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How do I get on Hype Machine ( (Submit your Blog)

Updated on January 11, 2012

So a lot of you may have music blogs and may not have an idea on how to get your stuff out there. Well, if you have a music blog where you post media, The Hype Machine may be a good place to strive towards getting indexed on.

Google will bring some traffic to you, but a lot of it will be unfocused random traffic that some how googled 'caribou' and is brought to a blog about a band named "Caribou". Obviously, not someone who is going to stick around to read about the band when they want to read about the animal.

With Hype Machine, it indexes music blogs, providing live links to the media you have posted. Although, it may bring some heavy bandwidth usage, it will also push users who are interested in music, specifically the music you have blogged about. Pairing this with Amazon Affiliates and Google Adsense and it can be a great way to increase revenue!

In the past Hype Machine had a secret formula on how it added blogs to it's index. It has since allowed manual submissions on the following page:

Which will make your blog much more visible!

Here are the rules:

Music Blog Requirements

  1. Advocates responsible use of copyrighted material, includes buy links in the posts, does not post unauthorized works.
  2. Regularly posts updates, generates discussion
  3. Has a working, valid RSS/Atom feed.
  4. Has been around for 2-3 months

You can self submit your blog, however it will probably be more likely that it gets indexed if multiple people submit it. So try emailing friends, family or posting on a forum asking for help with this!

Also, if you want to submit my music blog or just wanted to check it out, it's :

Good luck and happy music blogging!

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