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How the movie experience has changed since 1920 to date

Updated on August 26, 2015

How the movie experience has changed since 1920 to date

How the movie experience has changed since 1920 to date

The first film was made in the 1890's which was after motion cameras were invented. It was also after the introduction of the film production industries. These films were not more than a minute long and they were black and white in color and they did not have sound, this was called the silent era. However, this changed in 1927 where these motion pictures were produced with sound. Additionally, these films had no plot or story line too. To make the film more alive, there were live music performances, commentators and sound effects in the background. They were several minutes long and comprised of many shots put together. In 1920, the greatest advancements were made in America where they produced over 800 feature films. In 1929, Hollywood was invented and was beginning to get well known.

The first phase of the film had more emphasis on human and objects movement. The second phase which was in the 1900 incorporated sound which was aimed at telling a story. As compared to what we have today, these films can be considered primitive. We have quite elaborate films today, but in all the times, they all have been entertaining and realistic.

The new technologies that we have is what has led to the developments that are seen in the film industry. Additionally, the expansion of the media culture has also contributed to a large extent to these developments. In the 1980s, the widespread use of video tape recording enabled the wide distribution of cassettes which made it easy to access these films. New cable and satellite TV made it possible to deliver these films to homes without having to go out to buy them which increased the number of people who watched them. High definition cameras have made it possible to produce these films at a lower cost and the films are transferred to theatres for viewing.

Computer animation and the use of DVDs have made the distribution of films easier and faster and more people are reached too. A computer is a tool for making these films while the internet is used to distribute it. Films from countries that were less recognized like china are now well known and are growing in popularity by the day. The 21st century has seen countless full-length films being produced and disbursed to the masses. Computers are being used to create effects that make the films more interesting. This is quite cheap as compared to adding these effects without the help of the computer. Computer generated imagery has also gained popularity such as Shrek and Ratatouille animations films.

The cost of producing a film has gone down considerably as compared to the past years. This is because there are better equipment and technologies that are being used in the same. They are also fast hence the film only takes a few days or weeks to be completed. There are also those that are made wholly using specialized computer programs without having to go out to the field to shoot. This is very cheap and convenient too.

And who knows what future advancements directors, special effects, and us movie goers will experience next.


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    • profile image

      wanted 22 months ago

      very good

    • profile image

      Sergei 2 years ago

      Golden age movies were good and usually they had some sense in them, but new ones have graphic and sound and sense, some times little messed but hey we have 7.1 billion people and so many opinions! Cheers and thanks for your article cool!

    • profile image

      am 2 years ago

      educational article on movie improvements like it

    • profile image

      madhu 2 years ago

      it is nice article,the movie experience has changed since 1920 , it is good.

    • profile image

      Dineshan 2 years ago

      Through the History of Cinema, we can also read the history of the development of technology. But today over usage of technology and artificial effects is making cinema a bitter experience.

    • profile image

      puna 2 years ago

      it is nice article, how movie experience has changed since 1920 it is good, and i liked very much, it is very different.

    • profile image

      Setitoff 2 years ago

      I can wait until special effects get pass the uncanny valley and we wont be able to distinguish what's cgi and what's really shot from the camera

    • profile image

      surendar C 2 years ago

      Hi this post is very useful for the users.

    • profile image

      Dadda 2 years ago

      New technology is so exciting in today's film environment.

    • profile image

      Jabroni 2 years ago

      I honestly miss the golden age of movies!