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How the Kardashians have tricked you, and treated themselves.

Updated on February 24, 2015

Obsessed with fame


There is Reality and there is Reality TV neither are the same

Anyone who says they haven't got caught up watching the Kardashians is most likely lying or doesn't own a TV with cable. There is a draw to these people, they are attractive and one is funny, and one is pretty, and they all have the perfect part to play so it's entertaining brainless TV. The problem with the Kardashians is not the TV show per say it's more what they did to get where they are and how much of what they are is real?

One Loves PETA, One Loves FUR....

Kardashian Lies

You know the house they show in the beginning of the show KUWTK? Well that's not even their home, they actually live over 20 miles away. Is this a big bombshell absolutely not but what it is, is a little white lie that is tied into many larger more deceitful statements and behaviors.

The Kardashian brands K-Dash by Kardashian, the Kris Jenner Kollection (which is sold on QVC) and ShoeDazzle which Kim co-founded are 3 of the worst offenders of having products made in areas of the world where slave labor is alive and well. In order to make a larger profit for themselves the Kardashians have people slaving away in factories in the Guangdong region of China for 8 cents a garment or about $1 a day. This is horrible and unforgivable when you take into account that these people were rich before they became famous, it's not like they need that extra couple bucks in margin to survive. So why do they support slave labor in China? Because they can.

Remember when Kim was bragging all of one episode how she was going to auction off her clothes and shoes and accessories on EBay to support a charity? Well come to find out, 10 percent of what she made auctioning the items went to charity. The rest went in her big ass pockets. What I can't get is why people so unbelievably rich are doing things that are so incredibly irresponsible and deceitful. It's like they want to appear charitable but they just aren't charitable people by nature.

Khloe posed for a PETA ad remember she was naked and a big deal was made about what an animal lover she is? Well what about human lover? You won't harm an animal but you support slave labor and just giving enough to charity to "appear" charitable without actually being charitable..

Nothing says I'm ok with my sex tape like showing up to the premier!

The truth about the sex tape.

The truth about the sex tape is actually worse than any lie could be, why? Because Kris Jenner brokered the deal between the production company and Kim. What mother would do that?

Ray J made it clear that Kim had the only copy of that movie, she leaked it herself. Kris devised this whole scheme to get Kim attention because they were just starting to shop the concept of the reality show, and it worked. Congrats Kris you actually pimped out your own child.

Kim leaving Hermes

Conspicuous consumption, excess that's shameful

Kim has 15 assistants...15 people helping her be her. RIDICULOUS. Nobody has that many assistants but her.

Kris gets paid $5000.00 to tweet about a product, the girls have similar deals. So basically whenever they tweet how much they love product insert here___, don't buy it..chances are they never even tried it.

Kim spent $767,000 on toilets for her new home, yes I said TOILETS.

Kim wears a $115,000 watch.

Kim was seen spending $100,000 on 3 Hermes bags in one shopping trip.

Kim bought Kanye a $750,000 Lamborghini "just because".

Kardashian Handbags aren't very original...

Are you having Deja vu? The rest of us are too, especially those of us that follow fashion.

You decide...

Kris after Bruce

Kris hasn't wasted anytime getting on with her life. She has ben posting provocative selfies, tweeting about her new life and moving on with a new man..all I can think is, "poor guy". He has no clue he is getting ready to be chewed up and spit out!

Meet Kris Jenners new man...

Who is Corey Gamble?

His name: Corey Gamble, 33 years old from Atlanta. He doesn't drink (don't see how the booze hound Kris can handle a sober BF).

He works as a road manager for Justin Bieber manager Scooter.

It strikes me as very odd that Kris tries to copy her children, when Kim takes a selfie in a bikini Kris takes a selfie in a bikini. When her daughters date black men she dates a black man that looks quite a bit like Kanye. Kris needs to grow up and act her age, we all know what life sucking nasty soul stealer she is after what she did to poor ole Bruce Jenner...

Let us know what you think...

Do the Kardashians need to retire to an island and remain quiet for awhile?

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© 2015 Karen Ranoni


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      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      I can't get enough of Kim Kardashian!