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How the Drs. With Travis Stork, Md, Can Stop The Show From Being Cancelled!

Updated on June 5, 2013
Handsome Dr. Travis Stork
Handsome Dr. Travis Stork

Dr. Travis Stork

I would like to talk to you about Dr. Travis Stork relative to the Drs. show and share my opinions on what can be done to bring the Drs. show up a notch.

I am talking about the show as a casual viewer. I want to emphasize "casual," because of late, I have not been watching the show that often, preferring to do other things instead.

Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors
Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors

I will repeat that the views offered here are my own opinions. I am not a professional critic of shows. In fact this is the first time I'm talking about a particular television show. So, without further ado, I will share with you my thoughts and ideas on how the Drs. can refrain from being cancelled.

Even laid back, Dr. Travis Stork is handsome.
Even laid back, Dr. Travis Stork is handsome.

Dr. Stork is the Draw of the show

I noticed that depending on the topic, Dr. Stork is in just about every frame of the show. It's evident that the show's producers, directors and others know that he is the draw of the show. If not for Dr. Stork, there would not be the Drs. show!

Regardless of the topic of the show, I am constantly waiting for the appearance of Dr. Stork. My least favorite part of the show is when the other Drs., and also non-Drs. by the way, appear. Personally, my interest is in what Dr. Stork has to say, even though I know a lot of the show is scripted.

Dr. Travis Stork's Show Needs Variety!

I read somewhere that regardless of how handsome, or interesting a person may become, viewers and listeners may become bored with the monotony of seeing the same face or hearing the same voice, day after day.

So even though I absolutely like Dr. Stork very much, for variety, there would be a myriad of guests on his show. Celebrities should be included on the show as well. After all, we watch television for entertainment, as well as information!

Dr. Travis Stork and Kim Kardashian

Can you imagine the rating of the show if Dr. Stork had on his show such celebrities as maybe the Kardashian family, since they seem to be popular and everywhere in the media right now. With Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, there are a lot of topics that can stem from that. As an added bonus Kanye West could be on the same show and talk about how he feels being a father-to- be.

Dr. Stork could advise Kim Kardashian on what she can do physically to counter any negative physical symptoms she may experience, etc. I can see the ratings for his show go through the roof with Kim Kardashian as his guest no the show along with Kanye West!

The caveat, is he will have to keep trying to top having her as a guest. Maybe he can have on his show guests from other reality shows. The point is to keep his show up with the times, and not subject-locked in a boring medical focused show.

Kim Kardashian should be a guest on Dr. Stork's show.  In this picture, she looks as if she is already on the show!
Kim Kardashian should be a guest on Dr. Stork's show. In this picture, she looks as if she is already on the show!
Dr. Travis Stork -- In excellent shape!
Dr. Travis Stork -- In excellent shape!

Name Change

Since Dr. Stork will be the primary, or star doctor on the show, the name of the show should be changed to The Doctors with Travis Stork, M.D.

This name leaves the door open to have other doctors on the show, but it will be evident that the show is Dr. Stork's.

Dr. Travis Stork's Show's Design

In some episodes of the current show, you may have noticed that on some one on one interviews, Dr. Stork is sitting on a sofa interviewing his guest. I strongly suggest that a sofa designed set be where the show is launched. Get rid of the mundane bar stool chairs, especially the ones that have that ugly, unsightly off-color, faded looking piece of glass in front of the chairs!

I think the general concensus is that we prefer a doctor who has an engaging bed-side manner. So in keeping with this preference, I recommend that the set be designed to look nice and cozy, instead of like a sterile, cold, impersonal hospital waiting room!

Dr. Travis Stork -- Be Mobile!

Add another dimension to the show by having Dr. Stork 's show set in different locations around the United States, and even global if possible.

Anything and everything seem to be mobile now, so why can't his show be mobile as well --periodically -- just for a change of scene, if nothing more.

A suggested topic is how to be safe,health-wise, when traveling globally, which would include vaccines, shots, etc. necessary for some overseas travels.

Dr. Travis Stork's Beautiful, Sexy Repeat Guest

Another suggestion is to have a beautiful sexy female repeat guest on his show.

Yes, I know he is married; however, the show must go on. It's not as if he is going to get a divorce and marry the attractive female guest -- even though this is possible.

The attractive female guest should be someone Dr. Stork has lots of clear on screen chemistry with. The key is to not have her on the set with him every day. Leave us in suspense as to when she will appear. So to add mystery to the show, have her come on the show as a guest sporadically -- maybe once or twice a month, and save her segment for last.

There is a gamut of topics they can discuss together, including men and women health and well-being issues. The topics should be light, positive, uplifting and interesting. Make sure there is eye contact between the two -- so camera angles are very important in this segment!

Before Anderson Cooper had his own show, (I do not know how long it will last) there was a brunette who periodically appeared on the CNN news show. I liked the tit for tat, and back and forth light conversation and obvious on screen chemistry the two had. It was almost like looking and listening in, dare I say "eavesdropping" on funny, interesting conversation, since they would always joke a lot. Of course, he was not interested in her since Anderson Cooper is gay.

Update: Anderson Cooper's show has been cancelled.

Use the same analogy above for Dr. Stork's show. Add a little romantic interest to the show!

Entertainment and Information!

By following my suggestions above, the current show will be taken up a notch!

When you marry entertainment and information, with Dr. Stork as the cherry on top, the show's high ratings will knock the others out of the ball park!

Dr. Travis Stork Interview!


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    • ladyhowto4u profile image

      ladyhowto4u 20 months ago

      Hi JayPee,

      Thanks for your comment. I agree with what you are saying; however, unfortunately, the public seems to be obsessed with the Kardashians. I'm not one of them, but if the goal is to try to stop The Doctors show from being canceled, I can guarantee you that if Kim Kardashian was to appear on his show, the ratings would go up tremendously.

      By the way, she has already appeared on other talk shows, such as Ellen and others. With television ratings, it's all about the numbers. Sure some people as yourself do not wish to see her -- but there are lots of other people, maybe even out of curiosity who would tune into the show to see what she has been up to.

      Thanks again for commenting.


    • profile image

      JayPee 20 months ago

      Yes I totally agree with you - get Kim Kar-Trash-ian on the show and have Dr Travis tell her that the best thing for her to do in regards to her family's health and safety is to drop out from living in the public lifestyle permanently. Quit all social media, printed and telecoverage avenues, as well as her siblings involvements, as they can also have undesired effects on her family as well.

      Most importantly its not too late to start - the sooner the better.