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How strong is the regular Super Buu?

Updated on February 12, 2010


Majin Buu is the most powerful entity in Dragon Ball Z, needless to say he's also the meanest. The majority of fans tend to overrate their favorite DBZ characters, by continuously exaggerating their powers to the point of practical ridiculousness. I have been a fan of DBZ and GT before some of you guys were even born and I can definitely tell you the truth behind power levels, though when it comes to power levels I don't actually say the exact number, like when Goku fought Frieza as a Super Saiyan he had a power level of 150,000,000. It's because right after the Frieza Saga, power levels were no longer officials, but we can guarantee that most characters after Frieza was defeated had power levels of higher than 150,000,000. Instead, what I do is state which character that the character I'm discussing is superior to. I don't know what else to say if any of you contradicts my knowledge. Fans usually do their research about DBZ/GT power levels by going to the sites who claim themselves to be official and legitimate. However, this is not the best thing to do. Most DBZ/GT sites are bogus. One of them is the seemingly popular Wikipedia. The Wikipedia is never a reliable source of information. When you go to college, you will be required by your English professor to do research but before you even get started, he/she will most likely warn you to stay away from one thing: Wikipedia. While the Wikipedia is right about a number of things, it's inconsistencies greatly outweigh the truths. The only real way to tell which character is stronger than the other is to rely on your own intuitions and watch the series several times, and understand the conversation of the characters.

It seems that fans will never grow up. They'll stick to whatever it is they believe in and fight for it to the death. I've seen a lot of people in Youtube arguing and cursing at each other when they disagree with something about DBZ/GT. Well, that is why I was born - to make things clear and make fans realize the truth. 1993 is when I began watching the series and I've watched it over and over again for nearly 2 decades now.

In this topic, we are going to examine Super Buu's true power. Are you ready? Let's begin.

Regular Super Buu

When Goku fought the fat Majin Buu as a SSJ3, Goku could've easily destroyed him if he wasn't intending to give Gohan and the other two boys a shot to save the Earth just that once(though Gohan already saved the Earth once before when he defeated Cell), as Goku realized that he wouldn't be around forever to be the main savior of the planet. Any form of Majin Buu is superior to any SSJ2, though it is questionable how SSJ2 Goku was holding his own against Kid Buu during the first portion of their battle whereas SSJ2 Vegeta was nearly killed, it could be that Goku already had access to some of his SSJ3 powers and Kid Buu only started exerting more pressure when Goku transformed into his SSJ3.

Evil Buu has a power even greater than fat Buu's. When Evil Buu separated from fat Buu, Evil Buu had retained most of the fat Buu's powers and fat Buu's powers were reduced by approximately a half. A lot of fans think that Evil Buu is as strong as Kid Buu but that is nowhere near the truth. Evil Buu's power is still decades below Kid Buu's.

When the fat Majin Buu was turned into a chocolate by his own attack and Evil Buu devoured him, Evil Buu mutated into Super Buu. Super Buu had a tremendous increase in strength and power. But I can honestly tell you that Super Buu at his regular form is certainly not a match for SSJ3 Goku. At one point in the Anime', Goku mentioned that even though Super Buu reverted back to his original Super form and lost a lot of power, Super Buu could still defeat him and Vegeta together. This is where they messed it up in the Anime'. SSJ3 Gotenks surpassed Super Buu in both brute-strength and power. Another thing that I'd like to point out. SSJ3 Gotenks is not stronger than SSJ3 Goku and fans ridiculously believe its opposite. One proof is that when Super Buu absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks and fought SSJ3 Goku, Goku could still hold his own pretty decently against the combined power of Super Buu, Piccolo, and SSJ3 Gotenks like Gohan did. Imagine if that was SSJ3 Gotenks alone Goku was fighting, then it would be clear that Goku was a lot stronger than SSJ3 Gotenks, who is stronger than Super Buu. There is never a proof that Ultimate Gohan was stronger than SSJ3 Goku. A rumor is like a virus and just like a virus, it spreads throughout the nation quickly and is contagious. Whoever it was who developed that rumor, he/she probably no longer had his/her sanity intact. If Gohan was really stronger than Goku, then how come the Elder Kai and Kibito Kai never suggested Gohan to be brought to the Kais' Planet to battle Kid Buu? Kid Buu was nearly as strong as SSJ3 Goku and is technically the strongest form of Majin Buu with the exception of Buutenks and Buuhan.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hey, that's the greesatt! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      It's not painful clearly to see that Super Buu (Base) is stronger than Kid Buu. Kid Buu's Power is around that of SSj3 Goku while Super Buu's Power is close to SSj3 Gotenks who is stonger then SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta. So what should that tell you? Super Buu's the stronger one. When Vegeta senses Buu power after he tears out Fat Buu he notes that Buu Power is increasing right? That's NOT Kid Buu that's Super buu taking on the Ultra Buu form.

      When SSJ(2) Vegeta and Goku against Buuhan get their butts kicked. And when they fought Base Super Buu while in his head they still got owned. But SSJ2 and 3 Goku along with Ssj2 Vegeta fought better against Kid Buu. That should be more proof to show Super Buu is stronger than Kid Buu.

      Goku inside Buu's head states "If we go out there he's(Super Buu) gonna kill us. But there's one way we can win (Fusion Dance). Gogeta (Hypothetically speaking if they the fusion dance.) Super Buu (Base) SSJ3 Goku Kid Buu SSJ3 Goku vs Kid Buu "I could have destroyed him when I was fresh". So SSJ3 Goku Kid Buu.

      When Goku says Kid Buu's Power and speed double that line is half false Kid Buu does seem to be much faster than Super Buu but not powerful. If he was SSj2(3) Goku would have been instantly destroyed.

      Many people also seem to think KB is the strongest one cause he cause he was able to push the spirit bomb. He only pushed for two reasons. 1. his childish nature and pure evil heart saved him from being destroyed instantly. And two Goku was still tired from SSJ3.

      It takes a Mystic powered Gohan or Fusion Potora or Fusion dance to Fight evenly or surpass Super Buu. While it only takes a Fully powered SSJ3 Goku fight Kid Buu. So can a threat that takes an SSj3 be stronger than a threat that needs a fusion to fight head-on? The answer? It isn't...

      Buu's Forms Greatest to least



      Buff Buu (Super Buu)


      Super Buu(Base)

      Fat Buu(Point of splitting)

      Kid Buu

      Evil Buu

      Good Buu.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Agreed. Many fans think SS1 Gotenks is equal or even stronger than SS3 Goku which is absolute non sense.I mean like if goku as a SS3 is this strong, and just be equal to SS1 Gotenks then if SS1 Gotenks goes SS3 WTF!!! of a power level is that 8 times stronger than SS3 Goku?!?.And also Gotenks fusion is not that strong I mean look SS3 Gotenks need to match up normal Super Buu while Vegetto base form beats Buuhan!.It clearly seems that SS3 Gotenks as children equal SS3 Goku to me!. Second is that when in other world young Supreme Kai asks Goku when Gotenks went SS3 "is Gotenks now stronger than you?" but Goku's response was "no, I could do it as well!(Goku also can go Super saiyan 3).The next one is that when Old Supreme Kai sees kid buu & he says to Kibito Supreme Kai to give his earrings to Goku to do the potara fusion knowing the power of Kid Buu.The other thing was Goku says something about was afraid to come out of Super buu body and many fans believe that it was because Goku could not handle Super Buu.I think it was because they were no bigger than a bacteria when they were inside Super buu, so what can 2 small micro organisms going to do against a monster like Super buu comparing the size! Goku never knew they would get bigger once they exited Super buu and also Goku did not want to make Vegeta uncomfortable of slamming SS3 level to his face too.I truly believe that SS3 Goku is not a weakling in the Buu saga that many fans think.The one main reason was Goku him self that won the final battle with the help of Vegeta and the Spirit bomb!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      In order from strongest to weakest

      buuhan, Buutenks, kid buu, Goku(ss3), mystic Gohan, gotenks(ss3), superbuu


      Buuhan for obvious reasons is hands down the strongest villian in DBZ (anyone who disagrees go watch the battle between kid buu and ss3 goku and then watch the battle with buuhan...and don't say jenemba...goku actually put up a fight against him)

      Buutenks...obviously was still able to best goku and gohan

      how is goku ss3 better than mystic gohan and ss3 gotenks?? ...simple...instead of comparing battles they they individually fought...why don't we compare a battle where they ALL fought...ladies and gentlemen i present to you "wrath of the dragon" ...presumed to have taken place almost immediately after the buu saga. lets look at the battle...out of the 3...which one was hit ONCE and instantly knocked out of the battle? ...ss3 gotenks. who gave a fight, but in the long run just ended up like gotenks? who sustained MULTIPLE blows throughout the fight and STILL managed to kill the monster in the end? ...Goku

      I have other reasons and proof in the television series to believe goku is still better than ss3 gotenks and gohan, but i don't feel like typing all night

      now if SS3 gotenks is better than Superbuu then goku is matter what he actually says in the tv series

      now some would argue that kid buu is weaker than superbuu...but if goku trumps superbuu but gets it handed to him against kid buu, simple figure it out

    • profile image

      The Man 

      6 years ago

      An interesting debate. It is important to note, however, that Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are a manga and anime series, respectively; thus, a lot of things may not make complete sense—e.g., Gohan had a tale at the beginning of DBZ, but he is tale-less shortly thereafter. And, of course, the tale is supposed to grow back. And there are many other examples of plot holes throughout the series. The fact is that the DB/DBZ artist himself, Akira Toryama (sp?), has stated he has overlooked many details, and since he had originally planned to end DBZ after the Frieza fight, I can quite understand that during the last few sagas he had a hundred things in his mind and therefore the apparent miscalculations of the creator.

      In my view, Kid Buu—the first form of the rubbery evil demon created by Bibidi, but the last to make his appearance in both the manga and anime—is Majin Buu's ultimate personification. I am going to explain why—

      One.—He is the last super villain of the DBZ anime, and of the manga, too—a fact that is acknowledged but quickly brushed aside by the proponents of the "Super Buu (Mystic Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten absorbed) is stronger than Super Buu (Gotenks and Piccolo absorbed) is stronger than Super Buu (Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten absorbed) is stronger than Super Buu (nobody absorbed) is stronger than Fat Buu is stronger than Skinny Buu is stronger than Kid Buu" inequality; i.e., the last villain of the series, according to the fanatics, is the weakest form of Buu. It is as if Cell had first emerged in his Perfect form, and then had regressed to his Imperfect state.

      Two.—The surprise effect, in other words, the fact that they are pleasantly amazed to see a puny-looking kid, as Vegeta had been on two different occasions: once against Frieza when he is transformed into the small streamlined being, and once more when Cell is transformed from his Semi-Perfect to his Perfect form—only to find out the smaller shapes are actually tougher, based on an approach by the DB/DBZ creator to make the smaller characters more powerful, cf. Vegeta and Nappa.

      Three.—There is no reason to believe that Evil Buu is weaker or stronger than any of the other Buus except Fat Buu, who is almost as strong, or about as strong as Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 state. And he should look the same as Kid Buu anyway, so why are they not the same—my point? that there are plenty of plot holes in DB/DBZ.

      Four.—The face of the Supreme Kai when confronted by the image of Kid Buu—completely priceless.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nothing based on the manga. All on fillers. Your statements are invalid. Kthxbai

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      ALl ur proof is from fillers, XD

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      lol is this a joke?kid buu was only slightly greater in strength than ssj3 goku.buuhan had a TREMENDOUS power from ultimate gohan-ssj3 level,goten,trunks,and piccolo-ssj1 levels.ssj3 goku was desperate to fight buuhan but confident in fighting kid buu therefore buuhan dominates kid buu

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Randomguy is mostly right. Kid buu is stronger than super buu. Because kid buu is the purest form of Majin buu and 100% evil. and therefore not weakend from absorbed. the kais. But after goku and vegeta rescue trunks goten piccolo and gohan. Goku states that Kidd buus strength is actually growing but that's after he lost the powers form trunks goten piccolo and gohan and reverted back to the first form of super buu. So by the time he transforms into Kid buu he's about as strong as "buuhan" or "super buu gohan "absorbed

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Fanboys are getting frustrated knowing the true, they wont just give up. First of all, Super buu is weaker than kid buu, know why? because it was stated by supreme kai and old kai, each time kid buu absorbed a kai he was actually getting weaker, stated by old kai "so they weaken him". And the "buff buu" which makes his first appearance when absorbing south supreme kai, which is actually "super buu" stated by old kai as well. Which means, if he got weaker by absorbing the kais, thus, making the "buff buu (super buu) weaker than kid buu, and kid buu only gets a boost of power when he absorbs someone stronger than him or near strong,examples, buutenks and buuhan or whatever name you want to call them, which actually are stronger than kid buu, however super buu goes below kid buu fair and square. So i hope i don't give no one a nerd/fanboy rage , but its true, kid buu>superbuu.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i don't really agree goku or kid buu are stronger than fat buu since we never saw fat buu even get mad til bee got killed, also evil buu is the only buu fat buu looked like he was trying against, also even if at the moment of the fight goku picollo indicated buu got stronger every time he ate someone, so buu didn't really have a power limit at fat buu as gohan indicated he reached into a well of energy that doesn't end, also buu has a knack of letting himself get beat up its evident if hes serious and getting beat up, those times were evil buu vs fat buu and gohan vs super buu, i would say gotenks vs super buu BUT that was really an even fight and buu basically was fighting soft cause he wanted to save them to absorb to fight gohan

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs. Kid Buu - Anime Filler

      Goku immediately transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 in the manga.

      Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs. Gotenks Absorbed Super Buu - Anime Filler

      Gohan found the earring almost instantly after Goku threw it in the rubble. Goku never even transformed. Gotenks' Fusion wore off and Goku told Super Buu that Gohan can finish off what he started.

      Ultimate Gohan > Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks > Super Buu > Evil Buu > Super Saiyan Gotenks > Super Saiyan 3 Goku/Kid Buu > Fat Buu

      Read the manga. Deal with the facts. Don't make long, opinionated hubs.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Sorry you are even using filler as evidence. Goku ss3 vs super buu never actually happened. Don't fool a bunch of idiots like you into thinking you are some sort of db wizard. BTW No dbz fan is remotely interested in gt so its easy to see through your bowlshit. Sorry pal you fail pretty hard.

    • profile image

      db pratto 

      8 years ago

      NO! You fail at "knowing" shit about dragonball. You cannot say that goku vs buutenks meant anything because it is filler and not canon. Also goku ssj3 states two different things about his fight with fat buu. In the manga he states he probably could not won against fat buu. In the anime he says he probably could of. These are both maybes and mean little, with the truth probably dead center in between them. Where do you get this idea that he could have effortlessly destroyed fat buu, recall the fight, it goes like this.

      1 Goku gets some punches and throws buu into a building

      2 majin buu gets a BIG punch

      3 goku and buu exchange blows

      4 goku gets some punches

      5 goku gets sucked in his belly hurting him

      6 goku blasts his way out of buus squeezing belly

      7 goku and buu exchange blows

      8 goku starts using instant transmission to stall

      9 goku kicks buu in face

      10 buu headbutts goku (hard)

      11 buu hits goku with vanishing beam

      12 goku kicks buu in chest

      13 buu grabs him from a distance and headbutts him

      14 goku shoots kamehameha at buu

      15 buu recovers with no damage!

      This fight only gave a slight advantage to goku if you watch it, and that's excluding the fact that buu was from recovering very quickly with out looking damaged at all stated by goku himself mid fight. So yeah you don't make any sense and sound even more retarded than wikipedia.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      o my god, what a fanboy;-). First up that's my opinion :

      super buu>majin buu>kid buu=evil buu>good buu. Secondly why: "One proof is that when Super Buu absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks and fought SSJ3 Goku, Goku could still hold his own pretty decently against the combined power of Super Buu, Piccolo, and SSJ3 Gotenks like Gohan did." That argument is a bullshit, if you are so old and good fan of db then how come you don't know that this entire scene never occurred in original db? IT IS A FILLER for god's sake and like all fillers it doesn't make sense: in manga (which anime was intended to rely on BUT FAILED(thank you fillers) buu charges and scared goku and revert before he could reach him. and goku should have no problem right? In filler he fought evenly with super buu (gotenks abs) so now it should be a piece of cake, then what he says? GOHAN SHOULD HANDLE YOU NOW (again in original japanese manga i mean). if you want to rely on anime , ok, if you want to rely on fillers, ok, but then, don't think real fans would agree with you, if i were you, i would check out db wiki fillers and see all these little filling moments. you will easily realise that all these moments that didn't make sense in anime (goku thinks he and vegeta would lose agaist super buu without any guy absorbed but he fought evenly with buu + gotenks + piccollo? yeah...) were fillers.;-)

      1-super buu ( stated by goku as a lot stronger that majin buu + goku thinks he and vegeta don't stand a chance agaist him

      2majin buu having 100% buu's power, goku could beat him

      3kid buu=evil buu - evil buu have more than 50% power of majin buu and kid buu after throwing good buu out of his body becomes exactly same as evil buu in "contents".

      i imagine you thought he was stronger because goku couldn't beat him while in FILLER he fought evenly with buu + piccolo + gotenks ( how this could make sense??)

      4good buu have less than 50% of majin buu

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      To back up what I've said about Kid buu > Super buu, here's some of my opinion.

      Firstly, we shall give a direct comparison. Recalling from what Goku and vegeta have said when they rescue Gohan etc. out of Buu's body, they said Bu's power/ki is actually increasing and decreasing. So that immediately implies Kidbuu > Superbuu. Although, later on they said he's a shrimp after buu has been transformed to its original form, however they only refer to his size and has little with do with the power of kidbuu. In the following paragraph I'll share some of my opinions why kidbuu > superbuu from some indirect comparisons, estimating where kidbuu's power stands as compared to other buu's transformation.

      Firstly, I'll give some of my opinion on the strength of SSJ3 goku. I do agree with Ultramagnus have said that if goku SSJ3 fight seriously with fat buu, goku will eventually win. However, goku didn't do that because he wanted for those who's alive to beat buu. Another reason which I think SSJ3 didn't finish off fat buu (this pt. is only my opinion btw) is probably it still takes goku some time to kill buu, and since SSJ3 transformation drains a lot of time from him, therefore goku might not be confident that he can really finish him off with limited amount of time (he still need to reserve time for the boys to do fusion). The fact that goku SSJ3 > fat buu has been proofed in the cantonese comics vol. 42 (I'm not sure whether it's mentioned in the US DBZ animation.). Another point that I would like to share is that I do agree with ultramagnus is the strength of SSJ3 goku ~ Mystic Gohan and hence SSJ3 goku > SSJ3 gotenks. Ultramagnus have given one logical evidence from gokus short fight between buutenks (superbuu + picollo + gotenks SSJ3). Strictly speaking, I think SSJ3 goku is even slightly stronger than mystic gohan. That's because buutenks injured gohan from his punches where as when buutenks laid several blows onto SSJ3 goku, yet goku did not have any scratches. But whether goku SSJ3 can beat buutenks, I doubt it. Another evidence where goku SSJ3 slightly stronger than mystic gohan is from the movie of "Wrath of the Dragon", which I assumed that took place not long after Buu get killed by the spirit bomb (~ 6 months to 1 yr from the size of goten and trunks). In that movie gohan could not beat the monster Hirudegarn in his mystic form, while goku SSJ3 finish Hirudegarn off by the dragon fist. Also in that movie gotenks SSJ3 got beaten badly with just one punch from the monster, so this again supports goku SSJ3 > gotenks SSJ3. So to conclude this section I think SSJ3 goku > mystic gohan (not by much) > gotenks SSJ3.

      My second opinion that I would like to share is the fight between Goku SSJ3 against kid buu. I've noticed that many fans said Goku SSJ3 fight evenly with kidbuu, however I think this is incorrect. In the fight, Goku SSJ3 get exhausted whereas i can hardly see kidbuu have any signs of fatigue. Later on, kidbuu even makes fun of Goku as Goku's attack is getting ineffective due to exhaustion. Although one can argue that kidbuu can regenerate while goku can't so if kidbuu can't regenerate goku will waste him. However, I think this is an unfair argument because regeneration is also a power that is incorporated into the fighter. I think kidbuu knows which kind of severe level of attacks that can really destroy him and those which it can't where he can regenerate from that. So I think kidbuu doesn't spend any effort in defence as most attack won't kill him since he can regenerate from that. If he knows an attack will disintegrate him he will then focus on defence. Kidbuu's super defensive skill can be seen from the spirit bomb where if it's not because of the dragonballs, the spirit bomb will get return right back to goku. Futhermore, I'm sure the spirit bomb is by far stronger than any attacks from Goku SSJ3 and vegeta's attack that blows some of buu's body apart. Therefore, Buu's normally concentrate all his power to attack and torture others where he don't want to waste any energy and effort in defence usually. I think if Kidbuu really try in defending all those attacks, most probably he don't need to regenerate. Another thing that fans always thought goku SSJ3 fought evenly or even stronger than kidbuu is due to the phrase that if SSJ3 goku can take his time and launch a fully charged attack, he can wipe buu's out. However, I think this is an unfair comment. Firstly, in a fair fight (if vegeta doesn't interfere) goku doesn't even have the time to create such an attack, as kidbuu's attack is way too quick and severe. Secondly, what happens if we give kidbuu enough time (i.e. 1 min undisturb) to launch his full blown attack on Goku SSJ3, can SSJ3 goku survive from such an attack? I doubt it. So from the fight in supreme kai's planet, I think it is very evident that Kidbuu > SSJ3 goku.

      In the episodes, it is very evident that Gohan > Superbuu. But since SSJ3 Goku > Gohan (slight margin), so Goku SSJ3 > Superbuu. However, since Kidbuu > SSJ3 Goku, so Kidbuu > Superbuu.

      In order to compare kidbuu's power with other buu's transformation, I think it has a similar power level buutenks and maybe slightly stronger in my opinion. That's because every blow of kidbuu onto SSJ3 Goku gives a scratch on Goku whereas buutenks gives SSJ3 Goku several punches but there's no sign on any scraches on Goku. But the fight of buutenk's and SSJ3 Goku is too short, so if we give the same amount of time, SSJ3 Goku will still get injured and eventually lost. So here's my order from Buu's most powerful to least powerful tranformation.

      Buuhan > Kidbuu > Buutenks > Puffed Buu (with South Kai)> Superbuu > Fatbuu (not seperated) > Evil Buu (seperated from Fat buu) > Good Buu (= fatbuu bot not seperated)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I agree with you. Super buu is not as strong as kid buu.


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