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How Did the Band Amberian Dawn Cope After the Departure of Heidi Parvianen?

Updated on March 7, 2018

Re-Evolution Album Cover


About the Band Amberian Dawn's Ability to Reinvent Themselves

Finnish power metal band Amberian Dawn has been bringing music fans around the world very good operatic power metal and sometimes a way to cope with life’s challenges since 2006. The question on the minds of some fans might have been how did Amberian Dawn cope after the departure of original vocalist Heidi Parvianen? That’s what this next article explores as well as a look at their 2013 studio album called Re-Evolution. This album is a collection of songs that were re-recorded from their first four albums with new vocalist Capri (also known as Paivi Virkunnen). Let’s briefly now state this before we get into the real substance of the article that Capri makes the band stronger by being a better fit for this band and you will see why as we dive deeper into the musical evolution of Amberian Dawn.

What This Article About Amberian Dawn Covers

However the entry of Capri into the band changes the band’s style into a sort of mini symphonic power metal group. It is also a sort of re-evolution for me because with the entry of a new year we realize that our lives are very fleeting and they can pass us by in a second. Every second that we spend having doubts or second thoughts is a second wasted. Just like we did while writing about German band Tankard and how they became one of the best German bands of the 2000’s and beyond, we will analyze how Amberian Dawn evolved and coped with Heidi’s departure from a musical perspective. This article will technically be a sort of album review but it will also analyze the role of Capri and how she made the band stronger.


Why Did Heidi Parviainen Leave Amberian Dawn?

In an interview done in July 2013, vocalist Heidi Parviainen explained the reasons why she left Amberian Dawn to Kenta Press & Agency, an agency that promotes musicians worldwide. Heidi stated that there were many reasons that she left Amberian Dawn. She said that she was growing apart musically and personally from the members. She also feels that it was the best choice for both sides. We are discussing Heidi Parviainen’s departure from Amberian Dawn to give background on how Capri came into the band. Incubus is a song that sounds very much like 1998 era Blind Guardian. Heidi also mentioned that she was glad that the band found a singer than better suited their style.

A Photo of Amberian Dawn's New Singer Capri


What is the Vocal Style of Capri?

In this 2013 studio album Capri shows us with a more power metal kind of voice and she does not use the operatic style that Heidi did. With change of band members sometimes comes a change in vocal style and that’s a good thing in this case. At first listen, Re-Evolution might sound like some stale, cheesy power metal redone but that’s not the case. Capri sounds like Austria’s Sandra Schleret the former vocalist for the band Dreams of Sanity.

Heidi Parviainen Versus Capri

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How Well Does Capri Sing on Re-Evolution?

Capri takes over and she does a decent job on the vocals! The song River of Tuoni brings tears to the eyes because of the tone and the lyrical content. I already described what this song is about in my review of the album River of Tuoni. Capri tries to sound operatic like Heidi Parviainen did but she doesn’t quite get her voice to a high enough octave but this is still one of the band’s best songs. She holds her voice a few extra seconds in this version of the song. This would make singers like Mark Boals proud because that’s something that he did at the end of the song Ring of Fire.

Even so, the entry of Capri is a welcome addition to the music industry because it is like a second coming of Sandra Schleret in a sense. I really like Dreams of Sanity so Capri’s entry into Amberian Dawn is a major plus!

Why is Capri a Better Vocalist for Amberian Dawn?

Is Capri better for Amberian Dawn? I say that she is better for this band even though she is not as operatic a vocalist as Heidi is. This is because Amberian Dawn was never really a power metal band that used synths and keyboards to complement the vocals so in that sense, Heidi was correct when she basically admitted that she was not the right vocalist for this band.

Re-Evolution is Another Example That Shows the Strength of Finland Musically

That stated, Re-Evolution is not a perfect album but it adds to the culture of Finland’s music scene. What can Finland do wrong musically? Not much as it is evident here and even when a Finnish band breaks up there are other bands that take their place to make up for any musical losses.

Amberian Dawn Has Coped Very Well!

With every album, there is an ending musically. This album wraps up with the re-done edition of the song Charnel’s Ball. This song uses just a bit of symphonic sound and I hear a bit of Finntroll in this song. When night comes and the shadows come, the birds begin singing tunes and it is time for a sort of ball or party to happen. This classically influenced song is the exclamation point as to how Amberian Dawn coped with the departure of Heidi Parviainen. They coped very well even though this is not a perfect power metal album.

"River of Tuoni"

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