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Getting Into the South Korean Pop Culture: K-POP Stars and Hallyu-Wave

Updated on October 10, 2016

The K-POP Culture

Music is really universal with no exceptions. When you find a new style of music, a new genre, different style from artist who brings new blood to the music industry do not be afraid to look.

-Learn to enjoy the different side of K-POP

-K-POP fashion

-Historical mix

-Hallyu Wave Stars

-American Inspirations

South Korea POP Culture

Have you ever heard of South Korean POP culture, Its all the rage today and these artist are bringing in the talents. Consumers all over the world are falling in love with South Korean artists with their amazing vocals, dance moves, fashion, over all good looks, acting skills, and much more. South Korean Pop music, also known as 'K-POP' as definitely spread its talents across the globe.

So how does one get into 'K-POP' you may ask, its simple start watching different groups on YouTube to see who you like. There are so many different styles in the music they create, the dances, and of course the clothes they wear will catch your attention. One of the Big names that you will come across is BIGBANG, they where that first to have a world tour, their company YG Entertainment is number one in South Korea. Between the five members you really get a variety of personality and rich talent. Now check out the dramas and other variety shows to really get to see the supper fun side of those stars.

BIGBANG My first Look at K-POP

American Culture Music to Match

No doubt when you see a K-pop song you will notice American trends, mix, and dances. The Western Culture is well known around the world. Many artist look for inspiration to mix with their own culture and create something new. K-pop is no different, look at artist like eminem 'We Made You', Katy Perry 'Dark Horse', OutKast 'Hey Ya' , and much more to see some really cool comparisons and how their work may have inspire a new music video using similar concepts.

K-pop has immerse itself in the entertainment industry and is really embracing all things artistic. The starts go all out creating great music, taking fashion to a new level and are not shy to show off all the colors they can find.

Jay Park

Your K-POP Fashionista Side

The K-POP fashion world is full of colors, flash, and the accessories are out of this world. They always dress to impress their fans, some more than others really take it to the top and are complete fashionistas. These k-pop stars not only wear amazing outfits but they always have something new going on with their hair be it the color or style, and the amazing shoes.

The girls have their glowing skin, hair, and show how they just love everything cute. Their fashion sense do really go all out along with their confidence to show you what they are made off on stage. K-pop start girls exudes a high-level of confidence when you see them be it on stage or the one spot people are always looking for them at 'the airport'. The guys dress to impress with their cool pants, great boots, a long coat do bring out that extra sexy matrix look. The girls go with their different sassy, punk, cute is always one of their top looks, they have their sexy looks that they show off with their really long model like legs. Seoul being a fashion driving city, all the stars have to be at the top of their game when it comes to fashion.

Now let us create a small personal guide for your k-pop fashion style, focus on a few things and bring that inner fashionista out. Start with a simple yet fashionable top, make sure you are comfortable while looking stylish. If you are a girl you really can't go wrong with a cute style when you pick you top. Guys stay with a smooth style to keep you looking good.

As you may notice a great pair of footwear is key to your outfit, it is that piece that really pull the entire outfit together and make a grand statement. You can make a fashion statement with a great pair of boots or high heels. Let your true style come out and choose a pair of shoes that say 'yes this is me'. Remember those shoes will be carrying your weight, as most k-pop stars dress they want to be comfortable and fashionable. As a K-pop star, love your fashion, but never forsakes comfort for style.

A trendy look for the girls is incorporating a cute short or mini shirt to get that cute as a button look. In South Korea mini shirts are quite the popular dress piece in girls clothing, you can deferentially see that in the k-pop girls wardrobe. Pair it up with over-the-knee socks to complete the look and make it chick. Adding the right belt to your outfit is just as import to, make sure it matches your look. It's part of your accessories piece so let it stand out to the crowd. Go for bold, make it pop out and take a look to see if your feet matches with your waist.

Now Let us talk a little about accessories, accessories, and oh yea accessories. This is by far the most crucial part of your entire outfit in the k-pop world. If you are going for the look make sure to have as much accessories available to your outfit, but make it tasteful to not ruin the whole thing. You can either have a few piece on or be cover head to toe, it only require that everything is in the right place. Decorate your look with colorful bracelets, eye-catching necklace, or even adding an extra piece to your hair to draw everyone's eyes your way.

The K-POP look is all about being bold, colorful, and creating amazing outfits so never feel restricted on your choice.

Your Favorite K-POP

What was the first thing that Got Your into K-POP ?

See results

Music Videos with a Beautiful Combination

김현중 / Kim Hyun Joong (Kim Hyeon Jung) release a single in 2014 title 'Unbreakable' featuring Jay Park. They are great artist individually, so naturally when they came together the song was amazing.

2NE1 - I AM THE BEST (내가 제일 잘 나가) Showed really strong female characters and mix their tradition with the new k-pop genera.

New fashion styled to incorporate with the old style always looks really cool. Music can really mix no matter the time period it comes across. You can take traditional songs and dance and mix it in with the new age including redesigning the look to make it all work. Great Artist study music across time and culture to bring something new and mesmerizing to the public. Music can be so inspirational, artist that find such creative ways to express themselves are really amazing

MAMA Past 5 years Awards

MAMA Awards Years
Artist of The Year
Song Of The Year
Album of the Year
Psy - "Gangnam Style"
Super Junior - 'Sexy, Free & Single'
Girls Generation
2NE1, I Am The Best
Super Junior, Mr Simple
Miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”
2NE1 'To Anyone'
I Don't Care (2NE1)
Heartbreaker (G-Dragon)

Bi Rain

Hallyu Wave in South Korea and U.S.A

Just about every country has Soap Operas they create, so of course South Korea is no different. Their stars get into the music business and for the most part become what you would call a triple treat. They sing, dance, model, and make their debut as actress and actress for the world to see all their talents. Be it acting out a scene in their music videos, acting in movie or drama they are even moving over in America.

One of the most eyecatching features of the K-dramas are for the most part their non-sexual explicit romantic plots. The most modest audience can enjoy almost any k-drama, it's a little something for almost everyone. They allow audience from all around the world to learn a little about South Korea's culture and see new modern twists. This allows you to travel a little on screen and visit the country to get a little taste of the landscape. Start with something that almost everyone have enjoy and you will most likely find subtitle translation in your language. One of the most famous K-dramas, “Boys Over Flowers,” it has been broadcast in several countries and is well known.

These dramas focus on life in South Korea, culture, business, and much more to entertain. These stars not only enjoy the show, they allow you to experience the South Korean culture on screen without ever leaving your home.

Popular Male Artists

  • Jay Park
  • Block B
  • Bi Rain
  • B2AST
  • JYJ
  • B.A.P
  • Infinite H
  • K Will
  • Tiger JK
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Hepik High
  • B1A4
  • Zion. T

K-POP Feminine Side

In K-pop most of the girls go for either a sexy image or they have the sweet one. This works great on either side, girl groups get to explore a variety of looks and styles over the years.

Look over Some Top Groups and solos Like:


Lee Hyori

Girls' Generation


Brown Eyed Girls



What ever your preference is theses girls deliver, many more have styles different enough from each other to entertain you. They transform themselves into sexy divas to make catchy impressions. They come with their power vocals and sultry steps in every dance move they sure make a solid mark in the k-pop scene.

The Video that Started it ALL

In any genres of music you have to learn to just have a good time. Music does not have to be in the same language or culture, everyone can learn to enjoy the sounds and eventually the lyrics can be learned later on. Artist create music about what they love, experience in life, and what they hope for the future. This helps everyone find a common bond from around the world to connect and enjoy. Learn to just love music and enjoy the artist creations. K-pop is a unique sound coming from South Korea using a large influence from Western Culture music and other sounds around the world. With so many artist starting in dramas, films, and songs you will always be entertain and have something new to enjoy.

A K-POP sensation on YouTube (PSY)

© 2014 Kerby Mellon


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    • notsosecret profile imageAUTHOR

      Kerby Mellon 

      4 years ago from Tampa, Fl.

      Not enough time to add them all, but they are a great group as well

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      4 years ago

      You guys are missing BTS ???


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