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How the Mcu Helped a Little Boy Make Friends

Updated on April 9, 2019

That little boy is me and I have a story to tell

The MCU has come a long way and it has brought me along for the ride. It has helped me become comfortable with who I am and taught me lessons that no one did for me. So, with Endgame on the horizon, I think this is a good time to talk about it.

Let me give you some background first. I'm from a third world Asian country. So, that means it took a few years for all the popular culture stuff to reach me. But with the internet coming to our aid, the situation has gotten a bit better.

As a child, I wasn't into comics much. Because, frankly, they were too expensive here. So I got my superhero fix from the cartoons and movies. I still remember the first day I watched one of the episodes of the Superman cartoon. I spent that entire day with a towel tied around my neck. I'm sure most of you have done the same thing and it's exactly why I love superheroes. Because, the feelings they bring are international. I remember my mother leaning forward in her seat during the train scene in Spider-Man 2. I remember my entire theater breaking out yelling during Thor's entry scene in Wakanda.


"I remember my mother leaning forward in her seat during the train scene in Spider-Man 2."

If I told you I have been a fan of the MCU since the first Iron Man movie came out in 2008, I would be lying. The first MCU movie I watched was the first Captain America movie and that is when I was introduced to my favourite character of them all. The reason why I resonated with Cap so much is still a mystery to me. I am not noble enough to jump on a grenade or brave enough to let a scientist inject me with super steroids. Maybe, I related to that scrawny little kid in him who just wanted to good things.

2010-2013 was a hard time for me. I had just moved to a new school and I knew absolutely no one there. I spent the entire first year in my home, watching TV ( I still do). I'll be honest with you. I didn't even know there was a character called Captain America until I saw the movie. But I was hooked as soon as I watched it. Then, someone told me that this movie was a part of a cinematic universe which is building up to an epic team up movie, and my mind just got blown. I spent that week watching all the other movies that came before and counted my days until the avengers movie.

Up until now this story probably feels like my descent into a friendless, miserable life in which I obsess over fictional characters. It would have been...if the Avengers trailer didn't arrive and be as good as it was. I wasn't a quiet kid, but up until then, I had nothing in common with my friends other than school work. That literally changed overnight. That day, all we could ever talk about was the trailer and all its glory. I don't know what came over me but that day I was bouncing up and down, talking to everybody about it and having real fun for the first time there. The Avengers was the first movie I watched with my friends and I couldn't be happier about it.

Although, Tony taught me that money isn't everything and you can successfully hide your emotional trauma behind sarcastic quips and Thor taught me to be humble, the biggest, most valuable lesson I learnt came from the Guardians movie. Even though I had friends and we were close, I still felt like an outsider. These people have been together for a long time and I just joined them halfway through it. But, seeing the bunch of misfits that are the Guardians coming together just clicked with me. Watching them standing in a circle made me realize that we all had something in common. We all needed friendship that will last. Friendship that's honest. Friendship that will make us better. We needed a Tony for a Cap. We needed a Groot for a Rocket. We needed each other.

My grandfather is a cinephile and he always talks about how movies can change your life. I didn't think much of it till I experienced it myself. We finished school last year and I don't get to meet them as much as I used to but we still go to watch every marvel movie together. We stay up late making up theories and discussing it. We share memes of it. I'm not saying that the MCU single handedly changed my life for good, but it had a huge part in it.

We are all losers.

— Peter Quill


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