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How To Sell Rap Beats

Updated on November 10, 2009

This hubpage article is not only for beat producers who want to sell rap beats, but for producers who want to create any music genre beats and get tips on how to sell those beats on the internet.

I personally recommend the internet over trying to find clients locally, because your possibilities are endless on the internet, as opposed to local artists who would want to buy your beats.

A few examples of places you can create totally free accounts and market your beats are,,, and to name a few.

I would recommend that you first create a myspace page with your profile, and some free hip hop beats samples, or any music samples that you think are impressive. Then create an ebay account where interested people can find YOU to buy hip hop beats or any genre beats online.

Add a link to your myspace page from your ebay account so interested buyers can get a sense of who you are and listen to some of your beats for free. Once you get a few buyers from ebay, your income will only go higher. This is because your reputation will increase over time, and you will begin to stand out as a “beat making authority” and with a high reputation buyers will instantly find you credible.

With this valuable advice I just gave you, your going to save a lot of time and stress by not going out around your city to scavenge for potential customers. I’m not saying that there’s not any potential customers in your city, but you should definitely make a name for yourself online first and then leverage that to advertise your rap beats for sale locally.

Did you know that you could even go to several different community websites and battle with other producers? Some of the sites that I saw even PAY YOU if the community thinks you have good rap beats! There are so many sites that offer this service, and seem pretty legitimate, so just go to and search “sell rap beats” for more information.

As always, I hope this information was valuable to you and that I helped open your eyes to newer potential in making your own beats and finding clients who will buy them.

To learn more about making your own beats visit my website at


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