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How To Know Everything About Someone By Looking At Their Toes

Updated on February 23, 2015
Toeing around
Toeing around

How Much do you think you know about toes? How many toes do you believe you really have? Do you know that your toe is one of the most strongest parts of your body. When you tip it is the muscles in your tiny toes that lifts and hold up hundreds of pounds. Let me give you a few toe enlightenment. Below is a quick toe quiz, lets start bay seeing how much you know about the toe!

Two Cool Toe Facts

  • Your Toes can replace your Fingers
    In toe-to-hand surgery, toes can be used to replace missing fingers. The method was first used on humans in 1975 and is now widely used. Not every finger can be replaced, but often the big toe can be used for a missing thumb.
  • The Most Toes ever registered was 13.
    The Guinness Book of Records currently lists a tie for the most number of fingers and toes at 25. Two Indian boys, Pranamya Menaria and Devendra Harne, each have 12 fingers and 13 toes.


Polydactilism is a condition which enables the growth of a more than the standard count of what is called digits in the medical world. These digits as describe is fingers, toes, legs etc. It is a condition found in many animals and humans. This is the reason why some people are born with more than the standard count for fingers toes and other external organs.

There are many people globally who has this condition. It is a genetic condition and is therefore hereditary.

Oh Well!!!!
Oh Well!!!!

Types of Toes

Okay, if you really want to first find out about a person ethnicity or even your own. Take a good look on that persons toe see if it falls into any one of the listed categories below.

  1. Egyptian Toes: The Egyptian genetics make up of toes comes with very strong and tall big toe. The big toe is the tallest of the group of five. From the right side of the individual, the toes then gradually descends in length forming a 45 degree angle.
  2. Roman Toe: The genetically make up of these toes are that the Big toe along with the adjacent two are all tapered off at the same length. The Big Toe is not that tall either. The little toe and the adjacent toe the follows a slight slope pattern.
  3. Greek Toe: The Big Toe is actually shorter than the second toe, Then the third toe is lightly shorter than the big toe and it then forms a descending like a 45 degrees.
  4. Germanic Toe: Longer Big toe and then all other 4 toes are shorter but all four are the same length. Forming what seems to be a strainer!
  5. Celtic Toe:Down, Up, down, down, same. That just about sums up what looks like a jigsaw puzzle with the Celtic toe.

Toe Types
Toe Types


The Medical Name for Toes is Phalanges. The name is derived from the Greek word Phalanx which means a straight projection. The big toe has its own name - Hallux - and the other toes are numbered from 2 to 5 at the pinky. The long bones just behind your toes are called the metatarsals.

Now You Know!

Athletes Toes
Athletes Toes

Athletic Toes

There are those persons who have very strong looking toes, what we could call athlete toes, toes that seems to be worked out vigorously. People with what i call athlete toes are normally people who are avid gym babies. By working out the body, you eventually work out your toes also, as the toe is what supports any form of activity. People with these strong type toes are also typical athletes.Most athlete toe people are generally smart and always on the go. They are assertive in all that they do and always try to command any form of activity that is being coordinated. People with athletes toes tend to be natural born leaders, assassins, sports stars and are very brave. The Athlete toe is normally leaner than the other types of toes and most times may carry slight spaces between them than other type toes such as the beach toes. Most athlete toes fall in the Egyptian and the Greek region.

Beach Toes
Beach Toes

Beach Toes

People with beach toes normally tend to be more laid back, relaxed and somehow end-up being the CEO of many large corporations. Beach toes are not as strong as the athlete toes and tend to be much closer together due to being fatter toes. People with beach toes tend to be more business oriented and will try to squeeze the last dime out of you to try to sell something. People with fat toes are great sellers and talkers and will even sell you your own clothe while offering you a discount. They are determined to excel in any business venture and sometimes will go all out or do anything possible to succeed. So the next time you can see someones toe and you see that they have the beach toe, hang on to your purse and wallet and plug your hears to escape the smooth talking business beach toe. People with beach toes fall within the Roman or Germanic decent.

Jigsaw Toes

The jigsaw toe falls with the Celtic genetics. These toes are usually shorter than the athletes toes and have no set length pattern. People who possess the Jigsaw toes are normally free spirited people. People who sometimes get in trouble with the law as they have a problem following orders and living by rules set by man. Many times these Jigsaw "toers" tend to reach a higher state of consciousness more quicker than people of any other toe kind due to their wondering and free spirit. Many people with jigsaw toe also tend to be cult followers and delve into black magic, white magic and spells. They are fortune tellers and seers. Many jigsaw toe people possess inner magic that they sometimes don't know that it is within them unless they are told or something happens that trigger off that magic. The jigsaw toe people are also normally spiritual leaders.

a Little Toe Science
a Little Toe Science

Toe Science

Well, Lets look at a little foot science, shall we. The scientific term for toes are Phalanges, (sounds like a new alien race doesn't it?) The different bones in the toes are categorized in three parts.

  • Proximal phalange is first bone which connects the toe to the metatarsal.
  • The Middle Phalange is the middle bone in the toe and connects to both the proximal phalange and the distal phalange.
  • Distal Phalange is that last toe bone that connects to the middle phalange.

Without these different level of bone structure our feet would not be as flexible as it is today. Many persons rely on toe strength and flexibility to perform. People such as dancers, mostly ballerinas, athletes, and other body training activities.


That your toes are one of the more attractive parts of your body to some people. Toe Fetish is part of having a foot fetish. A toe fetish is excessive sexual attraction to toes (commonly a male being attracted to female toes), which may result in a desire to lick or suck them.

Now You Know!

The Toe Poll

Do you have a Toe Fetish

See results

So if you want to collect data about individuals, just get a nice beach chair, a towel, a nice beach umbrella, some cool beers and head down to the beach with your tablet computer. Snap all the toes that you are able to and you will know all you need to know about that individual. So for all those persons who actually have a fetish for toes, now you have the opportunity to delve a little deeper before you begin your next toe eating.

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Want Stronger Toes?


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    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      3 years ago from Jamaica

      Quite possible peachpurple, genetics is unpredictable

    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Based on your hub, i have greek toes, do i belonged to greek in the past?

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      3 years ago from Jamaica

      Thank you sir EricDierker

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Great article. I learned a great deal about toes.

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      3 years ago from Jamaica

      hey, glad you aced the quiz! always exploring. thanks

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      3 years ago from Southern Illinois

      YEA, I made 100 on the quiz..hee. Toe fetish indeed! All kidding aside, this was interesting and had some helpful suggestions. Voted up and away...


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