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How I Think The Walking Dead The Series Will End

Updated on April 15, 2014



Rick Is Dreaming

I think that Rick is dreaming. How do I prove that answer? There are many clues.

Clue One:

Rick is in a hospital bed. That seems alright but look closely at the room. Rick's flowers are dead. The flowers are from a friend, who makes a decent living. The guy seems to be the type of guy that will pick up flowers on the way home from a gasoline station than a florist. However, Rick is not a date. Rick is a friend. I think, that Shane might have bought the flowers from the gift shop. That will save him time and he already knows that other people can pick-out flowers better than him. So, I guessing the flowers lasted up to five days. That is only a guess.

The flowers were not looking alive during the time Rick awake. They looked like they had been dead for days.

How does this prove that he was dreaming?

Rick might have no nurse for all this time.

Rick Has No Catheter

When people are in comas they have catheters inserted in them. A bedridden person set needs to pee. Rick does need to pee during all the time he is there at the hospital bed.

Alright, I understand that many be someone took it out. Who? It is possible that someone evil crept in to his room just to steal his catheter. Rick never finds the evil catheter stealing man or woman.


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Rick Can Walk

Rick has been in a coma for a while. Who knows how long this guy has been in a coma. I am guessing, around two weeks.

During that time, people must have come in to exercise his muscles. I know a little about hospitals. Someone, the nurse or therapy person comes in to move the legs and body around a little. This makes it so the body does not tighten up. That also helps with bedsores.

However, he is not able to move very well. He falls to the ground.

I know, that many people will say that a nurse or even a CNA could have entered his room in to help out a little. This person could be hiding out in the hospital or close. Mostly zombies live there. Still, Rick never finds this savor of the weak.

His IV Is Used Up

For some reason, he is still connected to the IV. This might prove my hypothesis of a strangers giving help to patients.

A CNA, should not be able to insert a catheter but they can change a bed. Still, they do not put in IVs.

So, I am going to assume that one of the CNAs,who is fallowing the rules, changes his sheets. And, she gets her equally caring LPN friend to change his IV. I am only guessing that they don't change the flowers.

Rick does move through the hospital fast to get out. If this people do exist, they are very well hidden. The same type of people that could hide from: Jason in Friday The Thirteenth movies.


Most of the cast that fallows Rick.
Most of the cast that fallows Rick. | Source

Rick Has Not Eaten

There is no feeding tube in Rick stomach. I know that he has to eat.

So, how long can someone go without eating? Keep in mind that Rick is a police officer. He might have had to pass physical fitness tests. He does not look out of shape. Http://, is a source that says that people can live 8 to 10 days without water. And, a possible three weeks without food. Also, it states that someone could die with just being out of water for three days.


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No Dust

Either, someone has been cleaning the room or this is not a real room. There should be dust on the table next to Rick, when he wakes up.

This does happen in most movies, even more so in television shows. The rooms are clean even in places where they should be dirty. Not even a corner is left unattended to in this series.

Meets New Friends

He meets this people very fast. If he is ever in trouble, there they are, ready to help. First, a guy and his son help him. Second, a pizza delivery guy helps him, Third, a group of people help him then make him more along the lines as a leader. Fourth, a group of people that are helping out nursing home patents. Fifth, he finds out that their is no cure from a guy that should not let anyone into a heavily guarded place.

Rick finds help eventually in all the places that he visits. I am counting Shane's help, as help from the hospital. He did put the gurney in front of the door. Granted, Shane is not a new friend but Rick does need his help, later.

Also, anyone one of the people in Rick's group could have visited that hospital at sometime.

How does this prove his is dreaming?

He makes too many new friends. Everyone of the main characters that have meet him: likes or shows some kind of respect to him, eventually. Even, The Governor, comes to talk to him face- to-face.


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Lori spends most of the time with Carl. However, when the end of the world as everyone knows it happens, she has no idea how to care for her son.

I think this has to do with Rick having dreams of other women. He wants to change Lori into someone who would cheat on him so that he feels better about himself as the hero. Rick wanted to be the one the save the marriage.

Here is what I know about Rick and Lori. They seemed to have a happy family. Even Shane though that Lori was better than the woman he dated. This information might have manifested itself as Shane likes Lori. Or, even Lori likes Shane.

Lori would have little time to take a new love interest. Rick has been in a coma at most: two weeks to a month. This alone proves that Rick is dreaming.

In the flashbacks, Lori is unhappy with her marriage. However, I believe the flashbacks are still in Rick's mind, not Lori's.


She really loves Rick as a brother. I think there might be something more to that, too. I think Rick has a crush on Shane. So, he tries to make Shane into the bad guy but that does not work. He cares about Shane too much.

Shane's death comes more out of Rick's love for his wife. He wants to prove to himself that he love Lori more. Also, he does not think he can win Lori back.

Carl Getting Help

This guy is way to nice to them. He comes along at the right time in the story.

Carl gets shot. Carl does not die. The boy should have died. After all, Hershel is only a veterinarian not a doctor. Some people might be able to help but they are not qualified.

Hershel's Gun

It has unlimited bullets. The man must be some sort of God or his gun is an enchanted weapon from God.


There are few animals. There are not enough animals.

Where are the squirrels, chipmunks, or groundhogs? I have not seen any near the characters.

When they need something to eat,there is a small animal that one of the group can kill. When they are not hungry, there are no animals.

There could be other groups that have hunted the forest for a long time. Still, there should be small creatures running about the forest floor.


Every yard is mowed. I am not just talking about the yards. The weeding is done.

Someone is mowing the yards. Maybe, someone mows at night. The zombies do not move much at night.

Snakes can live in tall grass. If the grass grows someone might get attacked by one. Maybe, someone is doing this so that the regular people can have some time to escape. Snakes love to curl up in long grass. The bottom of the grass might provide a warm place for a bed. They can also feel the cool breeze as they sleep.

According to,,"Generally there are about 60 deaths a year from venomous snakes in Georgia," Moseley said. Moseley is a Animal Control in Valdosta worker in Georgia. The article goes on to say that killing non-venomous snakes is punishable by a fine. This was all published in 2012.

I think this was done to protect the actors more than the character's actually dreaming.

Rides A Bike

How many of you could ride a bike right after you came out of your comas? Is this even advised?

The first episode, Rick rides a bike. This skill puts Rick right up there with the best riders in the world. He could be a completer in the Tour de France, with his skills when he heals. I am not saying he will win but no one would deny him being in the race.

Video Game Quality

Rick is watching too many video games. Carl's playing them must have sunk into his subconscious.

Rick Before:

Rick has all of his abilities. He has a gun, but gets shot. This is where he has all his abilities.

Where Dream Begins

Rick wakes up without a gun. So, what happens to him? He goes through the tutorial of the game.

He gets to see the zombies but does not get to kill them. Rick gets to know that there is a threat. He is also injured. Being this way in a game, will have some sort of easy object. His is getting out of the building.

You may say, "hold it! He had to run away from zombies." However, this is the way all games began. He can not level up until he at least gets out of the hospital.

The skill he learns is to avoid zombies. That is not much but he is only level one.

Also, there is a bike he finds. The bike can be used as a found item along the way. So, now we know he can drive a car and bike. He was also riding the bike while injured. Riding the bike a lone should give him enough points to level up.


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