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How To Start Playing Guitar?

Updated on August 9, 2011

You've probably dreamed about playing guitar since you were a kid. Your heroes were and still are rock musicians, you just love being at concerts and even playing your own 'air guitar'. Then one day you take all your courage and piggy-bank money and go to the music store. You just can't help but stare at the shelves of the most gorgeous guitars. Every one of them just screams "buy me". And you would love to take them all, but unfortunately your piggy isn't that fat. Then you at last buy your favorite one. But now what?

Find A Mentor

Once you've got your awesome guitar don't be discouraged that you know so little about it. No one was born with ability to play or do anything at all. Practice is what makes professionals. So start by finding your guitar mentor. Without it you will really soon throw your guitar away. At first it's pretty fun to play with strings and get some weird noises out of them, but with no help you are most likely to abandon your dream about mastering this beautiful instrument.

Once you've got a teacher it's time to set some goals. But don't be too demanding of yourself. Start with little - basic chords or really easy song - so that you could actually achieve your goal. Once it's marked as 'done' on your list, make another one and so on. Just keep going and practicing so that one day you actually can play a whole song with no mistakes at all.

I Can Do It By Myself

You can try to self-teach guitar skills, but I'm not really suggesting that. Unless you're a musical genius, of course. But if you really want to try out your abilities, then there are numerous sources from which you can learn. E-books, interactive online lessons, you name them. But don't forget that qualitative 'lessons' are going to cost you a bit.

Over a year ago I wanted to play a guitar as well. And I thought that I've no need for teachers or mentors, that I can do it by myself. That, of course, was a huge mistake. The Internet is full of tutorials and so on, but in the end it's still just a machine. It can't say you what are you doing wrong, or what should you change. It's emotionless, just like your computer is. So, after a while I just left it in guitar case and didn't take it out for a really long time. Only now I've understood basics on how to be prepared to play an instrument not just physically, but mentally, as well.

Guitarist's Block

Just like writers sometimes (or a bit often) get a block, guitarists get it, too. For instance, you've probably have played for a while, but now it seems so .. boring. Why is that so? Well, mainly it's just a routine. That happens if you don't try out new stuff. Strumming maybe is too easy for you now, then why not to try picking, which is much more harder? If you really want to play a guitar, then push yourself farther and farther with new goals. That's the only cure for a guitarists block.

But maybe it's the time to change your nice and sweet acoustic of classical guitar to something more 'cool'? In that case electrical guitar is the one for you. It's totally a different degree of difficulty, so there's a lot to learn, but that's what we're doing all the time, right?


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    • Martins Grinbergs profile image

      Martins Grinbergs 6 years ago from Latvia

      It's great if people can learn to play with no help at all - I know only few - but those are musically gifted, so that's what they do best.

      Oh, piano is so hard to learn. But you're right, the hard work just pays off as years go by.

    • Danette Watt profile image

      Danette Watt 6 years ago from Illinois

      Few people can teach themselves a skill without eventually having to find a teacher or mentor. I took piano lessons for several years when I was a kid and learned to read music - best thing to do in my opinion, because then you can take that skill and apply it elsewhere, from learning another instrument to singing along with an unknown song if you have the music in front of you. Voted up