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How Do You Handle Negative News?

Updated on March 12, 2016

These days, people feel buffeted by negative news. Every time you turn on the television or the Internet, there is another horrifying story. There are refugees, wars, poverty and even torture in the stories. These reports can easily cause feelings of hopelessness and depression in the helpless viewer. Here are some ways to counter and handle a negative news cycle.

Turn the Bad Into Good.

Take action. There is nothing worse than just receiving bad news story after bad news story and just sitting there passively. Sign a petition, donate to a cause or take a stand. This can help you process and release the grief that comes with awful news headlines.

Don't Fight Against the Bad; Fight For the Good.

One example of this would be the distressing story of Cecil the Lion who was recently slaughtered by a dentist. Cecil was a protected lion and many were horrified by the slaughter of Cecil. Fighting against the slaughter of Cecil would have been pointless as he was already dead. Take a positive action instead, such as donating to a lion refuge.

Fighting against the bad is not the same as fighting for the good. The best example of this was when Mother Teresa was asked to come to an anti-war rally. She declined but said, "If you ever have a rally for peace, I will be there." Do you see the difference?

Use Meditation and Prayer.

It is true that reading headlines is distressing. Reading the whole stories is worse and seeing audio and video of violence is worst of all. If you watch too much news, you could receive a skewed view of the world and become anxious and fearful. Meditation can help relieve this anxiety. Prayer is very beneficial as well. Spiritual practice helps greatly and facilitates emotional well-being.

Have a Sense of Purpose and Destiny.

One of the best ways to deal with a stressful and difficult news cycle is to realize that you are a person of purpose and destiny. You have something to contribute to the world. You are not here by accident. If the way the world is seems wrong to you, how will you change it? You have the power to take actions that will improve the world.

Take action and help others for the causes that appeal to you. Focus on the good you can do in the world. Use meditation and prayer to uplift yourself spiritually after receiving negative news. Finally, have a sense of purpose and destiny. You are here and can be so in a purposeful way. How will you impact the world for good?

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