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How Nacho Libre is a Christian Type Hollywood Comedy Movie

Updated on March 6, 2014

Nacho Libre is a well written comedy film with no profanity or sexual innuendo. The dialogues are not that complicated to understand and when you watch it a few times, it will be easy to remember some catchy lines. It is no doubt that this movie is a classic. It has it's own style, its unique characters, and unique setting that make the movie seem original. The great thing about this movie is that this is a character who comes from a poor background in the convent and starts to make a difference in his life by following his childhood passion: wrestling.

While he understands that it is forbidden by the Catholic church to engage in that activity, Ignacio aka Nacho, wants to do it to help the orphans because he has grown up to love the orphans. And because he was an orphan as well. Although he does not look into the Bible about whether it is right to wrestle, we as the audience know that it is already noble on what he is doing. Doing something to help others in need is a Christian thing to do. As it says in the Bible in Matthew 7:12 "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.... And in Acts 20:35 it says: "In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive." These verses are reflected in the scene where Ignacio is caught on fire by the candles while praying and he runs outside to fan out the flames. The flames reveal his wrestling uniform in front of the kids and the elders and they are shocked by what they see. When he finally tells the truth, he assures them that God will be in the ring with him in the upcoming fight and that when he wins, he will use the money to buy food, clothing, new equipment and go to field trips for the orphans. That is a very noble thing to do. Earlier in the movie, where Ignacio and Encarnacion are eating some toasts in her room, she already tells Ignacio about how wrestlers use their fame to glorify themselves and that they are false idols. And then on the scene where Ignacio finds Encarnacion making breakfast because he was late, he tells half the truth about him being involved in wrestling. This obviously shocks Encarnacion but then asks her if fighting for something noble is wrong as well. She starts to think twice but does not give an answer. So we see Ignacio making a point about doing something for others in a unique way.

When Ignacio comes to a point about getting frustrated in not winning a match, he shows his frustration in front of his partner, Esqueleto, and tells him that he wants to win, because in the last few fights, they keep on losing. Even though every wrestler who joined gets paid, Ignacio throws the money and say "I do not want to get paid to lose. I wanna WIN". Now we might think that kind of attitude can lead to self glorification but that is wrong. It's okay to win and reach a goal. In fact, it is in the Bible in Philippians 3:14 that says " I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." There is nothing wrong when you are fighting for a certain prize. It is obviously like that in war, but in a brutal way. It should be the same in sports. Reaching for the goal, the championship, is a Biblical thing to do. And again, we know Ignacio has a heart for the sport and he is doing it for the orphans. Not unlike the character Ramses, the wrestler that Ignacio fights at the end. We know he is doing it for fame and he doesn't care about his fans, as it is shown when Ignacio and the kids walk into town and they find Ramses coming out of the gym. Ignacio goes to him and asks for his autograph for the kids because some of the kids does love Ramses. But Ramses ignores them and even pushes Ignacio away from him, in the end Ignacio calling him a "duche". In this situation, we can consider Ignacio a hero. By that I mean he is willing to die and he is expecting to die in the final match as it is reflected in the letter he writes for Encarnacion through Esqueleto as his messenger. In the letter, he says that if he dies, he did it for the orphans and that his earnings will go straight to the orphans.

In the final match between Ignacio and Ramses, Esqueleto provides a prayer for Ignacio, even though he's an atheist and only believes in science. When that prayer is said, Ignacio first struggles, making it look that he is done. But with a little encouragement, Encarnacion and the kids show up to the match and Ignacio sees them. Soon he develops extra strength on beating Ramses, somehow supernaturally. In Ignacio's final move, he jumps and flies like an eagle, making the eagle eggs that he ate earlier in the movie seem real because Esqueleto thought it would give Ignacio powers. Seeing that scene where Ignacio sees the kids and Encarnacion made me observed that it looked like they came out as a family. And this sort of thing is what makes humans happy. It is the second ultimate happiness, next to God, for every human being. That's the family. Unfortunately, many people in today's society can't figure that out and many of them chase false happiness which end up being lost in the long term. Family is a God ordained institution. In the end of the movie, Ignacio is very happy to be the new wrestling champion and that his contributions to the orphans has been made. But the movie leaves an open ending between the relationship of Encarnacion and Ignacio, not showing if they end up together or not. This movie can be enjoyable to anybody and I would recommend this movie for the whole family.


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