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How To Download Pro Tools Plugins Free

Updated on April 17, 2012

There are actually many Pro Tools plugins free for download. And yes these RTAS plugins are legal. These plug ins range from synthesizers to mixing, mastering and analyzing tools to plugins that are just plain fun. Why would companies give away super cool Pro Tools plugins for free you might ask? Many companies offer free plugins or free versions of their paid plugins to entice you to buy the paid version or trust that their company to make quality plugins you may buy in the future. In this article I will show you what's available and how to download Pro Tools plugins free. Isn't that what we all want? Free Pro Tools Plugins!

Free RTAS Effects and Metering Plug-Ins

The first two are from a company called Flux sound and picture development.

Bittersweet II - This is a one knob plug in that can be set to bitter or sweet. It changes the amplitude transients, one higher and one lower.

Stereo Tool - A plug in the can change the stereo width and depth of the audio.

PSP has a free plugin called called PSPVintageMeter.  It is an analog style VU meter plug in for monitoring audio levels.

iZotope makes a free Pro Tools Plugin called iZotope Vinyl.  This plug in simulates the sound of your audio being played on a vinyl record player.

Ohm Force has a free plugin called Frohmage. This is a free filter plug in.

Free RTAS Instrument Plug-Ins has a free RTAS plugin called Free Alpha 3. It is a free version of their Alpha 3 synthesizer plugin.

FXpansion has a free RTAS monosynth plug in called ORCA. Good for synth basses and and synth leads.

There are many more Pro Tools plugins free for you to download out there, you just have to look for them. If a company sell plugins, often they will have one free one available so that you will be able to test the quality the company has to offer.

If you are looking to increase you skills with these plugins and just mixing in general check out this Bob Katz Mixing book. It is pretty much the bible of mixing from a man that really, really knows his stuff. Even if you read a sample page on Amazon you'll definitely learn something you didn't know already about mixing.


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