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How to Become a TV or YouTube Host

Updated on January 22, 2015

Bieber got his start on YouTube

put up his talent and was found on YouTube
put up his talent and was found on YouTube

No Rules

These days no matter where you live you're bound to live near someone who is creating either web or TV based content. YouTube and other video sites make available the opportunity to broadcast yourself and be seen by anyone who chooses to watch your posting. There are cases of stars being born as a result of being found on these sites by professionals who are looking for talent, as in the case of Justin Bieber; he put himself out there and was found.

So these days there are no more rules as to how to break into the biz but there are some things you can do to help give yourself a better chance of being noticed as someone who has potential to deliver messages on a larger scale.

Secret to Success

Some "on camera" training is extremely helpful as being in front of a camera is difficult; it's not necessary but helpful and if you're not going to be professionally trained then at least practice.

Practice in front of a mirror, in front of a camera, in front of friends and/or family. Tape yourself and play it back and try to look at yourself with a critical eye, hard to do.

The idea of this is to get rid of the nasty little habits you have that you don't actually notice in your speech and physically. Saying "um, ah, like", any repeated vocal tick has to go; you also need to figure out what to do with your hands.

Talking with your hands although great when speaking in person is extremely distracting when on camera and takes away focus from what you're saying, unless you are doing something relevant (typing, cutting vegetables etc.).

web tv

live is fast
live is fast | Source

Walk & Talk

If you are going to use your talent to do a show where you are actively involved with the subject matter; cooking, science, woodworking etc, you get the idea; one of the most important things you'll need to learn is to "walk and talk" at the same time.

What I'm referring to is to talk while you are preforming the action; don't describe what you are going to do then do it - that is death to an audience - they'll be either sleeping or changing the channel so fast it'll make your head spin!

Your Say

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ready in 5,4,3,2 ...

Once you're comfortable on camera it's time to getting your CV together. First put a video up on YouTube. You can watch the response and get feedback. Choose to make a video containing subject matter you are actually interested in so you come across as knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

You'll need at least 1 head shot, although I suggest 2 or 3 with different "looks" so you give the production companies an idea of your versatility. Pull together a resume that tells who you are, your background, interests and skills.

You can find a reputable talent agency and ask them to represent you. Don't pay money to be represented though, your head shots should be the only investment, excluding any education and training you acquire.

Or you can start to look locally or in the nearest big city for production companies looking for talent. Either give them your resume and head shot in person or email it to them. Add your YouTube site to all your correspondence, even include it in the header with your phone number and address; make it as easy as possible for them to see you perform.

Better yet look online, type in key words like "auditions XYZ, my country". Look at craigslist or other local web reference sites in your area such as (fill; in your city). Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks have job boards and postings that can also be checked out. There are postings for movie and TV auditions, hosts and extras all over the internet; you just have to look.

Once you have found a place to audition or send your resume, head shot and YouTube link, read the expectations carefully and follow them. I cannot stress this enough. Go in dressed according to their requests, prepared to read appropriate suggested material and rehearsed. Don't waste people's time. Every time you walk through an audition door you never know if you will meet the people you are auditioning for again; especially if you are truly devoted to this bizness.

listen & learn

Brutal Bizness

Set yourself up with a good reputation right off the top. Go into every audition prepared, flexible and being easy to work with. Even if you don't get chosen in one audition you will improve and eventually could land the part you are trying to get. Always be prepared. Always listen to what is being asked and respond accordingly.

Word of warning, it's a brutal business and you have to have a thick skin and pretty big ego to survive it because you will be turned down constantly.

Take the advice you are given and learn from it - don't get a chip on your shoulder, take the opportunity and listen to what the experts who do the hiring have to say to you and follow their advice.

Happy Auditioning!

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    • ostmodeling profile image

      One Source Talent 5 years ago

      Great advice, its amazing how there have been so many huge stars that came from YouTube!

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      @rachel: awesome, I hope you can help your little one follow this path if they want to give it a try; it's the journey that's important not the destination!

      glad this hub could be of help :O)

    • profile image

      rachel 6 years ago

      great hub ete say, voted up. with your experience you know. i read this with one of my little ones and is very interested, thanx

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      glad you found it useful, thanks for reading

    • Trueshortstories profile image

      Trueshortstories 6 years ago from Canada

      Great hub and very good points. Thanks

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      After 30 years in TV I thought I'd share some pointers considering how fast things are changing. The points I make will help aspiring talent whether it's for hosting or acting. Your welcome ;O)

    • kidsview profile image

      kidsview 6 years ago from Earth

      good info you give some good advice, thanks!