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How To Watch 3D Content On Your Computer

Updated on March 30, 2013

3D Animation

Watch Stunning 3D animation with vivid colors and clarity.
Watch Stunning 3D animation with vivid colors and clarity.

Modern 3D

Are you an entertainment junkie such as myself and want to enjoy 3D videos but have no 3D TV? Well, you do have options for viewing some 3D content right on your PC. Though most modern 3D is not viewable on a regular monitor, there is a lot of 3D videos and movies available for you.

Most modern 3D being released these days is polarized or time sequential. There is also auto stereoscopic 3D which uses lenticular layers for supported LCD TVs and requires no glasses to watch at all. Polarized 3D is a sort of technology that duplicates the image allowing the viewer to see two different images from either eye. Polarized glasses are required to view this material and it can not be viewed on a regular monitor. Time Sequential means it uses a switching technique where an image is displayed briefly for one eye then switches to the other eye. Shutter glasses are required to view this sort of imagery and it also can not be played on a regular monitor. A special screen with a refresh rate of at least 120hz is required. For these types of 3D videos there is no way, that I’m aware of, to watch them from your PC without an enhanced video card that supports dual DVI and a compliant screen. (Also, most computer monitors only support 60hz.)

Anaglyph 3D

The image shown above should be visible wearing the red/blue glasses.
The image shown above should be visible wearing the red/blue glasses.

Traditional 3D

However, 3D used to be made using anaglyph. This is your more traditional 3D that uses the red and blue glasses. Anaglyph 3D is still generally available and can be viewed on a regular TV or PC monitor. It also has its benefits such as no flicker and infinite layers. Which means it gives the presence of true 3D. This will not be as intense as viewing some other types of 3D but it is definitely worth while.

There is a broad spectrum of opinions on the quality of each type of 3D and the methods of viewing them. As there should be. In my opinion, time sequential technology is the best way to go if you have the means. Although, in the meantime, enjoy anaglyph 3D now right from your computer and do additional research before buying any 3D entertainment equipment, as I am not an expert.

There are a lot of different sites online where you can find anaglyph 3D videos. YouTube being the most popular along with Vimeo.

If you do not have a pair of anaglyph glasses, (red/blue) you can easily make your own. Simply cut out the clear plastic and color them with markers. Please note though that for best results actually use the colors red and cyan. The red one has to be for the left eye and the cyan one for the right eye. Draw and cut out the frames from a piece of cardboard or construction paper.

Now you are all set to start watching dynamic 3D right on your PC without spending a dime.

Happy 3D viewing!


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