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How To Make Your First YouTube

Updated on July 9, 2013

Are you ready to start your YouTube Video?

Today, I'm going to give you advise on production, ideas and messages that will keep people coming back to your channel, subscribing and sharing your videos.

First thing we should sort of with is Production. How do you prepare to make a great youtube video? It starts with equipment. You need something that records video. You have a couple of different options, If you have a smart phone you can go ahead and record a video right on there and upload it to youtube and some smart phones allow you to actually upload the video to your computer which then you can added it first or you can added it here and send up to youtube. You can also use a webcam. You also could have a digital camera which supports a video as well. Just consider the quality, the frame rate, and the file size and tight are variable in terms of quality and complexity and all that stuff editing. It's your choice.

The second thing is the Lighting. You don't have enough lighting then, what can happen is your video can appear choppy. The same thing can apply base on your computer if don't have enough memory or your video card is not powerful enough, don't have some issues with recording.

The next thing has to do software. Don't get too cut off on editing your video it doesn't have to be super high and professional instead capture an amazing moment and share it. That's what people want.

Why do people wanna watch a video?

They wanna laugh and if you can entertain them, share a video. People are tired from work so, they just wanna laugh, help them laugh. If you can share something that happened in your day or something that pisses you off, people wanna hear it.

When you make a video?

There is a problem. There is a solution. And your experience with that. Even in cooking that's a pretty example. Share a recipe. Show to the people how you bake the cookies. Make sure you smile and show your face. They want to see that. Goodluck!


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    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks :) I am also a beginner

    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Great hub for beginners. Voted up and useful.