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How I Started My Own Music Production Company For YouTube

Updated on July 23, 2016

Let's go back to year 2012, I was doing my graduation from a film school when a friend of mine introduced me to making videos for YouTube. Now I knew how to point a camera and shoot, but this time we also had to edit the video, put it together and upload it to YouTube. Time was right and we had all the tools to put our stuff together. We wrote script for a short film, spent an entire week to record and edit entire footages of our videos.

We decided to upload the video on YouTube on Sunday, that is when most people are online. Sunday came, and we uploaded the video on YouTube and boom "A Copyright claim". What? We were all shocked to see a copyright claim on our first shot video for YouTube. Apparently we had used copyrighted music in our YouTube video and hence the claim. We had already promoted our video, advertised it on Adwords, we just couldn't afford to delete it, re-edit it with a different no copyright music and re-upload it, heck, we didn't even know what kind of music to use, because almost every art has a copyright? That's when I heard about Stock Music, AKA Production Music.

Production music libraries have been online since the 80's. These days, there are music libraries online that offer you to use their music without facing any copyright claims by paying them a minimal fee. Some famous production music libraries online include, and, but unfortunately none of these website had quality Royalty Free Indian music, because that's what we were after, a lot of our video footages included east asian sceneries and we needed appropriate music for it. I suddenly realised even after studying in the US for all this time, I still have great knowledge of my country India and Indian Music. I figured out a plan where I would compose and produce Indian music for the youtube video, allow my friends and my college mates to use it, by just giving me credit in their YouTube videos, everyone agreed!

I produced over 100 Royalty free Indian songs in the coming year, sold licenses to famous You-tubers, made licensing deals with a couple of advertising firms and founded the roots of my then untitled, Royalty Free Indian Music Library, Indiawav.

These days, I continue to produce Asian Indian music for my website, sell those tracks to you-tubers as they are always looking for quality background music. Over the years I have also composed and produced many Om Meditation mantras and chants that I've sold to audiobook producers and guided meditation experts.

You can find my Indian music for Youtube videos here


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