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How I'm getting free movies in 2016

Updated on April 14, 2016

How I'm Getting Free Movies in 2016!

1. Sign up for a reward card from your local movie theater, and link it to your email!

Usually after seeing a few movies and buying concession you will earn enough points to get a free popcorn, drink, or even a free ticket!

I currently have a Regal Rewards Card that I linked to my e-mail just two months ago. With just two paid visits by my husband and I,I've got an email for two free tickets to a movie screening, a free ticket to any movie at Regal Theaters, and enough points for a free small popcorn! I mean who doesn't love a free movie?

Also in the past I signed up for e-mails from Cinemark. Though I never got a free ticket, ever week they would send me discount coupons for concession. Sometimes I could even get something completely free!

2. Look on packages of normal stuff you buy at the store.

Yes, this is totally by luck. But I have scored some great deals.

Currently there is an offer that when you collect 5 codes you receive a free movie ticket to see Captain America's Civil War! Right now you can find the codes on starburst, skittles, and juicy fruit gum packages. Till 4/10/2016 Walgreens has skittles priced at .59! With tax in my state I bought 10 packs and paid $6.14 and got 2 free movie tickets! Check Walgreens, Wal-Mart, or even Dollar Tree if you are interested in this deal!

In the past I even used coupons I printed online to buy Hormel Pepperonis at Dollar Tree. I ended up paying $1.50 before tax and got 3 packs of Hormel Pepperonis and a free movie ticket! Remember you CAN use coupons and still get the tickets if you go this route.

3. Redbox...and Chill

Signing up for Redbox updates is worth it for a cheap date at home. I get discounts all the time in my e-mail or by text message. You usually get a free movie just for signing up and also for reserving a movie for the first time online.You can also find free codes in promotions, usually at gas stations. Something to remember is EVERY holiday they give a free movie offer or a discounted movie offer, so be on the look out. You can also almost always google a code. So be sure to do your homework before you pay for your night in.

4. Netflix...and Share

Sharing a Netflix account with friends and family can help cut your at home entertainment cost. I finally said forget it to Direct TV cost and have became addicted to Netflix ever since.

5. Old Fashioned Drive-In

Though it is harder and harder to find a drive in, they are still a very fun and cheap option. To cut cost even further bring your own drinks and snacks. Also if you don't want to keep your car running make sure to get there early enough to get near a speaker, or even bring your own portable radio, if anyone still uses those...

6. Couponing Apps and Websites

Currently Top Cash Back has an offer where when new users sign up and buy the new Star Wars movie from Walmart online, they will get $22.00 in Cash Back! Basically making it free! Though this offer will not last forever, I have also seen rebates for specific movies on the Ibotta App for Movies seen in theaters.

7. Secret Shopper

This can be a lot of work, but sometimes if you sign up for a secret shopper job online your can get jobs that pay you to see a movie and right a review for it. This is the perfect job for serious movie goers! There are even apps you can use to log the reviews, or take pictures proving you are really at the movie with these companies to make the review process a little easier for you. Look up the "Secret Shopper" app if interested. But beware...there are scams out there.

8. Self Owned Theaters

Self owned theaters are usually not brand new releases, but are very cheap and can still be a great way to see a movie that you didn't want to pay full price for when it first came out.


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