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How To Get Cable For Free

Updated on July 8, 2011

In an age where everything costs us money, it's a big bonus when we can find something that, while usually cost money, is free. If there's one word that is ingrained in our mind as something good, and positive, it's the word free. Free money; free TV; free food; free... anything.

One of the biggest money makers over the last decade is something that used to be free - cable TV. Now, if we want to watch any semblance of good television, we have to pay for it (looking at you, HBO). Many of us have opted out of normal cable, going the route of Netflix, Hulo, and other programs that off television and movies at a price. Although there are ways to attain free TV, using devices like Boxee and XBMC, the variety and quality isn't always there.

But you already knew that - that's why you found this article. You want to know how to get all cable channels for free; you want to know how to get free digital cable channels; you want to know if it's possible to get any cable for free; and maybe, you're hoping, there's a way to find out how to get free HD channels. Right?

Right. Luckily you've come to the right place. There is a way to get free cable TV. There is a way to get free HDTV. I repeat - Free TV is possible!


How To Get All Cable Channels For Free

Alright, so getting all the cable channels in the world for free is probably next to impossible; but who are you kidding, you knew coming in here that you wouldn't be able to find all the channels in the world for free, at least legally.  What you want is the next best thing - the best cable channels, the one that you really watch, for free.  I mean who truly needs the food network or the Oprah channel (Well maybe some of us). 

Ready for the big secret?  Ready to find out the secret on getting cable for free?


It's big.  It's mind-blowing.

Rabbit ears.  That's right - Rabbit ears.  You know, those things that used to be on top of TVs way back in the 1960's, those thing that kind of, if you really used your imagination, looked like rabbit ears.  I guess it's no big secret, but something that was simply forgotten about.  Network cable, advertising, and money came into play - all of which took the glorious idea of rabbit ears, of simple TV antennas for cable, and hid them in the shadows. 

The good thing?  Instead of collecting dust in those shadows, TV antennas have continued to get better, making free digital cable channels an easier feat. 

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Get Cable For Free - Do I Need A Digital Cable Converter?

First thing first: using a TV antenna isn't as fool-proof as I make it out to be.  The key to using rabbit ears to get free cable channels is that it all depends on your geological location; Rob in New York might get ten HD channels with his antenna, while Frank in Toronto will only get one.  The good thing is that many new channels become available monthly, if not weekly.  

And you don't need a digital cable converter, if you were wondering.  Just simply plug in your TV, wiggle around the antenna (sounds a bit primitive, doesn't it?) and watch. 

Best HD Antenna For Sale

Now that you know the big secret the next important piece of information you need is what kind of antenna is for you; what kind of HD antenna will get you the most channels for free?

As I see it there are 3 options:

  1. Go down to the basement and dig out the old rabbit ear antennas. Sure, they'll be a bit dusty, and you might not get the best quality, but in a pinch - well - you'll be able to watch the football game.
  2. Terk HDTVa: This baby can grab signals from far away, which is great for finding all sorts of unique channels. The only downside is that you have to manually adjust the position of the antenna.
  3. RCA: This is the opposite of Terk. Although it can't pull signals from large distances like Terk, it pulls in equal signals from all directions. This means, once set up, you'll never have to move it.


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