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How Will Twin Peaks Season 3 End?

Updated on August 17, 2017

Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper (or Mr.C). Image: Showtime

When Twin Peaks: The Return was confirmed fans of the First 2 seasons and the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me couldn't contain their excitement. It had been 26 years since the finale of Season 2 and no-one knew what to expect from the David Lynch/Mark Frost creation. They could have copied the formula from the originals like alot of movie sequels (example: Star Wars Episode 7 is a copy of Episode 4) and television reboots have done in the past. Lynch and Frost chose not to do that, they gave us something new and fresh and a show that even at times divides it's hardcore fanbase.

There was less haunting Angelo Badalamenti background music and more silence. The donuts had been cut back to bare minimum. 'Darn fine coffee' was now in take out cups instead of mugs. 'The Man From Another Place' had evolved into a tree like being with a head that looked like a brain. We had multiple locations which included New York City, Buckhorn South Dakota and Las Vegas. Twin Peaks had multiplied but as we get further into Season 3 we are realising that all roads lead back to our favourite little town in the woods.

Will Dale Cooper 'Wake Up?'

Most fans are eager to see Agent Cooper 'Wake Up' and return to his former self. Could this be the way Season 3 concludes, with 'GoodCoop' finally getting back what is missing and returning to give us one more 'Thumbs Up!'. It has been revealed that David Lynch did not want to reveal Laura Palmers killer in Season 2 but was forced to by the ABC Network. One would think with Lynch having creative control, Coop's return will not be rushed. It seems he likes a slow build and it feels like Dale's return will be one of the last powerful scenes.

What is it that Cooper has actually lost anyway?. When he got ejected from 'The Black Lodge' into the void and ended up in 'The Purple World' (which could be 'The White Lodge', unsure of this at the moment), The American Girl tells Coop "Mother is coming!" and he reluctantly goes head first into an electrical socket/portal. In the scene there are two sockets seen, #3 and #15. Coop still has 'The Great Northern Hotel' key in his pocket from 25 years ago which happens to be room 315. Dale goes into the socket #3 but was he somehow mean't to go through both to the hotel in Twin Peaks?. He ends up in Las Vegas taking over the life of 'manufactured' Dougie Jones. He seems to be missing part of his memory/mind when he replaces Dougie and this could have something to do with his shoes being left behind in the Purple World. Another clue could be the FBI Lapel Pin on Coop's suit which can be seen in The Black Lodge/Purple World scenes but never when he re-enters Earth. The Pin is also not on Dale's suit in the very first scene of Episode One when he is talking with The Fireman so can we assume this scene happens in a different timeline?. Is it future or is it past?. The Pin also looks very similar to what Mr. C uses to hold his long hair back out of his eyes.

Can GoodCoop only return with the help of 'BadCoop?'. The doppleganger was able to escape The Black Lodge in Dale's place 25 years ago and according to MIKE (a host which communicates with Agent Cooper from The Lodge) Dale could go once BadCoop re-enters at an exact time 25 years later. But because Dale seemed to be banished and sent back to earth by 'The Arms' Doppleganger, MIKE believe's that now 'One must live, one must die'. Does the 'good' and 'bad' need to come together for our Dale Cooper to again be 100% complete or does one just have to eliminate the other?.

Either way it goes down we would be led to believe that something BIG will happen involving Dale and Mr.C in the final episode of The Return.

Dale Cooper without the Lapel Pin and with. Images: Showtime

Electrical Sockets/Portals #3 and #15 and The Great Northern Key. Images: Showtime

Different Timelines

As mentioned earlier, more and more happenings seem to point to different Timelines co-existing in Season 3. The first scene which appears in black and white happens in The Purple World, or does it?. Could it actually be the end or when Dale finally 'Wakes Up'. The FBI Lapel pin mentioned earlier could be a clue to it being future or past.

Another thing that happens early in this episode features an insurance agent entering the Twin Peaks Sheriff's office to talk to Sheriff Truman about 'insurance'. This has got to be connected to Dougie Jones who is an Insurance Agent in Las Vegas. Either one of two outcomes can come of this... 1. He is trying to let Truman know of Dougie's whereabouts or... 2. He was sent by EvilCoop to try and give Sheriff Truman a message. The Agent seems to be confused when Lucy asks 'which' Sheriff Truman he is looking for so number 2 could be highly likely.

The Insurance Guy from Episode 1. Image: Showtime

Audrey Horne and Charlie

Audrey finally made her first appearance in Episode 12 but it wasn't what anyone was expecting. The scenes involve Horne talking about "Finding Billy" and a person named Charlie complaining that he is to tired and has so much work to do. He also says he is her husband but speaks about a 'contract' and "ending her story".

Some possibilities are this is all a dream and she has been in a coma all these years because of the bank explosion in the finale of Season 2. The house that they have been seen in doesn't appear to have any technology or appliances and looks very 'Retro'. A different reason could be she has been left with a mental illness after the explosion and Charlie either saved her or is taking advantage of her predicament.

We should find out before episode 18.

Sherilyn Fenn as Audrey Horne. Photo: Showtime

Suprise Appearances

So far we have seen two major appearances that nobody could have expected. Miguel Ferrer who plays FBI Detective Albert Rosenfield died because of a battle with throat cancer on the 19th of January in 2017. His suprise (and regular) appreances in The Return has been wonderful and reminds viewers how much he will be missed if there is another season green lighted. Albert is a major part of the storyline and it will be interesting to see if he is killed off at the end of the season. Is it possible one or more FBI agents are working with EvilCoop and could it be Albert?. Everytime there is a conversation between the Agents there is clearly secret hand signals and shoulder rubbing to try and figure out who is for real and who could be betraying the team (or even an evil Doppleganger from the Black Lodge).

'The Log Lady' Margaret Lanterman is played by the deceased actress Catherine E. Coulson. She has warmed the hearts of every fan worldwide with her top secret appearances on the phone with Deputy Hawk relaying messages from her log. She passed away from Cancer on September 28 2015 so it was very suprising to see her in Season 3 and is a credit to how Lynch and Frost avoid spoilers surfacing.

Some other suprise appearances that are not expected but would make the end of The Return a very memorable TV event would be...

Phillip Jefferies played David Bowie.

Jefferies' name has been dropped copious amounts of times this season having supposedly been the man that paid Ray to kill Mr. C. Phillip had a major role in prequel Fire Walk With Me as the missing FBI agent who re-appears suddenly in the Philadelphia offices to tell Dale, Gordon and Albert that he had seen 'them' in a meeting above a convenience store and that "we live inside a dream". He also points directly at Dale Cooper saying "Who do you think that is standing there?" like he knows him or seen him in The Lodge. He then disappears again. He is also featured in The Missing Pieces, where he seems to appear at The Palm Deluxe Hotel in Buenos Aires Argentina from the Black Lodge (this happens three years before his Philadelphia scene), there he asks the front desk if Miss Judy was staying there. The Clerk proceeds to give Jefferies a letter from a 'young lady' and then Phillip leaves and goes missing for three years.

Bowie passed away from liver cancer on the 10th of January in 2016 and a cameo in Season 3 seems very unlikely but may have happened behind closed doors before his death. It would be good to find out more about one of Twin Peaks' most mysterious and important characters and a Bowie appearance would send chills down the spine.

David Bowie as Phillip Jefferies. Image: Lynch/Frost Productions

Harry S. Truman played by Michael Ontkean.

The majority of The Return has told us that Sheriff Harry S. Truman is 'sick' and his post has been taken over by his brother Frank Truman. Could Harry's sickness have been caused by EvilCoop or something that happened after Mr.C escaped the Black Lodge instead of Dale?.

For unknown reasons Michael did not want to reprise his role as Harry Truman but how excellent would a suprise ending be with a reunion of Dale Cooper and Harry Truman.

Would this be the greatest ending? Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Ontkean sharing a hug. Image: Lynch/Frost Productions

'The Man From Another Place' played by Michael J. Anderson.

A personal falling out between Michael and David Lynch has all but dashed chances of the original 'Arm' returning. It is unknown if the falling out was over financial gain from the new series but after this Anderson tried to drag Lynch's name through the mud in personal attacks on social media.

In a perfect world the two men where just pulling the perfect ruse and Anderson would return but with the 'evolution of the arm' established early in Season 3 this is one ending that is pretty much impossible.

Michael J. Anderson was 'The Man From Another Place'. Image: Lynch/Frost Productions

A cameo from missing FBI agent Chet Desmond played by Chris Isaak could happen as well as an appearance by his partner from FWWM Sam Stanley (Kiefer Sutherland). Another fan prediction has been that Bobby will somehow reconnect with his dead father Major Garland Briggs. This would be hard to pull off due to actor Don S. Davis' death from a heart attack on June 29, 2008. It appeared something like this might happen and Bobby would see his dad in 'The Zone' or 'The White Lodge' when he gets to 'Jack Rabbits Palace' but as we saw in Episode 14 Andy was the one who got to enter the vortex and talk to 'The Fireman'.

How's Annie?

We still haven't found out how Annie is!. The Heather Graham played character has not been mentioned once in the new season and now 'Doppleganger's' and 'Manufactured People' are confirmed could Annie have been one of these?. Annie was one of the last people we saw with the 'Owl Cave Ring' 25 years ago. While recovering from the Windom Earle kidnapping and her experience in 'The Red Room' a mysterious nurse took the ring off her finger in the Twin Peaks hospital. We have later seen Dougie Jones and Frank in possession of the ring (or rings?).

What became of Leo Johnson?. Played by Eric Da Re, last we saw Leo the continuation of his life was hanging in the balance. Evil Windom Earle had Leo tied up in his shack in the woods with the only thing between him and a cage of turantulas was the thread between his teeth stopping the creatures falling on him.

Could Leo have survived?. If he did it is unlikely he has been in the woods for 25 years. He would either be back at Twin Peaks and we just haven't seen him yet or maybe he is in the Black Lodge?.

Laura Palmer is 'The One'

As revealed by the Log Lady in Episode 10, "Laura is the one". Even though she was dead from the very first Episode of Season 1 it has always been Laura's story. 'Who killed Laura Palmer' was the main storyline for the first one and a half seasons. The prequel 'Fire Walk With Me' was Laura's last week on earth.

Many believe Season 3 has been Agent Cooper's story and the whole of Twin Peaks has been Dale's story but can we assume that it is the story of the town of Twin Peaks and it's importance in connection to portals that lead to other dimensions. It's connection to the 'Mother of all evil' and the evil entities that the Trinity Nuclear Bomb tests spewed into our world (including BOB). The controversial Episode 8 showed us all of this but it also showed us that The Fireman releasing Laura's essence into our world to try and counter BOB, The Woodsman and Mother.

If Laura is 'the one' we can assume that something big involving her will happen in Episode 18. Whether it involves Laura, her doppleganger or The Black/White Lodges the odds are good. Maybe Palmer's Mother Sarah (who might be host to 'Mother' right now after Episode 14) will get to see her girl again. What about Leland Palmer?, will he be seen again from The Red Room?. It is looking likely Laura will be involved.

Knowing David Lynch we can expect an open ended finish which will not answer all our questions and will leave the door open for a Season 4, and hopefully we won't have to wait 26 years for it to happen this time.

Sheryl Lee plays 'The One' Laura Palmer. Image: Showtime

Twin Peaks: The Return

5 stars for Season 3

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