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How To Pick The Right Musical Instrument

Updated on February 9, 2010
Take your pick.
Take your pick.

Where To Start??

So everybody around you is learning an instrument or you just want to broaden your horizon with some musical skills. The question is how do you decide what instrument you want to play?

First, I think the first and most important thing you need to look at is what kind of music do you like to listen to. For a bad example: if you like metal rock music then you probably do not want to play a classical instrument like the cello, violin, or french horn. Not to say someone who likes metal does not play a classical instrument, it is just not as common. So if you are picking your instrument for your school band or whatever then that is another story. But if you are trying to pick something for your own personal enjoyment then this definitely applies to you. So if you do like classical music then you should absolutely go for a orchestra type instrument. But if you are like me and like rock, alternative, acoustic type music then you might want to play the guitar, drums, bass, or even the piano/keyboard. Of course I am a little bias toward the guitar since that is my main instrument. I especially like its versatility in playing genres from acoustic indie stuff to hardcore screamo music. On the other hand if you are trying to find a unique or unusual instrument then you probably do not want to pick the guitar.

Next, something else you can do is actually talk to someone who plays the instrument you are interested in. It is very helpful because you can ask them about when they were first starting out and whether are not they are satisfied with their instrument choice. Another thing is you might want to consider the availability of lessons for a specific instrument if that's what you plan to do. Because you do not want to invest in an instrument, find out there it is no where to take lessons or it is too expensive and the instrument you bought just ends up collecting dust under your bed.

What is the best instrument?

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So many options.
So many options.

    Some reasons you should not take up an instrument: if you are someone who has to be pushed to do it every step of the way and have no motivation to do many things. Or if you are doing with your main goal to make money and gain fame, then you will be another sellout band or you won't get anywhere at all.   

       Lastly, whether you are interested in the percussive beats of the drum, elegance of the piano, stringed sounds of a guitar, or the melody's of an orchestra. You need to decide what you are interested in. Do not worry about difficulty because if you want to play bad enough you will do your best to learn it. Play an instrument because you love music, so just experiment with different instruments and you will find the right one for you.



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    • profile image

      Akash 3 years ago

      First of all, congratulations on the aanmizg blog!I am merely getting started at Audio Branding, and after reading several different definitions of what is included in the management of a brand's sonic identity, I must ask: Don't you think that all acoustic interactions with the product/service are relevant to a brand, hence should be carefully thought out and purposefully applied from ground up?if it's a product rather than a service, for instance. Shouldn't the sonic experience of opening the product up, of pulling off the lid, or cutting, ripping the package be seriously taken into account? The sounds that the product makes are of great importance in the consumer's process of brand perception and significancy of brand experience from the purchase to recall. Typing on a Mac keyboard, or even the sonic feeling of a MacBook in your hands after unpacking It surely sounds different than a Dell keyboard or notebook even when both are turned off. Am I being absolutely nonsensical, or just poorly articulated? I haven't seen much discussion about these matters, and I can't distinguish a particular place for this in the responsibilities of an Audio Branding Manager from what I have read so far. Does this matter in audio branding literature? Where would it fit in the process, nevertheless, in this glossary?I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this subject.thanks in advance for the attention and patience

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 3 years ago from Rochester, New York

      I assume that you are a teen since your name contains the word "teen." Well, I have not been a teen in a very long while. I am a senior that has been interested in playing music for a long time and just never followed through for one reason or another and then just assumed I was too old. But now I have been playing first the recorder that was replaced by the ocarina. I absolutely love the ocarina. It does not have the popularity yet here as it does abroad (like Asian countries and Italy) There is an international Ocarina Festival in Budrio, Italy, every other year, I think. It is this year in April. Anyway, I will be following your hubs and hoping to learn all I can from your knowledge here. Bob Smith (no body on Hubpages)

    • camo3166 profile image

      camo3166 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Hey dude . Whats your favorite rig for playing heavier rock n roll . Im doing a survey for my site. Thanks alote and i look forward to checking out some more of your hubs.