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How Film Production Companies Can Take Back Pirating

Updated on February 3, 2015
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Mason Shade has diplomas in Holistic/Western Medicine, CBD Medicine, Advocacy, Mental Health, English Language & Literature, & Social Media.

What Is Pirating?

Pirating is the illegal download or streaming of Movies, Music, Books, Games, Software and Television, through a third party source/host.

There is much controversy as to why pirating is illegal. Many consumers feel its an act of freedom and they should be allowed to pirate movies, especially given the amount of money studios, production companies, actors, celebrities and entertainers make. The average person has very little extra income to waste on entertainment purchases such as movies, music, and books.

How Can Production Companies Stop Pirating?

It is actually quite simple. Use the same process, that television networks have been using to end the pirating of television shows.

Here is a step by step guide:
1. Create a website for their production company
2. Get sponsors to run ads before the movie and during an intermission
3. More highly anticipated movie, the more the sponsor would pay to have their ads featured
4. Offer the movie to the public, from their website, for free, opening weekend
5. Tally the list of streamers, to get the actual results of box office views
6. Offer a reasonably priced yearly membership package where consumers can download unlimited movies from the production company to the consumers' computers

Examples Of Television Networks Who Practice This

Pirating Stats

  • 77% of online users see nothing wrong with online piracy
  • It is estimated in total piracy sites have 146 million views a day
  • Based off that estimate, that is 53 billion piracy users per years
  • 35.2% of pirated media is movies


To see More about Infographic or The rest of the stats, as well as the sources please visit GO-Gulf

Movie Theatre Controversy

Since events like The Dark Knight Rises Premiere, many pro-piraters used this incident as reasoning to legalize pirating or at least have an alternative for consumers. A way to not have to go to a public forum to see the latest movies.

Consumers Poll

Should Production Companies Follow The Lead Of Television Networks By Offering Movies Online For Free

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