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How to Boost Volume of a Movie

Updated on November 12, 2016
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The author is an undergrad electrical engineering student continually facing challenging doses of higher engineering mathematics!

Trying to watch a video having very low sound? or unable to hear the sound of an audio file? learn how you can increase its sound volume substantially by using one of these two ways.

  1. Use the Volume controls of Your Media Player (Media Player Classic).

    Quick method. No re-coding, editing, rendering, or scam sound increaser software required, the player and will automatically boost the audio by using its internal filters with just a few tweaks.

  2. RE CODE the video using third party software (Camtasia Studio®).

    You will need to download this software (from torrent) and then re-code the video through it. Can increase the volume by up to 500% and the resulting re coded audio file will have increased audio.

1) Increase Volume of Video by Playing on Media Player Classic

All you need to do is to play your video using Media Player Classic and then follow these steps to increase the sound volume by up to 300%.

  • Download Media Player Classic and the K-Lite Codec Pack and install it (just Google it, its free).
  • Play your video using Media Player Classic.
  • Once the Video starts playing, press right click, locate Audio and then select Options as shown in the picture .

This menu will appear after pressing right click.
This menu will appear after pressing right click.
  • Now in the options window you will find a bar to boost the volume that I have enclosed in the red triangle, find it and boost the volume according to your requirement..
  • Next You will find two check boxes of "Regain Volume" and "Normalize", check them to give an extra boost to the volume.
  • Enjoy the sound! You are Done.

Options Window showing the volume boosting bar.
Options Window showing the volume boosting bar.

2) Increase Volume of a Video by Re-coding on Camtasia Studio

This method will use Camtasia studio to boost the volume of your videos by up to 500%, you can download this software from torrent.

  • Import your Audio or Video into the timeline (lower part of the screen).
  • Right Click on the Audio track in the timeline and then select "Edit Audio".

Right click on the audio track
Right click on the audio track
  • Now Move to the top left corner of the screen, their you will find various enhancements and tweaks for audio tracks.

Enhancements and tweaks for audio tracks
Enhancements and tweaks for audio tracks
  • Find the button enclosed in the red box in the picture above and press it to boost the volume as per your requirement.
  • Now finally produce and render your video using the option of your choice from the button highlighted the smaller red box above.
  • Enjoy!


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