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How to Buy Super Cheap iPods

Updated on April 15, 2009


Do you need super cheap iPods?  The recession is tough these days, and any discount you can find is great.  If you search at normal stores like WalMart or Best Buy, you're only going to find normal prices.  The best place these days to find deals on super cheap iPods is the internet.

Step 1:

Decide which site you want to buy it from.  This essentially comes down to two different sites: and  If you want your iPod to be new, you buy it from amazon, if you don't mind if it's formally used you're going to need to go to ebay.

Step 2:

Whichever you decide, get out your credit/debit card to make the required purchase.  Make sure you type in your name exactly how it's placed on your card, or else it might not go through.

Step 3:

If you're at amazon, simply buy it like you would any other item.  If you're in the contiguous USA, there's really no reason to rush shipping.  A few days isn't usually worth $10 of extra shipping costs.

Step 4:

If you don't mind getting a used iPod, then is your site.  Each vendor has his or her own specific rules about paying and such, but generally they'll be a LOT cheaper than the ones at  Make sure to only buy from people that have a reputation on ebay for quality service.


* This is a great thing to buy with SkyMiles on your card. It'll surely cause you to gain a free flight pretty quickly.

* CAUTION: Trust no one on eBay. Unless they have a proven track record, ignore their bid entirely.
* CAUTION: It's not worth the hassle when there are other members selling the same item for only a few cents more.


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