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Jennifer Lawrence: Queen of the 2013 Oscars

Updated on February 26, 2013

Daniel Day Lewis as best actor? Been there.

Seth Macfarlane as host? Bring on the boob and butt jokes.

Anne Hathaway acceptance speech? Safe to take a bathroom break.

The 2013 Oscars were more or less a snoozefest. Not that Jennifer Lawrence is complaining. The overall lameness of this year's ceremony made it all the more opportunity for Jennifer Lawrence to devour the Acadamy Awards as a pre-dinner snack. Jennifer Lawrence was easily the brightest star at this year's Oscars and effortlessly stole the show.

From this moment on, we shall refer to her as Queen Jennifer Lawrence.

Here's how she owned the night:

The Dress:

Look at it. Just look at Queen Jennifer Lawrence's dress. Are your eyes not bleeding from the sheer wonder of what is before you? Look at the way it fits her goddess-like shape. Look at the way the bottom just flows and flows like the river Nile.

Bow before her majesty's beauty.

The Fall:

Look at how Queen Jennifer Lawrence PRETENDS to be a mere mortal! That was not a true fall, but a calculated effort to make her seem more relatable to us bumbling common folk!

And look at how graciously Queen Jennifer Lawrence picks herself back up and addresses the audience with her head held high and the nobility of a queen. The subtlety of her expression that seems to say, "Although I gracefully tumbled upon my ascent up the stairs, I am still holding a statue that 99.9999% of you will never hold".

Just try falling with as much dignity and class as Jennifer Lawrence. You will fail.

The Press Conference:

First of all, the queen should NEVER have to deal with such schlock from the press. Instead of "What are you working on next?" and "How does it feel to be so awesome?", we get "Why did you fall?", "What is your morning routine?", and "Is winning awards a good thing?"

A lesser actress might have reacted in anger or defensiveness. But Queen Jennifer Lawrence stood her ground, and answered each of her subjects' ridiculous questions with class, humor, and personality that Kristin Stewart could only dream of.

Jack Nicholson Loves Her:

And there you have it. Even the legends of film bow before Queen Jennifer Lawrence.

Let us all kneel at the feet of her majesty.


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