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How to Band

Updated on August 4, 2018

Hydrate, don't diedrate!

Number one on any band director, color guard member, band member, or percussion members list should be to drink water. A few days before band camp begins, remember to start drinking more water than you usually would. This helps you keep hydrated and ready for the first day of band camp.

Rehearse like you perform.

Westwood High School Band 2017 Bluebird Show
Westwood High School Band 2017 Bluebird Show | Source

Don't forget your materials!

Always bring your marching instrument in a good condition along with your binder full of music for the upcoming year, good shoes to march in, your water jug, and shorts. If you have a fairly small instrument, like a flute or a clarinet, make sure to take it home every day. It shouldn't be a problem to bring it back every day. Having your materials is very important for band.


DO NOT EVER FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN, WATER JUG, SUNGLASSES AND HAT. These four items are essential to surviving in the summer heat especially if you live down in the south of America. Your body overheating can be very dangerous and life threatening. Be careful. Sit down if you start to feel tingly or dizzy.


It might be such a simple reflexive thing to use as a tip for band camp. Many people in band that I personally know tend to skip meals and not eat right. Before band camp, it is essential to eat a good, big breakfast. You shouldn't try anything new or unhealthy right before band camp starts, but stick to healthy protein and carbohydrate filled breakfasts. For example, a boiled egg, banana and apple juice or a piece of toast with peanut butter and banana. Not only is breakfast very important, but lunch and dinner are vital to surviving band camp. Lots of protein is required to put in the amount of effort needed for a successful marching band season. Egg, chicken, beans and other meats are great sources of protein as well as nuts.

Don't stress. Exude confidence!

Don't stress before marching season!
Don't stress before marching season! | Source


Don't take sleep for granted. No sleep=No energy

Band directors always look for energy. To them energy in band is effort in band. Make sure to rest up so that you can be at your full potential the following day!

Varsity vs. Junior Varsity

This was the most stressful thing for me my freshman year. Having a successful marching band season depends on every member of the band, regardless of whether you are in varsity, jv, colorguard, front ensemble, or drumline. Don't be disappointed or feel bad if you don't make varsity. A year in JV will allow you to learn more about marching and gain more experience.


Don't forget to memorize your music, choreography and your dots. Where you are in the show is very important in the individual accountability part of a competition. Know where your stepoffs are and what music your are playing during the stepoff. Know how many counts there are in a move. Memorize everything and you will naturally be confident because you know you are right.

Get your hustle on!

As stated before, band is all about energy. Hustling to get water and back to your dot is something band directors look at to see if you can put effort down to the very little things. Moving quickly through rehearsal can allow the band to put more focus on building the show to be the best as it can be.

You are not only marchers, you are musicians too!

Music is one of the most important aspects of marching band. If you don't have the music down, you can't succeed. Memorize your music!

Remember, you are athletes, marchers and music makers!

Stay positive and keep others positive!

Sometimes during band rehearsals, it's hard to keep your morale up. Everyone is in the same boat as you. Everyone understands. During these times, you should make it your job to stay positive. Sure, it's a 100 degrees outside, but what can you do about it? Keep your morale up and make sure everyone else is keeping theirs too. It's important to stay positive and give all of your energy during band camp to make the band as a whole look confident and amazing.


Counting loudly is sometimes difficult for some sections, but this is something that could change how the whole band looks and what vibe they give to the audience. Counting loudly during rehearsals keeps the band on time and to any viewers, it conveys that you are in it to win it.


One of the most important things in marching season is to have fun. Make friends in your section, in other sections, in colorguard, in drumline. Participate in the band traditions and eat with your friends. Enjoy your time in band because that is time you are not going to get back. You have four years in high school band. Use them wisely.


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