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How to Avoid 'Dopey Face' in Photos

Updated on July 13, 2013

That old saying

Remember that old saying "if the wind changes your face will stay like that". Well nowadays thanks to the internet and technology, chances are, if you do 'pull a face' someone will be there with a camera or phone, take a pic and upload it to a social network for everyone to see, and that pic will probably reside on the internet in cyberspace forever.

So as Myth Busters would put it that myth is 'plausible'.

Do unto others as you would have them do to you

One of the best ways to avoid 'dopey face' in photos, is to make a pact with your friends at the beginning of the night or outing that if anyone takes a pic of someone with 'dopey face' then that pic is to be immediately and without question deleted, and another pic taken if necessary. No-one likes a bad pic of themselves so if this topic is discussed early and everyone encouraged to police it, then it should be easy for everyone to adhere to.

The Signature Pose

Before 'duck face' that pouty look that is perpetuated by young women in some sort of bid to look sexy, people actually had their own poses they would continuously do for photos. If you look at yourself or a sibling in old photographs you will notice a similar, subconscious pose throughout.

Another way of avoiding 'dopey face' is to develop your own signature pose and then practice it to the extent that it becomes second nature to pull this pose whenever a camera suddenly appears. You can develop it by looking at yourself in the mirror and then taking selfies (self portraits) to check your look and then of course deleting all the rubbish images.

The Sixth Sense

Be aware of those moments when someone is most likely to take a photo, have your 'photo opportunity by random person' radar on. If you know someone has a new camera or phone and they're itching to use the damn thing, be mindful of them. 'Dopey face' often happens when we are unaware and are in the middle of talking, that moment in time when your eyes are half shut and your mouth is forming a word, be always aware, have your radar on and if you can't feel your face because you've consumed too much alcohol, go 'the hand'. Out stretch your hand so that it blocks your face in that anti-paparazzi pose and suggest to the snap happy friend to perhaps take the pic when you are all ready and if you are too inebriated and an Aussie, tell them to piss off.

A last word

Be aware, be ready and if you happen to take a 'dopey face' pic of a friend, do the world a favour and delete it.


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    • WuckingFurries profile image

      Leanne Mifsud 4 years ago from Mackay Qld Australia

      lol there's one of me singing karaoke that a friend put up and it's a shocker

    • laurathegentleman profile image

      laurathegentleman 4 years ago from Chapel Hill, NC

      Interesting article. I'll have to keep this in mind - as a frequent victim of "dopey face" on Facebook. Haha ;)