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How To Jump Over Your Leg

Updated on December 27, 2013

Leg Jump Dance Move

So What Is A Leg Jump?

Well getting to the point now eh? Ok so a leg jump is basically jumping over one leg while holding the other one with your hand like in the picture above. This is the basic stance or starting position of a leg jump.

Many dancers you see do this move in a popular urban dance known as the "Jerk." In Jerkin dancers used to often hold one leg while jumping over it with the other leg and landing the foot perfectly and not falling down or losing balance.

It's a pretty good dance move if you want to learn something that people will be wowed at.

Popular Dance Move

Jumping over your own leg or "leg jumping" is a risky dance move. Therefore try at your own risk I am only showing how to do this move. If you feel like it is to risky or dangerous stop and don't push yourself.

Anyway moving on to the actual dance move. LEg jumping is actually an old school dance move popular in dances such as-

  • Jerkin
  • Breakdancing
  • Shuffling
  • Dubstep
  • & other popluar dances

A Street Dancer Preforming A Leg Jump

You can see in this picture that he has already leg jumped once and landed with the feet he was holding in the back and the jumping foot in the front.
You can see in this picture that he has already leg jumped once and landed with the feet he was holding in the back and the jumping foot in the front.

How To Leg Jump

Alright so. First thing you want to do is grab a hold of one of your legs. If your right handed hold your left leg if your left hold your right whatever you are comfortable with.

Next Jump a few times whilst holding your leg. Once you feel like your ready to leg jump, jump over your leg while holding it.

When you are doing this for the first time stay on a soft ground and grab a hold of a wall or something for balance.

While your jumping over your leg slowly move the leg you are holding to the in a swinging motion. This will let you have more balance and work better.

REMEMBER: Be careful and practice a lot before attempting.

A Quick Video On Leg Jumping

Pop Quiz

What Popular Street Dance Is commonly Associated With The Leg Jump?

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Like the video stated a lot of practice is sure to help you out. Some techniques you can use are-

  • Hold your leg and balance for as long as you can
  • Practice jumping so you get your jump higher
  • Grab one leg and jump
  • Grab one leg try to jump over small stuff
  • Try jumping over your leg without holding it

Most of these exercises will get your jump higher and improve your stability.

Remember that it takes practice and time even lots of attempts before you can do this move easily and with good pace.

Type Of Move
Leg Jump
Hold Leg
Practice Jump
Jump Over Leg
Balance whilst Holding your leg
Whilst jumping slowly swing the leg you are holding
land carefully

Getting Used To The Leg Jump

When you actually do this a few times your mind and body will get used to it. Sometimes you have fear of jumping and that can cause problems. If you don't want to do this its all up to you. Pros can jump over their leg then jump back over it twice. When your good at it you can combine pindrops or other dance moves with it to make it look cooler.


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