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How Many People Are You Having Lunch With?

Updated on May 9, 2012

Food courts are always an interesting place to have lunch. Center city Melbourne on a Wednesday is no exception.

One of the best things that happened to me when moving to Australia was that my Blackberry did not work. Furthermore, I had no need to buy a smart phone here. Sitting in the food court right now has made me realize just how rude I was when I had a blackberry.

I am sitting across from a table of teenagers. The are 7 at the table. However, on closer inspection, I cannot make out the exact number at the table. You see, at least four of them are clutching onto there smart phones like a mother holds onto her baby.

The conversation in genuinely active. Each phone user is busy texting or facebooking and once in awhile, their head pops up for a comment. The ultimate in multi tasking. Some of them are actually men, which might prove that men can multi task too!

So, just how many people are at that table. At a minimum, there are eleven. That is assuming that the four people texting are only talking to one person each. However, there could be far more than eleven if the four people are on facebook!

I do, however, understand the single guy at another table. He is busy with his head in his phone. But, he is not ignoring anyone at his table! The only thing he really missed out on were the cute girls walking by.

Texting Madness

Which brings me to my point. I realize that when i always had my head in my phone, i was super rude to the people I was having lunch with and placing a low level of importance to our time together.

I recently saw a cartoon that had a woman asking her husband if she should strap his cell phone on her head so he would look at her. I believe that our society has come to this and it is with both genders.

Are we wanting to be so connected that we are missing out on the connection right in front of our faces?! Is what's going on in facebook more important than our spouse?

Will we all risk banging into people and poles while having to text while walking? I am fully amazed just watching the people here today. Most cannot even stand in a line at KFC without texting someone. Maybe their friends on facebook desperately need to know that they are ordering nuggets!

Another thought is that the phone is a conspiracy from chiropractors and massage therapists. In a short time, we will all be lined up with bad necks, bad backs, and crippled thumbs!

I say disconnect when you are with another human! (now i know there may be emergencies, etc) Learn to enjoy the person you are with. They may have something of more value than your friend texting you that they just received 2 cows on farmville!

Try it. I dare you.


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