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How To Find Your Natural Unique Rap Style

Updated on August 24, 2014

Your Natural Unique Rap Style

Some of them believe that they have a unique style but they are actually mimicking the style of their favorite rapper that they listen to a lot. This makes them take on the characteristics and the sound of that rapper. And because of this they are often told that they sound like a certain artists when they are not trying to sound anything like that artist.

Unique Rapper

To be a great rapper you have to be very unique and have a style all your own that no one can say you borrow or stole from another. And no it is not good to copy some other rapper style. This can be accomplished very easily if you take the time to separate yourself from the music of that favorite rapper of yours. Which is exactly what you will need to do.

Stop listening to your favorite rapper's new music for weeks at a time as you write and record your own music. What this does is allows your natural rap style to emerge and you will revert back to your self as a rapper.

Video On Writing And To Develop Your Unique Rap Flow

Your Own Unique Style Of Rapping

As you start to rely only on your own music you will start to see that you have your own unique style of rapping. Every rapper has their own style but it does not always come across because they listen to their favorite rapper much more than they listen to themselves.

Unique Flow Rap

When you get to a point where you're rap style begins to shine through then you can start to listen to beats or instrumentals and you'll be able to easily pick out the ones that you can wrap the best to. Your style will shine through better on those beats. It may be strange but the more you do this the more you will realized that it actually does work for you.With the appropriate beats you will start to notice that your rapping is a much better than it used to be. The way you flow over the beat will be 10 times better than it was before. This is because it is your natural flow and not one that is copied from someone else.

Make A Rap Song

Always listen to your music that you record so that you can become more familiar with the way your style is. By listening to your music over and over it will make it easier for you to record your new songs in a manner where you make far less mistakes and everything sounds original to you.

Find Your Rap Style

You have to look to the rap industry to see who are the top rappers are out today. The top rappers are the ones that have a unique sound and style and they are the ones that all of the other rappers emulate. You should strive to be one of the rappers that everyone else copies their style from.

Those or the very successful rappers in the music industry. So follow the above steps and work on finding your natural and original rapping style.

Elements For Unique Rap Song Style


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    • profile image

      B The Great 3 years ago

      Thank you for viewing this hub!

    • Tripple999vile profile image

      Tripple999vile 5 years ago from S.A/E.C./E.L

      Word up B?

    • profile image

      B The Great 5 years ago

      @Tripple999vile: Thanks for commenting. I agree with your point.

    • Tripple999vile profile image

      Tripple999vile 5 years ago from S.A/E.C./E.L

      When u try 2find originality within any artistic department az an artist_i think ur inspiration source should inspire u2 think different n 2do thingz different than the source it's self_otherwize it should inspire u in such a way that it speakz 2u constantly_(style)saying please observe u see how different i am so just do the same_try 2be different az much az possible&simultaneously bare in mind that i stem 4rm an inconventional mind so dont 4get that creative writting wil alwayz be at its best when u focuz on ur life'z narration_so yeah! Peepz Im just sayin inspiration can be used positively2(bitting)iz inspiration utilized negatively

    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      I'm sorry i rushed that comment, but ...people tend to watch and listen to what other people say and do, but you have to follow your own path, you have to patten your own flow, only then will you be successful the industry as well as your prob bro, i read all the "good" hubs and this one is very good

    • profile image

      B The Great 5 years ago

      Hey Mundane, wow thanks for your comment you are my first ever commenter. Yea once you remove outside influences you can see own style that was always there but hidden behind someone else style. Glad you found you flow.

    • profile image

      MundaneMondays 5 years ago

      Be u is the key ..I used to struggle to find my style...when I stopped watching what others did my flow and Delivery came home....and was honed to my liking ...


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