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How To Create Your Own Music

Updated on September 2, 2011

Below is a rundown of what you need to do to create your own music. If you already have your own music created and recorded check our hub: HOW TO SELL YOUR MUSIC ONLINE to begin selling and promoting your music and getting yourself heard.

Choosing An Editor

The very first thing you need to decide is which music editing software you want to use. Your editor will be your main program that you will put all the elements of your songs together in. There are several big names and then there are free programs to choose from.

If you have no money to create your projects download a good free program to create and mix your music in such as: LMMS(Linux Multimedia Studio, which also works in Windows), it supports just about everything the commercial programs will and it's free.

One recommendation I would make if you have funds for your project is to invest in a commercial editor such as: Pro Tools, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Calkwalk SONAR, these are all very good editors. My personal favorite is Mixcraft by acoustica is commercial but a very inexpensive editor with serious versatility.

Choosing A Method Of Recording/Creating

Once you have chosen an editor and you have installed it on your computer take some time to familiarize yourself with it's functions. Most music editing software works in the same way usually a timeline window with a space for each track that is in your song/recording.

There are several ways you can record/create your music. If you have more conventional leanings you may choose to record your songs or song parts from a normal piano, guitar, drums, etc. by conventional means and then transfer the sound files on the your computer to be mixed in your editor. You may want to record directly to your editor by connecting your guitar, piano or other instruments to your computer through one of the many connections you can buy. You can also purchase a keyboard or guitar that you can play music on only when it is hooked to your USB in your computer. Or you can use your computers keyboard to play music on a virtual keyboard in your editor.

With the use of either the USB keyboard/guitar or your computers keyboard you are able to change the instrument sound to anything you could possibly think of in your editor. Most editors come with a list of sometimes hundreds of different instrument sounds. So you can sit at your computer and play a song that sounds like a grand piano, acoustic guitar, french horn, electric guitar. Besides what is included with your editor there are thousands of free and commercial plugins on the market that you can purchase/download and use through your editor. These are known as VSTs or sometimes VSTi.


VSTs or VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology) is a name given to many types of plugins that can be used with most music editors. A VST plugin may just be one type of instrument sound or it could be a plugin that contains thousands of different sounding instruments to choose from(some of which are so unusual you may have never heard anything like it in your life. There are also thousands of these plugins out there some completely free and others commercial.

Once you have downloaded some you can try them out by simply opening your editor and accessing the part where you choose instruments. If the plugin is installed it will show the plugin instruments as well. Sometimes a single advanced plugin(often commercial) can keep you occupied for hours just listening to each instrument sound to see what it sounds like. Many plugins allow you to mix different instruments together, and change just about anything about the sound with different knobs and panels making it totally at your control to create something totally original and unique.

If you are looking for VSTs to use check out hub TOP 25 BEST VST PLUGINS it contains a list of the best free and commercial VST plugins. Most offer hundreds to thousands of virtual instrument sounds. As said at the top of this article if you already have music ready to sell check our hub HOW TO SELL YOUR MUSIC ONLINE for a guide on getting your music sold and heard.


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    • terrektwo profile image

      Candle Hour 6 years ago from North America

      thanks yep, tis the future of music!

    • Naomi's Banner profile image

      Naomi's Banner 6 years ago from United States

      This is really awesome. I wasn't aware you could do that on you computer. Great Hub! thumbs up and awesome.