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How I Came to Know Who Park Bo-gum Is

Updated on April 26, 2017

My love for Korean artists, movies, dramas, music and even food didn't develop up until early last year because there was a language barrier. I knew how to speak basic Chinese Mandarin and Japanese but I did not have an opportunity to learn Korean though I am slowly learning that now, in hope that I wouldn't have to depend on subtitles whenever I'm watching. What triggered my sudden interest on Korean entertainment?

In 2016, there was a Korean phenomenal movie that was out in the theaters for weeks. I didn't want to watch it but then I kept on hearing good feedback from people so I thought I'd give it a try. It was Train to Busan and it was the first Korean movie I have ever watched. Since I have a thing for zombie movies and Gong Yoo was such a handsome and great actor , I got hooked with the movie so I watched it again and again and realized that I wanted to see more of Gong Yoo. My addiction to Gong Yoo was the start of my big interest in the Korean movie and television industry. In short, Gong Yoo played a big part in also knowing who Park Bo-gum is.

I watched all of Gong Yoo's movies and television dramas, including his latest Korean Drama, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. On Goblin's 5th episode, there was a scene where Kim Shin (The Goblin) was childishly getting Eun Tak's (The Goblin's Bride) attention through a 19th century painting, rambling like an artwork history professor. Eun Tak just kept on ignoring him by diverting her attention to the Grim Reaper (an amnesiac with no name) who was arranging some clothes from the laundry. Eun Tak then asked the reaper if he has already decided on what name to use. He was about to reply enthusiastically but then Kim Shin interrupted their conversation, telling Eun Tak that she should be studying. The conversation went on and on with Kim Shin interrupting Eun Tak and the Grim Reaper. Eun Tak got annoyed and in an effort to make fun of Kim Shin, she advised the Grim Reaper to use the name "Park Bo-gum," emphasizing the last symbol because it means "sword". This was used as a humor because Kim Shin's character has a sword inflicted on him. Bringing up Park Bo-gum's name was what got me curious about him because it seemed really cool for an actor's name to be mentioned on a top-rated Korean TV Drama. I needed to know if there was something else behind that name.

After hearing Park Bo-gum's name from Goblin, it was also a coincidence to see a short trailer of Love in the Moonlight from one of our local TV channels. For the first time, I saw what Park Bo-gum looked like on television and I got completely interested at what this actor could bring to the table. I watched the first episode of Love in the Moonlight and couldn't take my eyes off Park Bo-gum's undeniably handsome face but the most that gave me much interest was his addictive side glances, head gestures and his eye and mouth movements. His emotion was shown through gestures and for someone who only knows a few Korean words, I found it easy to understand Park Bo-gum's lines even without looking much at the subtitles. With much bewilderment to his different acting approach and charisma, I ended up watching the entire season of Love in the Moonlight. His acting skills is really something that could make a big difference in the entertainment industry.

Love in the Moonlight (PK Korean Drama, English Subtitles)

Love in the Moonlight (PK Korean Drama, English Subtitles)
Love in the Moonlight (PK Korean Drama, English Subtitles)

DVD contains 18 episodes of Love in the Moonlight. This is a historical romantic comedy and drama that goes back to Joseon Dynasty. This South Korean television series stars Park Bo-gum as the Crown Prince and Kim Yoo- as a relationship counselor who later on disguises herself as a male eunuch.

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