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Come On Baby Lets Go Party! - Have Fun! - Be My Guest!

Updated on August 10, 2020

Partying? Sure, Let's Get Together!

Partying is a generic term. In our circles we usually call it a get-together. Getting together at some location agreed upon by all. Among groups of friends, people take turns in hosting.

Some of the reasons for partying are, somebody's birthday, an achievement, reaching a milestone, the need to give "them" a treat, "they" have returned home after a long stint overseas, It's been a long time since we met those guys, it's been well over six months since we made our last trip out of the city, a housewarming, the need to announce an engagement to relatives, a wedding anniversary, and often, no reason at all.

The accent is often on food! you could expect excellent food, and jolly company! What more do you need? These events were so much taken for granted that you need to actually miss them to know what missing them really means.

partying all night long? ... have fun ... celebrate ... are you the guest or the host? ... chill out ... get together ... just fun and laughter ... it's all yours!
partying all night long? ... have fun ... celebrate ... are you the guest or the host? ... chill out ... get together ... just fun and laughter ... it's all yours!

Be My Guest!

The get-togethers that we look forward to mostly, are the ones where everyone knows everybody else.

There are occasions when some new kids on the block are also involved. Sometimes these get togethers consist of just two or three families, and a couple of neighbors, and at times half the countryside!

In the early and mid nineties things like this used to happen quite often, and whenever a week passes by without one such get together, alarm bells ring. Something is wrong they all seem to think.

Party Tips - How To Organize A Party

Party Games

Next Party - Ready!

Nowadays, the complexion of things have changed. Even the frequency of occurrence of these events. The regular hosts are pretty much less active. The new kids on the block rule.

As often as once in six months you could expect an invitation, or the hint of the need to organize a get together comes your way. "If nobody else does it, at least we should." This attitude is what keeps the flame burning.

The truth about everything is, nowadays there are many new kids on the block, and everybody does not know everybody else either. Some of the not so new kids on the block want to continue that way. There is also some kind of a competitive element in the air.

The downside of it is, it also happens that there are occasions when you would wish you were left out, as some of the other "guests" whom you have only heard of, and heard of from various sources are not exactly the type you were looking forwarding to chilling out with, or would be those whose company you would have prayed to the lord to be totally deprived of for the rest of your life and theirs too!

Lets Have A Party

Party Party!

In a situation like this it is necessary to hold on to the reins and not show any difference in attitude. It is best to wade with the tide. However there are some who really care to show some form of discontent.

They behave differently as if the fault was the host's. The host cannot help it. He needs some recognition and it is up to him to decide from which end. He has all the right to act accordingly. In short you've got to dance to the music!

Some of the methods of showing discontent, that is adopted by some people, are detailed below! I strongly suggest that you should NEVER EVER try out any one of theml! ... Then why do you think I am publishing this article?

Huh? ... Good Question indeed! ... Probably just to amuse you!

Just one or two of these methods have been tried out by me, all by myself, to my very own satisfaction! Certainly not all of them! I simply wouldn't dare to! Would you?

If you really want to, I cannot stop you. It's all left to you. Although I have detailed the methods in the imperative, I do not mean "GO AHEAD AND DO IT!"

Whatever the case may be, if you really want to, if you are the daring type, if you want to barge into the lion's mouth head first, I would advise you that you need to be cautious, take measured steps and ... have fun! Of course you need to have a small team of at least three ... and perform together!

The precaution you need to take is ... tread with utmost caution! Of course you are advised to apply utmost caution and keep feeling the pulse all the time. This is essential and would indicate to you when and in what manner to alter course. Good luck to you!

Food, Fun, And Music!

Walk in half an hour earlier than expected and make sure you are seated with the the entrance in view. Take along with you a sports whistle and one two-liter bottle of water per person. (Remember typically there are three in your team!)

When the first guest arrives, take a deep breath and blow the whistle! This will interrupt the exchange of greetings between the host and the guest, and draw the attention towards your team.

Whoever they are, acquainted or otherwise, in a confused state they are sure to greet all of you on the way in! They may even walk up to you guys, shake hands and introduce themselves to you and your team, if they are not already acquainted.

For the rest of the game, they are certain to keep an eye on your activities! Repeat the process until a good number of guests have arrived. Then slowly disperse unnoticed to execute plan number two!

Where's The Party?

Come On Baby Lets Celebrate!

Next, go up to the soft drinks table and stand facing it. If the host has placed a few mega bottles of coke on it, grab one, open it and drink straight from it.

When you do so, make sure that you take small sips at large intervals. Do so while standing at the table. Of course if you are a female make sure you don't spill any stuff on your party dress!

If there are no mega bottles then at least there should be some coke cans. Do not open them. Just pile them up one on top of the other.

This kind of thing could be a delicate operation as the higher you go the more cautious you've got to be because they may topple. When it reaches a point when there is a threat of the cans toppling, stop!

The others around would be sure to stare at you and your team! They will wonder what the hell you guys are up to. So will the host!

the host knows hospitality ... be my guest! ... there's food and drink ... chill out!
the host knows hospitality ... be my guest! ... there's food and drink ... chill out!

Hospitality From The Host? - Watch Out!

If there are various types of fruit juices in jugs, pour out a little bit from each one into every glass, using your judgement to pour in equal quantities of each kind.

Make sure you fill each glass right up to the brim. Now arrange them one behind the other, and in rows.

Now move on to the table where alcoholic drinks are placed. Break open the seal of each and every bottle and arrange them in some order. Preferably in a row, the tallest bottle at the very rear. Do not attempt to pour out the drinks. I shall tell you why later ... in another article!

Once you've finished on that one, walk around the room or hall with the mega bottles in hand, and pause to take a sip each and every time someone says "hi!" to one of you! If no mega bottle is available, the bottle of water you took along with you would do perfectly well.

laughter ... the spirit of partying ... get together ... and celebrate to your hearts' content!
laughter ... the spirit of partying ... get together ... and celebrate to your hearts' content!

I don't Want To Spoil The Party So I'll Go!

So ... Lets Go Party!

Walk around the room slowly with one hand in your pocket and the other hand holding the bottle. Stop to stare at every picture on the wall.

Stare at each one of them for as long as you can. Do not spare any pottery or ornaments either.

You may even bend to get a closer view of some ornament placed below eye level. When doing so, retain that position for a long period of time.

The next method is, to stand somewhere in the middle of the room and keep staring at your watch for as long as you can, along with your other accomplices! This is certainly bound to attract attention. This method is also used by criminals in custody to feign schizophrenia!

When you sense that the meal is about to be announced, slowly and unnoticed move towards the buffet table. Stand close to the plates rack. Each time someone picks up a plate, start yelping like a dog in distress, and as loud as you can! Just one of you, not all three. You can take turns if you like!

This will make the guest concerned very confused indeed! He'll be wondering what on earth is going on! Well thats's the impression you wanted to create, right? It's up to you!

Celebration Time - Kool And The Gang

A Flash Happy Dude!

capture those fun moments too ... celebrating an event ... wedding, anniversary, birthday, achievement ... let's get together and celebrate ... having fun is the order of the day!
capture those fun moments too ... celebrating an event ... wedding, anniversary, birthday, achievement ... let's get together and celebrate ... having fun is the order of the day!

The DISCLAIMER And Some Last Minute Advice!

This article has been written purely to amuse and certainly not to encourage any acts of mischief or to encourage causing embarrassment, harassment or any form of inconvenience to your host, or to the other guests of any social gathering.

However if you intend using some of the ideas mentioned in this article, it is strongly suggested that you tweak it up to make it as mild as possible.

It would be advisable to just stick to a few of the mild verbal ones and completely leave out the big practical ones. This applies to the suggestion involving dogs too. They may not work at all in your environment! Don't say I didn't warn you!

I wish you the best of luck!

How Much Do You Know About Parties?

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... your idea of how to party or even about partying would be welcome ...
... your idea of how to party or even about partying would be welcome ...

So There! Partying All Night Long?

Use your mobile phone camera to take close up shots whenever someone is serving himself or herself. I said close-up shots! Use the flash too!

Now take a break and have your meal. This is how you start. Load your plates beyond your capacity. Now draw a chair and sit at the buffet table placing each of your plates on the table.

Make sure you guys are seated positioned such that you are able see those who come for a second serving.

When someone does come for a second serving, say as loud as you can, WHAT? SECOND SERVING? ... OR IS IT YOUR THIRD?

If you knew his or her name, better still mention that too! Start eating. Eat as slowly as you can, while being in that very same spot.

Skip your dessert. This step is important. I shall not tell you why. Now just mingle with the other guests.

When one of you is introduced to someone, instead of shaking hands, salute them in ancient Roman style and say "Ave! Crismus Bonus!"

Start coughing whenever someone starts to talk to you. Stop when they stop. Resume coughing when they re-commence talking. This is a tried and tested method. Even today, I find this extremely effective!

Make sure you still have that bottle of water with you. Carry it around and take an occasional sip from it!

Cough as loud as you can, and at regular intervals. You could even pull out the whistle and start blowing it in short loud bursts! What the hell, this is a party isn't it?

Here is another great method. If you own a dog, take him along. Just one would do! Let him loose in the guest area. Assure the host that he is yours and will mind his own business and yours too!

Dogs usually don't bark at people who are "already there." By this logic, the dog is bound to bark at guests arriving afterwords. So much the better!

Er ... just a moment ... I am not too sure about dogs not barking at people who are "already there." If you think you can figure this one out, well and good. I would like to leave it to you.

At first the dog is bound to go around sniffing the toes of all the other guests. Just watch the expressions on their faces when this happens. Once you set your dog free in the guest area, it would be a good idea to vanish and remain in the washroom for about ten minutes or so.

That's it! You may improvise on these tips as innovation knows no bounds. You never know you may even come up which a crackerjack of an idea yourself! If you do, please let me know via the comments box! ... Thanks for reading! Ave!

..... concluded

Tell Us What You Like About Parties!

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    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Hi Nell,

      I sure am glad you are in the mood for a party. I suggest you organize one. Your friends would love it!

      And thanks for commenting!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      3 years ago from England

      I haven't been to a party in ages! This has put me in the mood for one!

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Lol, musical chairs are for the survivors only! Cheers and thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      8 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Great party tips! No musical chairs? That's my favorite party game!:)

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago

      There are six more days, Lgali. Have a great week and thanks for commenting. :)

    • Lgali profile image


      11 years ago

      Lol make my wednesday

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago

      Oh yes BeatsMe, It was written for fun. I wrote it purely to amuse, and also it qualifies for the hub challenge. However, there are hosts who deserve a little bit of mind bashing! I guess you understand what I mean!

      Thank you for your remarks, and as always I appreciate your visit! :)

    • BeatsMe profile image


      11 years ago

      Uhhh. How obnoxious!! Just kidding. Ooops. I dunno.

      Seriously, there are people like that and they can be very annoying. Hopefully, you've only written them as hubs and not really practice what you preach. Or...

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago

      Ave, Shiba! Your advise is sought in the closing stages of this article. but you, being an authority on dogs have tactfully chosen to ignore it!!! LOL!

      You are not a big party goer? Pity what a lot you could accomplish if you take a dog along with you and watch him sniff and threaten to lick the other guests, and hopefully launch a barking session too! Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

    • shibashake profile image


      11 years ago

      lol - you are a bad boy! I am not a big party goer, but I usually behave myself and only pee on the designated areas.


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