his life.Now this film was exactly nominated for an acting academy award but it was the very first rap song to EVER win an Oscar with his song "Lose Yourself".After 8 Mile came out Eminem kind of opened the flood gates for other rap artists to tell their life stories and Tupac Shakur was up next with his documentary on his life and career Tupac Resurrection.In 2009 after the Tupac film they decided to fast track the Notorious BIG film fittingly titled Notorious and while it was listed on some peoples bad lists by the end of the year it did stick true to the facts and thats what matters most.

Alternative and Punk bands also had their time in the movie universe throughout time and most of the biggest musicians that have played some of the greatest song have had their stories told.Control in 2007 told the story of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis and following him up to his death and the way the director did his job with the film is nothing short of brilliant.Sid and Nancy in 1986 tells the story of Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols and his girlfriend Nancy Spundsgen and tells the story of how they were during Sid's time to fame and how everything came to a screeching halt that crazy night.2005's Last Days is a film by Gus Van Sandt and it tells the story of the main characters career who is basically reminiscent to that of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain.Also in 2010 there was a film made about the all girl punk band The Runaways which involved Joan Jett and Cherie Currie developing an all star rock band of all girls and watching them rise to fame and basically have them and their manager played amazingly by Micheal Shannon fall to pieces.But in retrospect it does show what happens to all of them after so you do see the making of I Love Rock And Roll and Lita Ford gets mentioned into having a solo career and Cherie Currie and Joan end their fight very amicably and in the best way possible with is good.

2004's Beyond The Sea starred the amazingly complex Kevin Spacey as Bobby Darin and with no surprise he knocked it out of the park playing the character wise and with Kate Bosworth as the love interest it was a very good under the radar biopic to see.Another old artist who basically owned televisions way back when was Elvis Presley because he did multiple television specials and movies like Viva Las Vegas,Jailhouse Rock and Love Me Tender.Also who could possibly forget the original Ocean's Eleven film?? It starred Frank Sinatra,Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. and that enough should sell any viewer to watch because its the rat pack!

But all in all I do know on the horizon for musical biopics we do have an Elton John one coming starring Tom Hardy as Elton and I do think he will do quite well in the role so I am excited to see a trailer coming soon and then the much anticipated Freddy Mercury Film as well which is on a lot of peoples anticipated's lists so it should be good either way or a lot of people will be let down which I hope isn't the case because when it comes to the big tentpole biopics they do tend to get it right

Now I also know there was probably like 50 other films I didnt add but if I added every film it would be a 5500 word entry and you wouldn't read it all for sure which isn't what I am going for here but I do love Almost Famous and Hustle And Flow even though they weren't in there and yes Get Rich Or Die Tryin wasn't liked by a lot of people but I didnt mind it either so it does make that list and also Mark Wahlberg in Rock Star is another good one if I am rattling them off but before I keep going there are SO many more I could name I just did a brief history and how rich the musical biopic really is and how great it is as well.

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Ok movie fans!! Time to vote for your favorite music biopic out of the 6 posted to the right.I know a few weren't listed in the article above but like I said before its such a rich area for film that there is so much to cover and I wanna see what one you think is best!

Top 10 Music Biopics

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The Runaways Trailer

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