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How did I confuse Michaela Conlin and Dichen Lachman?

Updated on April 27, 2011

As a heterosexual, I am always curious when I am stopped mid thought by a beautiful woman. Well this has happened to me with two different shows that I watch on television. I am here today to make a quick confession. I made a mistake and confused two beautiful actresses because they had a similar facial structure. I suppose I could blame it on Bones for teaching me about facial structure in the first place! *wink*

First, the character Angela on Bones, is played by Michaela Conlin. (shown in the top pic to the right courtesy of Google Images) I found her hair entrancing as the highlights are done magnificently for a few seasons of the show. Also, since she is an artist, I like the wardrobe choices they give her the best!

Next the character Sierra on Dollhouse, is played by Dichen Lachman. (shown in the bottom pic to the right courtesy of Google Images). This has a very different style as Sierra takes on many characters throughout the series. It really took me researching online to find out that this was not my beloved Angela, yet she was just that gorgeous!

After researching these ladies, they have quite a different life experience and heritage! Michaela is an American, born in Pennsylvania. She is half-Irish and half-Chinese. Dichen was born in Nepal of an Australian father and a Tibetan Mother who was born in India. Dichen grew up in Australia.

Go ahead and let me know in the poll and comments section if you could have made the same mistake as I did.

Are these actresses beautiful to you?

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Could you have mistaken these two stunning interracial actresses?

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