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How To Fix Apple TV Itune Error 1600, 1601 ,1602, 1603, 1604 for Seasonpass

Updated on October 8, 2013

Finally I fixed my Itune error 1602

I was once just like you a loss individual searching the web for hours trying to figure it how to fix error 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604. what a nightmare that was, I kept going through different forums and nothing would worked, until I found the solution to my problem by doing one simple thing to my apple TV with the power cable. The reason you got this itune error is because your apple TV is stuck in the DFU mode and your Itunes can not recognize your apple TV. Follow my easy step by step instruction below hopefully it will fix your itune error.

"This fix is only for Apple TV 2nd generation using Seas0npass"

Step One

I'm assuming at this point you already performed your custom firmware,you downloaded and created your IPSW file. After you created your IPSW file firmware your seasonpass will ask you to perform restoration using Itune, you want to let Itune perform restoration automatically. See below Image!

Step Two

To make this fix work you need to use both micro USB and the power cable plugged in together. I would suggest plug both cables from the beginning of your jailbreak before you even start creating the IPSW file, make sure you use both wires when you performing this jailbreak. See image below!

Step Three

After you finished creating IPSW file Seasonpass will idle on "waiting on DFU mode" see image on the right .Follow Seasonpass instruction and perform DFU mode by holding the menu button and the play button for 7 seconds, it doesn't have to be exact at 7 seconds I counted way pass 7 seconds in the pass and it's still work. As soon as you let go the buttons Seasonpass will let you know if the DFU mode work. You'll see the same DFU mode message as you see on the image below.

Step Four

This is the most important step ! you want to do this correctly ...Once your Apple TV is found in DFU mode, pay attention to the upload green bar on seasonpass , halfway through upload process you want to " UNPLUG THE POWER CABLE " abruptly . Somehow by unplugging the power cable ITunes will recognize your apple TV and by recognizing it ITunes will eliminate the error 1600's. just let it run Itune will do the rest , that is it. you are Done ! iTUNE will continue to restore your apple TV till its complete and done.You'll see a message like the image below from ITunes and let you that its done.

ENJOY your jail broken apple TV. Hope this fix will work for you.

You may have to repeat the process again if it doesn't work the first time , Your timing probably off when you unplug the power cable, you must unplug the power cable when the green bar is halfway through or it wont work . I know it'll work if you unplug the cable just the right time! and let me know if you have any question I will try to respond to your comment .


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    • profile image

      Charis Avramidis 22 months ago

      i just want to kiss you ( i made an account just to comment my appreciation ) you sir are the best

    • profile image

      Paul 4 years ago

      Thank you!! Second try to it worked, you have to use seas0npass 9.3

    • profile image

      Paul 4 years ago

      There are two uploads which do I do it on

    • profile image

      Thanks 4 years ago

      Thanks buddy, it worked perfect

    • profile image

      Sandman 4 years ago

      Awesome, I had just about given up but this procedure worked !

    • profile image

      mufasa77 4 years ago

      Holly crap Thanks 2nd try work for me!!!!.