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Tips For Solving Issues You May Have With Your Television Provider

Updated on October 1, 2011

Hopefully everyone reading this has had wonderful experiences with their television provider, but the reality is TV providers have thousands of complaints a year. Whether it be signal issues, cost, or false promises made by customer services representatives here are some solutions for you, that could possibly fix your issue!

Reoccurring issues with your TV provider can be extremely frustrating.
Reoccurring issues with your TV provider can be extremely frustrating. | Source

Call In Everytime You Experience A Signal Issue

If you're experiencing signal or technical issues there's a good chance something isn't working properly. Satellite providers, however, will have frequent signal loss if a storm is coming. If you're losing signal on a sunny day -- you have issues. ALWAYS call and report any abnormal issues with your signal, after all you are paying for a service and it should always work satisfactory. It's possible that your dish needs to be placed in a location with a stronger signal or you have a short in your receiver (if the issue is occurring on all your receivers it is definitely a signal problem). If you wake up one morning and you have no signal, check the weather. If the weather is clear-- call your provider immediately and make sure the representative notates your account. If it is a reoccurring issue, the representative could possibly waive any fees associated with having a technician come out. If the receivers aren't functioning properly, again call your provider.

If you're completely fed up with any of the issues mentioned above, representatives may even waive any cancellation fees if the account is notated with multiple technical issues.

Upset About The Cost of Your Services?

A frequent issue that existing customers have with providers are the new discounts that are being offered. Company's offer the new discount to gain customers and they usually provide the technician visit, equipment, and premiums at no cost. In order to make a profit from new customers it often takes years. With this said, you're likely to see the cost of your programming go up after the promotions have expired. The pay TV industry has embarked on a campaign to save customers from jumping from provider to provider. Each company has specific discounts existing customers can get and the amount of discounts that can be received can save you tons of money. If you've kept the same provider for years I would suggest giving them a call and say you're thinking about switching to another service-- I can guarantee they will offer some sort of discount or promotion. If you've been a customer for a year or so it can't hurt to call in. You'll be surprised by what TV providers will do to keep you as a customer.

Receving False Promises From Customer Service Representatives?

Most of us have called inquiring about services and have been given false information. Here are some steps you can take to resolve these issues:

1. Always write down the name and operator I.D. of the person you're speaking with.

2. Always opt to fill out the survey about the services. Most representatives jobs depend on these surveys, and if you receive great support-- you're doing them a favor. If not, you could possibly receive a call back from their supervisor. This will help you get your problem resolved and also place those representatives responsible for not doing their job.

3. If you're canceling a service or signing an agreement always make sure that you receive the information in writing. Adding emails to accounts may be annoying, but they should definitely send information to you regarding any type of service you sign up for.

4. Whatever you do-- ALWAYS READ THE USER AGREEMENTS. If there is something you're confused about, ask. If you're getting a service that requires installation make sure if you ever move they will provide that service at no cost. Also ask about grace periods or guarantees for the product. You do not want to be stuck with something for two years that does not work the way it was explained to you.


Which TV Provider Have You Had Issues With?

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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      All pay chanal intelsat 17 free to air dvb s2 66 degree statlate transmit.

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    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 

      9 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Good tips and these tips are useful for other providers as well such as internet providers and home phone or cell phone providers.

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