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How To Train Your Dragon 2010 - Animated Film Review

Updated on December 15, 2013


How to train your dragon was originally a book series written by Cressida Cowell.

The How to train your dragon film is loosely based on the books but explorers the world in the books in its full glory.

A multi-award winning film and there are already two sequels lined up to follow this one. The next being released in 2014.

The Film

I adore this film!! It contains dragons for a start which is always brilliant.

The dragons are all spectacularly animated and each have their own personalities and structures based off other different animals. I like the fact there has been nothing held back in this film as even though it was made with kids in mind (being originally a children's genre) it does have its fair share of fighting in it. There is no gore or no violent fighting but there is fighting which can be quite thrilling in places. This is mainly because you don't expect what is going to happen.

Unlike many family films where you can see what is coming before it happens this film does the opposite but at the same time its hard to explain how it does it which makes the film more interesting.


Hiccup is an underestimated character and even though we are following Hiccups direction on a voice over and following him in the film at the beginning we see him from the perspective of the whole village. The start indicates that basically this child is completely useless. Compared to everyone else who is big and bold dragon killers this child is just small and weak and needs protecting from dragons so in Viking terms he is useless.. The more he tries and be something he isn't the more clumsy he becomes. This gets him into huge trouble with his father and the rest of the tribe. But when he is given the opportunity to get exactly what he wants he can't and ends up doing something completely unexpected.

The film then takes a turn as we see it from Hiccups perspective. He realises that he can't become what his father and tribe want but he can be himself. Unfortunately in a twist of fate his father puts him in for dragon slayer training school thinking he will help Hiccup accomplish what he dreams of.


The characters are so complex in this film and this includes the dragons. Toothless especially because unlike being like a pet where he has to be lower than his human Toothless wants to be Hiccup's equal. He makes him do different tasks to prove that he can be trusted. Toothless then helps Hiccup learn things about dragons which no other human has seen. He does have some adorable moments however specially when he is sitting on his back legs or giving faces with huge eyes like a puppy. It certainly makes Toothless a strong character because just when you think he has finally decided that Hiccup is his friend he can turn on him so quickly.

I have to admit not all the characters are as fleshed out like Fishlegs and the Twins seen a bit on and off which is disappointing as later in the OVA film A Gift from the Night Fury we are introduced to these characters like we know them well.


The level of detail in this film has also not been spared. When you show the film in the highest definition you can see every scale, every bit of sand or water spray and much more. Doesn't matter how many times I watch it I always see something I didn't see before. The film was put together with such care and from an animators point of view its pretty outstanding. Many film producers wouldn't bother as they don't get paid for 'the dust or the spray' but to me it makes such a difference as it shows how much Dreamworks have cared about the stories and the characters. It makes it so realistic and though you could literally just go out and find the island of Berk.

The sound is quite good but for me lacks any impact specially through surround sound. I would have loved to have felt every hair to stand on end as a dragon roared. The sound is there and the background music is very nice but nothing has that impact you would expect.

Overall the story is excellent full of twists and turns and the characters are more detailed and complex than most. The backgrounds are lovely but its only the sound that lets it down but for me I love this film so much you can forgive it for that.

My rating is 9 out of 10

How To Train Your Dragon 2010 and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

The Movie Trailer


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