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How to Become A Rockstar

Updated on September 19, 2012

If you're reading this hub then I'm assuming you are somebody musical and possibly someone who can sing as well, or has a band mate who can. Either way you might be thinking you got the chops to become the next big rock star like Morrison, Beatles, Cash, Hendrix, or Cobain. There seems to be quite a few attributes that go into play and make up a rock star. When I say "rock star" I'm referring to the guys that were really big and ahead of their time, and that have changed the music industry itself. Now, I don't think there's any magic formula for becoming a rock star, like any aspiring "to-good-to-be-true" career--it takes loads of hard work, and talent. I've assembled a few ideas here on what makes a rock star, and what all big rock stars seem to share and have in common.

Every big name rock star has used lyrics and sound to send a message to the audience that they can relate to. A good example, would be Kurt Cobain. During the early nineties there was a lot of teenage angst, rebellion, drug use, and divorce. Issues that Cobain wrote and sung about. A lot of teenage kids and misfits could relate to what he was feeling and what he had to say. This helped Kurt Cobain become famous and a huge rock star. If you listen to The Doors, The Beatles, Cash, Hendrix, Pink Floyd... there is a emotional theme in all their music and a loud or underlining message in their music.


Lyrics are big. Though he sings rap, and isn't rock--Eminem--accelerated up on the R&B charts, with his potent messages, and intelligent use of wordplay and lyrics. Clever writing is a must if you want to become a rock star. Every huge rock star had the ability to write really damn good lyrics, or at least lyrics that a younger generation could relate to.


Elvis had his white glistening bell-bottom suit and perfect hair. The Beatles had their black suits and mullet cuts. Hendrix had his bright colored shirts and bandanna's. Morrison had his bare-naked chest and leather pants. Cobain had his sweaters, bleached hair, and ragged pants. All of these musicians set clothing trends for their generation. They had their own a original style in dress, and it garnered them more attention. The thing about rock stars is, they ARE a book judged by their cover. If your fashion doesn't go with your sound and lyrics--then you lack that little extra quality that rock stars seem to just naturally have. Odd, as it may seem. Marilyn Manson knows this trick better than anyone else. Why do you think he wears girl tights, makeup, and moves around on the stage like a crazed vampire. Let's not forget Lady Gaga. It's all about being theatrical and setting new trends.


You either have the sound or you don't. Too many bands try to imitate other bands that they were inspired by too closely instead of creating their own unique sound. All of these bands that I have mentioned had unique sounds that didn't compare to a lot of known bands at the time and it increased their success. There's not many bands that can pull off sounding completely like Smashing Pumpkins. If your band has a unique sound, and it is really good, then you'll increase your chances of attention, recognition, and chances of becoming a rock star.

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