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How to Become A Model - How To Get Into Modeling

Updated on April 2, 2015
Model: Rosie
Model: Rosie
Model: Asia
Model: Asia
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Model: Tianna
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Model: Catherine

How To Prepare For A Casting Call

You're here because you are on a journey to becoming a model, actor or actress. This market seems tight but believe me there is room for everyone. There are Reality shows and game shows, not to mention cable TV! You just have to find someplace to fit. It can happen if your consistent.

You may have acting and modeling experience under your belt and are looking for more gigs until the big offer comes in or you may be a newbie and don't know where to begin.

Where to begin...

The first place I advise you to begin your modeling search and the easiest is to become a lifestyle model. It can sometimes be glamorous however most of the time it is not. However, being a lifestyle model can certainly be interesting; and there are more jobs in the area of modeling.

What is a Lifestyle Model?

A lifestyle models is a model of all shapes and sizes. They are the models you see on commercials or shows in the background much like extras. You will see them mostly in ads in magazines but they can be called to do extra work as well.

There is no cut off age for a lifestyle model and no special characteristics except:

  • healthy
  • prompt
  • professional

Becoming a lifestyle model is easier and you will certainly have opportunities to be chosen for more glamorous positions. You may want to be a fashion model and believe me if you have what it takes you will be discovered.

How to Get Noticed

However, in order for other agencies to discover you; you will have to be on the radar. Being a lifestyle model will keep you on the radar and in the forefront of the agencies mind if you are:

  • Dependable
  • Thank everyone for audition.
  • Pleasant to work with.

Everywhere you look and every magazine you pick up will reflect how much work there is for models. These models do what ever they have to do to get into the entertainment business. That includes modeling gigs and plenty of gigs as extras.

I don't have to tell you how hard it is to get an acting or modeling job, but I can tell you that with all of the competition out there you need a link to the action. It is hard when you are all alone and don't know who to call or trust.

After being a booking agent and consultant at Drake Book Talent Agency I can tell you that this is a fast paced business and you have to be consistent and quick to get the job. There are many and the dependable will be the ones called first.

How To Handle Casting Calls

A casting call is normally when all people that fit the description for an agency meets to be auditioned. It is exciting when you are called but be warned, so where other people from other agencies.

  • Be early
  • Carry a necessity bag to stay prepared. Snacks,small pad, pen, headaches, make up,etc

You will have to be prepared when you answer casting calls. It is important for you to know what therequirements are for your casting call. For instance they may want to see you

  • Walk in high heels.
  • Specific hair color/length.
  • Have your hair straight and down.

IMP:Remember any potential employers wants to choose the person that will make them look good and make them money as desperately as you want to get that job.

  • Be on time.
  • Well rested.
  • Prepared
  • Be confident

5 Steps To Preparing For Your Casting Call

  1. Be sure you have the right address and arrive early.
  2. Dress the part. Keep it simple by dressing business casual, nice casual and relaxed casual.
  3. Bring head-shots, resume
  4. Be confident.
  5. Always greet the reception with great respect and always give thanks for your opportunity.

Tip: A thank you note will make people remember you and consider you for future work!

Of course you have to have the look an Agency is looking for, so do your research and become that person. You have to be honest and thick skinned in this business. You have to except when you don't fit the qualifications and move on.

How To Sign Up For Casting Calls

  1. Submit your pictures and talent information.
  2. Send in Non-exclusive contract.
  3. Find Jobs and Auditions.
  4. Print pay voucher and take to auditions. Good Luck!

There are jobs that will be perfect for you. If you truly want to be in the entertainment industry you will never give up. Remember the more No's you hear the closer to the yes! You will have to have thick skin in the model industry, lifestyle modeling is no different. Don't worry when you are not chosen when on an audition.

The audition process should be seen as an opportunity to network with agency staff and other future stars and models. The more good impression you leave the sooner you will be discovered! Becoming a lifestyle model is a great place to start in your modeling career and it doesn't matter how tall you are or what you look like. Good Luck.

Always study your craft. You never know when you can be chosen to do a commercial and get a speaking part!


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