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How Mr Banks Saved Christmas

Updated on December 26, 2015


I appreciate people who love to plan. I am not one who can tell you what I will be doing in six months unless I am traveling. Most Saturdays you will find us at Peet's coffee. After 27 seasons of soccer, 4 seasons of football, and so on, planning is no longer my favorite activity. Unless,.... perhaps an adventure to another land or out of town for the weekend. That's why they call me tirelesstraveler.

Christmas Day. The man who can plan corporate moves from one city to another,the man who can plan shipments of equipment to places nobody has heard of, the man who plans software releases for one of the largest the computer companies in the world, leaves all the social planning to me. Planning makes my head hurt. Most people like tradition. Tradition is safe and everyone knows what to expect. Tradition is normal. Traditions lure people into thinking nothing will change. I like change, but I like traditions because they don't require me to plan family events. Tradition gives us freedom to work within structure everyone understands.

When my brother was in the 6th grade and I in kindergarten, he learned about Mexico. He also learned how to make pinatas. He and I started making them as a team until he left for the Air Force. By then I was well trained, and took over the yearly task. Everyone remembers the Christmas the pinata finally broke and all the candy was crushed. Every Christmas Eve the party was at Grandma's, When Grandma's was too small for all of us, Christmas Eve moved to my uncles house. Then to our house. The routine was the same. Eat a huge dinner, break the pinata, go in the back of the house to listen for Santa Claus. When the Dad's and uncles had apparently visited with Santa, the small kids ran outside to see if they could catch a glimpse of Santa. Then surprise! There were stacks of presents under the tree. Everyone got something, whether they were expected or not. Even people who arrived unexpectedly got something.

This could have been one of our pinatas.  We got rather creative before they became popular and inexpensive to buy
This could have been one of our pinatas. We got rather creative before they became popular and inexpensive to buy | Source

All Christmas tradition came to a screaming halt 7 years ago. The day after Christmas 8 years ago my mom died suddenly. How many 90 year old women can you say that about? A week before the next Christmas my sister-in-laws father died suddenly at 92. You had to know these people to understand how marvelous and youthful they were to the day they died.

Figuring I was now the matriarch of the family, I invited everyone to my house for Christmas Eve. Not many came. It was not the same. Now every year is different. That first Christmas, my son and his new wife moved here from Southern California; their kittens saved Christmas. Bear and Zypha came and snuggled up to everyone. Can you be sad with kittens waltzing around playing with strings and wrapping paper? I don't really care for cats, but these kittens were comic entertainment.

Since then something has come through and saved Christmas every year. Last year, a one year old grandson saved Christmas. This year, I anguished over what to have and who to invite. My grandchildren would be in Texas. I hate to plan, but I am not foolish. I love flexibility and only a plan can give you flexibility. Once you have an outline there is freedom to change the details, but the plan must be in place, or everything will look like you didn't have a plan.

Plan? What Plan ?

The perfect son is the most helpful. His input to my planning is usually, "Don't do anything too complicated, make sure you have a plan, tell me when to be there and who will be there". This year seems to be a stellar year for movies. Everyone in my family loves movies - except me, so when I agree to go to a movie it is a big deal.

The last movie I saw in the theater was Silver Linings Playbook in February. I went because my father-in-law had died and did I mention everyone loves movies, but me. Not many movies grab my attention, but when they do I will venture into the theater.

Christmas Eve was very successful, a few family members came for dinner and we attended a lovely candlelight service which ended at midnight with everyone holding a lighted candle, standing on the lawn, staring at the starry midnight sky, singing Silent Night. Orion stood out so brightly. The heavens were a lovely sight.


The Plan

The plan for Christmas this year was for my husband and I to take the two youngest to the movies. I had heard wonderful things about Frozen, but I thought "Need a 10 year old to see that with". Can you ever go wrong with the Hobbit? I wanted to see Saving Mr. Banks, but figured there was no way my sons would go for something that slow. The Hobbit! Well apparently I was wrong. The boys hadn't seen the first part. They both read the books, but... Not Frozen. I was almost willing to watch Anchorman 2 if it would get us all together. After texting the boys one said, "Mom, as much as I want to see that movie, I don't think I want you with me", The other said, "You need to have seen the first movie". Poor Dad,he was so excited. He loves movies. When it looked like we would go for a hike instead of see a movie he was discouraged.

Our youngest son came in after visiting the neighbors, "Lets go see Saving Mr. Banks. I am down for it". My husband had us out of the house so fast you wouldn't believe it.

We got to the theater 30 minutes before the movie. My husband said,"I will drop you off, you can buy tickets and I will go park."

I said," I walked out of the house without my wallet"

He said," Well you drop me off and go park".

The kid in the back seat, "I don't have my wallet either and I smell like beer, I am not driving!". (He got a breathalyzer for Christmas and wanted to see if it worked).

We ended up all having a trading seats in the car (what was called a "Chinese fire drill" in my non-PC youth) at a red light in front of the theater. I got into the drivers seat. The kid didn't want to stay in the back seat. It really was silly fun.

The kid said, "I never did that (with my parents?) before".

Me, "Really?"

The kid, "Mom, I usually won't give up the drivers seat when one of them is happening". Some things a mother just doesn't want to know.

We parked, and as we were crossing the street my husband announces, "This showing of the movie is sold out".

The kid, 6'2" grabs dad by the shoulders, turns him around and says," Let's buy tickets for the next showing, then go to uncle's house, we have an excuse to leave if things get sticky".

Pleasant Visit

We had a pleasant visit with my brother and aunt. Then a couple of his kids and grandchildren came in, and dinner was ready. We hadn't planned to be there for dinner, but it was tasty. We left for the show in time to check in on the dogs and get to the theater in plenty of time. It was very full, but not sold out.

Pay Attention

My brother and sister-in-law loved Saving Mr.Banks. My sister-in-law's advice was to pay careful attention. I thought, "Is it so slow you have to go to the bathroom out of boredom, or what?". It turns out to be good advice. Not because it it slow, but the flashbacks will be confusing you if you don't pay attention. It is the mind game part of the movie that draws you in.


P.L. Travers was exceedingly particular when it came to making the movie about her book. It apparently took Walt Disney 20 years to convince her to let him make a movie based on her book. I loved her books when I was in the 5th grade. Mary Poppins, and Mary Poppins in the Park were my favorites. Now that I have done some research on her I don't think I would have like her very much.


Saving Mr. Banks was the perfect movie for saving Christmas for my family. This movie about Walt Disney acquiring the rights to P.L. Travers book, to make Mary Poppins into a movie was the perfect combination of drama, frustration, surprise and laughter. There are glimpses of Disneyland in the early 60's.

The 21 year old declared it "A movie I was glad to see",

I concur. I was glad Walt saved Mr, Banks, who saved my Christmas. I don't have to think about Christmas for another year and that is good too.


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    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 3 years ago from California

      GmaGoldie, P.L. Travers didn't leave much to work with. I researched her life. She was a sad sad creature. She never did approve of Mary Poppins, the movie. She never got along with Disney. I was surprised that Hanks had such dark hair in the movie and looked so young. When Mary Poppins was released in 1964 Disney was 63. He died in 1966. 1964-66 are the years I remember him best. I was 10 in 64. We watched Disneyland on T.V. every Sunday evening at 7. We went to Disneyland every summer. I believe I even saw him once. I only poll people about how they like a movie or book and take what they say with a grain of salt. I must admit, I didn't have any idea the movie was about Mary Poppins when I saw it Christmas day.

    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 3 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      Tom Hanks disappointed me in Saving Mr. Banks. I was expecting a five start movie with an ending that uplifted me more. Somehow the "saving" part to me was not the Disney magic that I expected. Did I expect too much? Perhaps but it is Disney afterall. I was hungry, emotionally hungry for a true connection. I loved the connection with the chauffeur and I would have loved to have seen more of that connection.

      We live our worlds alone and P.L. Travers was the extreme example of that. I wanted to see her connect more at the end. I wanted her to thank the song writers for bringing her book to life. I wanted her to glow when she saw a child watching the movie. I wanted the interaction between her and the children that connect to this story.

      I would have LOVED to have seen the children squeal with delight when the penguins danced.

      I guess I love children too much and I expected this to be a parallel to the world's greatest story book movies such as E.T. where children bring a new vision to the adults who live in a cocoon. I saw the possibilities that this movie could have offered and I expected Tom Hanks to deliver.

      I wish Tom Hanks would write a new ending, an ending with more children, an ending that showcases the real impact that both P.L. and Disney made upon the children - both young and old in this world. I think Disney would have been more disappointed than me. Shame on Tom Hanks for delivering a bittersweet morsel of chocolate - I was looking for the soft, billowy center filled with sweet cream - the things dreams are made of.

      People and animals always are there to save us and your real life stories warmed my heart. We all remember Christmas where the world felt like a cold manger. We all have memories of great loss. Thank you for sharing the rays of light you have found with your children and with the kittens. Very well done hub.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 4 years ago from California

      catgypsy, you have a kind heart. I completely agree that the good things help get us through the hard stuff. Happy New Year!

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 4 years ago from California

      annart, indeed traditions sometimes have to be left behind , still wonderful memories can't be taken from us. My daughter-in-law is home and we are planning another visit to the movie. It really is a good movie.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 4 years ago from California

      Flourish great to see you. Happy New Year!

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 4 years ago from SW England

      Tradition is great but sadly we all have to move with the times when circumstances dictate.

      New traditions come with the new arrivals and that's good; they build up their own and happiness is all around!

      Must see this film! Happy New Year!

    • catgypsy profile image

      catgypsy 4 years ago from the South

      It's so hard to lose people and it is even more heartbreaking at Christmas! Sorry for your losses. I'm glad that good things happened to help you through. Great hub!

    • Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

      Pamela Kinnaird W 4 years ago from Maui and Arizona

      I'm glad you had a nice Christmas.

      I loved the show, Saving Mr. Banks. I've read some great hubs on here about Ms. Travers. Not sure I like her too much, but I sure liked Saving Mr. Banks. Voting up and beautiful.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

      I'm so sorry that these sad things always seem to occur around Christmas. I do hope to see the movie. Tom Hanks s a wonderful actor.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 4 years ago from California

      Jackie, Tom looks really good in Saving Mr. Banks. He doesn't look nearly as old as Disney was at the time. Glad to hear Frozen is a worth seeing.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Wow, I don't know if I am ready to see Tom Hanks that kills me. I will see it though. I saw Frozen....twice. I loved it.

      Thanks for sharing. ^