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How To Gain Twitter Followers Fast

Updated on July 28, 2016

Social media is taking over the internet by storm these recent years and people (especially teens) are now using as not only a medium for entertainment but also as a tool that serves important business purposes. Take twitter for an example, have you ever looked at a person’s profile and wonder how it is possible for those seemingly unpopular people to have tens and thousands of followers? I did too, until I did a social experiment on twitter. I was curios about how many followers I could possibly gain in a month with my best efforts, and the results of that experiment were astonishing.

The Experiment

Let’s cut to the chase, I didn’t gain thousands of followers, in fact, I only gained twenty. However, it was still impressive over the account that I never tweeted a single tweet or had any friends tagging me whatsoever. Here is how I did it. Since there are a lot of research claiming people nowadays follow people back simply because they followed them, I decided to test the validity of those statements. I followed the same amount of people in three different groups:

  1. The average joe
  2. Those with a ton of followers and people following
  3. The fandom/fake celebrity accounts

The Result

Over the month, I gained 13 followers out of group 3, 6 out of group 2, and 1 out of group 1. If you want a lot of followers, then you should have the best chance by following the people in group 3. Those are the people who would follow everybody back, and usually have 2000 following and 100 followers. Group 2 on the other hand is more industrial rather than entertaining. After I followed them, I usually get a message asking me to retweet them, give them a shoutout (tag them), or share their tweets or posts on different accounts/media, and only a minority of them followed me back. Finally, the average joe. If they don’t know you, they probably won’t follow you back, simple as that.

The Cheatcodes

How do you get followers A.S.A.P.? This is the question asked by many. The method I had listed above is only suitable when you are fine with taking it slow, but if you want a sudden rise of followers overnight, you may consider these two methods. First of all, you can buy followers. There are many website that allows you to buy twitter followers using money (Twidroid, Tweetdeck, etc.), although I will advise you against it. You might regret your decision sooner than you think, and there are no refunds available.

Another way is buying an account. Some people who have thousands of followers will sell their preexisting account, or accounts for money. It is extremely easy to buy an account, since there are many websites that offer this service, or you can simply talk to a person who has an interest in selling his/her account. How do you locate this person? Simple, just look at their profile. It is most likely going to be a teen dressed provocatively with tons of followers and a lot of shoutouts on their twitter feed. I am also going to advise against this for the same reasons.

Would you buy Twitter followers?

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Finally, I would just like to say that although social media is fun, do not get too involved. It is extremely time-consuming and frankly, it is not worth it. Too much effort is needed in order to maintain your status and it can become addictive real fast. However, if you are determined of what you want (e.g. tons of followers) I suggest you do it the smart way, as listed above.


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    • nipster profile image

      nipster 6 months ago

      Dude, that's very interesting and very helpful. Thanks for sharing. I intend to try this on twitter in the next few weeks.