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How Facebook Pages can help you!

Updated on January 4, 2013
The Facebook Page of popular movie franchise, The Twilight Saga.
The Facebook Page of popular movie franchise, The Twilight Saga.

What Others Do...

Facebook is a common name to every household. Almost every other person has an account on Facebook. In fact, who doesn't have a Facebook account? I know children as young as eight are having their own. I even know of a case where an enthusiastic father created an account for his few months' old toddler!

Facebook has helped open new doors for personal as well as professional use with the launch of Pages. Pages are created under many headings, be they for a celebrity or local business, a brand label or just about anything. You can see thousands of high-end labels and organizations regularly interacting with their customers and fan followers. Giveaways, contests and other engaging activities are held to grab their attention and to maintain it. Such an action ensures maximum publicity of self and of the business. And these top class labels are doing exactly just that! So, why don't you?

Creating a Page on Facebook
Creating a Page on Facebook

What YOU should do...

Getting a boost for yourself or your business by maintaining friendly connections with your fans/customers is always rewarding, isn't it? It builds up loyalty. Here are some tips and tricks that YOU could use for self-promotion.

First and foremost, you need to go create a Page. Go to and when you get the Create Page icon (which you can find at the top-right), get started. Create a Page, be you a painter or a magician, or have some small household business which you are just starting at.

Once you are done with selecting what your Page would be called and done with basics (adding a picture, an about me description and so on), you can edit your newly created Page. Add details to it according to what's being asked. Some common details would be the About Me section where you let fans know what you or your business is all about, and add some milestones that were achieved. Provide accurate and proper information and believe me, that helps!

Editing your Page
Editing your Page
An example of the Page, L'Occitane en Provence, USA at how to respond to Queries.
An example of the Page, L'Occitane en Provence, USA at how to respond to Queries.

Important Points to Implement


Be sure to provide all information correctly. What you do and what you can do further is very important. Write catchy, engaging verse that prompts your viewer to check out all that you offer. Upload pictures. A picture says a thousand words. If you have a bakery business, don't just write that you sell 5 types of muffins, be sure to post delicious looking pictures that would make a viewer wanting to try them!


Once you are done with editing your Page with the required necessary information, I strongly suggest you regularly update what's new that is going on. If you are a recently published author, comment on how many copies your book sold and what it is about; and provide a link where they could be bought from, whether online or in stores. If in stores, then in which stores? If online, then from which site. Always ascertain proper and complete information and REGULARLY!


Obtaining a line of regular and dedicated fans who actually care what you present or provide is very tiring and also critically important.

  1. Start off first by gathering your base followers. Base followers includes your immediate family and friends, who for sure would Like your page regardless they care or not. BUT, the great part is, this is Facebook. Facebook usually live-feeds what people are doing at the moment. So assuming any of your base followers did Like your new Page, their friends notice it on their Homepage and that helps. Who knows they might end up visiting your Page just out of curiosity? And maybe even Liking it! And that too GENUINELY! You might make your one true fan just out of the blue.
  2. Ask the help of your base followers. You would highlight your Page in your personal Profile but do ask them to promote it on theirs as well. Get the word out. Ask them to genuinely help by posting the link on their Walls and specifying what it is about. If someone they know is interested, they would check you out. This gets you your impersonal followers. Your "personal" followers get you your "impersonal" followers!
  3. The third and final followers list is "complete strangers and prospective clients". Once the first Like is out, slowly and gradually the fan-following starts rolling off. You might not hit the 100th mark or 1000th mark within a week or month, but getting genuine people is what is important here; not just Likes. Your impersonal followers will get you this final followers list by unknowingly displaying their current activity in their profiles. Thus, the Likers list keeps growing. This is the charm and strength of social networking!

If someone posts on your fan Page requesting more information or asking a query, respond appropriately and try to get your answers as descriptive as you can. Provide them with illuminating data that can help them know you or the purpose and offers of your business better. Establishing a habitual and proper relationship with your client-base earns you long-term loyalty. It also aids you in getting further clientele.

What is to be kept in mind is to be thoroughly devoted to your aim and eager to score high. Give it all you have and just like the rule says, "Give and it will be given to you", there is a fair chance that you might receive the fruits for your hard work!

Nobody will notice if you have a talent hidden somewhere, bring it into the light, show it off to the world. This age that we live in is so advanced that we have numerous options at how to portray our talents to the world. Having a good Facebook Page is just one of them! Social media, E-media are pioneers in getting us the traffic and response that we know we deserve and require.

Good luck to all of you new super people and your super awesome business/home endeavors in this new year. Happy 2013!


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    • profile image

      Shaibaz Mulla 

      5 years ago

      For business purpose it is good....... bt the security for individual profile info is at risk fr sure.......


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